Ma Weidu: 15 million jade incense furnaces, hollow carving lively, the world is unique

In the jade industry, hand -carved things are often higher than machine carving. But this situation is an artistic treasure brought by people with superb carving skills. If a person’s carving process is not good, then it is better to use the machine drawing for carving, at least it can bring you different visual experience.


However, in the field of jade carving, the good jade carving artist is really better than how many machine carvings. Because people are emotional, many sculpting movements give life on the jade articles, so for top carving artists, it is expensive.


This one worth 15 million jade furnace has a unique shape and the time craftsmanship. It belongs to the ceiling level. Looking at this baby, jade is a green jade, and the hollow carving is the soul of this jade furnace.


It is said that the carved crafts like this, the world is unique, and cannot find the second one of the same type. The living ear incense furnace in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty was already a perfect level in the shape, and there was no problem.

If you really want to find a place to find a flaw, it is this material that belongs to the jade, and it is even more charming to replace it with white fat and white jade.


Speaking of the shape, it is Qianlong’s craftsman imitating the ancient bronze furnace shape, and it uses a more typical handicon. Other details of the beast head titles and tapers. Excessive to jade.

It is also these small details, such as the hollow cover. There is also the carved plate dragon vomiting beads carved on the button. The design feels really bursting and perfect.

There is also at the bottom of the stove. The design of the lotus pattern, shades of relief, and various carving methods are used in it.

Imagine that a whole piece of jade, from design to sculpture from the craftsman to the finished product, this baby is really rare.

Compared to making a blue and white porcelain, the method of jade carving master is better. Such a perfect baby is naturally not low. If it is worth 15 million, the craftsmanship of the carved master is worth 5 million.

Netizens leave a message: The aesthetics of the ancients were too good. Baby like this, had a blessing of a lifetime.

It is not easy to see the shape alone. At that time, it must be a baby in the palace. It is impossible for ordinary people to use a incense burner, former gadgets, today’s babies, good goods are not often available.

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