Warm Yangyang graphene intelligent heating, it turns out that heating can also do whatever you want

Under the severe test of the global environment, China’s “coal -to -gas” heating policy came into being. Among them, graphene heating has developed rapidly with its unique advantages. Many people do not know enough about the heating of graphene. Today, I will count the seven advantages of graphene heating.

1. Raise and fast

Nuanyang graphene products can quickly heat up in 10 seconds, so as not to wait for heating. This is what any traditional ground heating product cannot be done. Walk into the house from the cold Dongfeng, open the warm Yangyang APP, hang the bag well, you can take off the thick down jacket, let the warmth surround you anytime, anywhere.

Second, low -carbon energy saving

Energy crisis has become a global issue. As a superpower with a population of 1.3 billion, China is not counting the electricity consumption every winter. Nuanyang graphene energy conservation can be visible. Through intelligent temperature control, energy saving can be effectively saved more than 30%! It can directly control 50%of the energy consumption in the home, which is equivalent to the sum of other electrical consumption. Simple intelligent temperature controller, learn every temperature adjustment operation, intelligently adjust the temperature in the home according to the schedule.

Third, health care

Graphene can not only be used as heating products, but also as health care products. After the electrostatic graphene is powered, the 8-15 micrometer far-infrared light wave emitted is the most known material in the known material that is far closer to the human body itself. “, Can promote microcirculation, enhance immunity, promote blood circulation and removing blood stasis, thereby achieving the role of health and physical therapy.

The graphene heating mode is particularly suitable for the construction of the elderly, the elderly apartment, and the construction of children’s house engineering. Heating is mild, the surface temperature constant temperature, carefully care for love at 360 degrees.


Fourth, rich category

Warm Yangyang graphene heating products can be widely used in all aspects of life. For example, in the floor heating engineering, there are graphene far -infrared heating flooring and Pruda far infrared heating tiles; 3D walls and warm Yangyuan infrared hot wall paintings; in terms of home heating supplies, there are graphene far -infrared heating latex mattresses, graphene far -infrared sweat steaming rooms and other products; Physiotherapy waist care, graphene far -infrared therapy eye mask, graphene far -infrared knees, etc.

The rich product series of warm Yangyang not only solves people’s heating needs, but also changes the lifestyle of life. Its powerful role has been recognized by more and more Chinese families.

5. Intelligent control

The app is in hand, warm and worry -free! Nuanyang graphene easily controls the remote wireless control of the home’s remote control intelligent heating system through the mobile app, temperature control timely partitions, and regularly fixed points. On the way home, you can use your mobile phone to make an appointment for heating time to let the warm home wait for you to come back. Reducing energy waste is to save money!


Six, safe and reliable

Compared to traditional heating, it is easy to cause disadvantages such as fires, and the warm Yangyang graphene products are one of the safe heating methods in history. Non-toxic and odor, no electromagnetic radiation, Diwen probe monitoring-anti-burns, PVC full-closed insulation settings-non-leakage. E1 -level environmental protection standards, waterproof grades IPX4, wall heating engineering products have reached B1 -level flame retardant, anti -corrosion and anti -aging, and resolutely eliminate hidden safety hazards.

Seven, convenient installation

The construction is not affected by the size of the room area, does not occupy the height or extra space, and the installation is convenient and easy to install. The thickness of the graphene is only one of 300,000 in plastic wrap. The ultra -thin volume is used in the heating film and heating line. After the device is completed, it is basically the same as the thickness of the ordinary floor; The electricity change project does not need to be stuck to the ground, re -lay the floor, save time and effort.

Warm Yangyang graphene intelligent heating. It turns out that heating can also do whatever you want. When will you open? With the intelligent heating of graphene in warm sun, warmth is enjoyed.

Author: ArticleManager