Three consecutive years of quality gold award Bayikang built “golden shield” for infants and young children

On January 21, the 2nd China Dairy Quality Annual Meeting and the fourth meeting of the Sixth Council of the Chinese Laofu Association were held in Beijing. The General Assembly has comprehensively summarized the quality and safety of China’s dairy industry in 2018, which commended the brand of the quality of infant formula milk powder in 2018. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Market Supervision, General Administration of Municipal Supervision, Participants, and Bayikang and Yili as the outstanding corporate representatives made a special report on the General Assembly.

连续三年获质量金奖 贝智康为婴幼儿健康筑起“金色盾牌”

At the meeting site, Gong Xiaomin, general manager of Shanghai Corolla Nutrition Dairy Co.

Gong Xiaomin, General Manager of Shanghai Corolla Nutrition Dairy Co., Ltd.

Gong Xiaomin told the attempt and practice of the crown in recent years in recent years, and said that infants and young children are the most vulnerable, most sensitive groups, and infant formula is their main source of food, product quality. And safety will directly reatience and affect the physical and mental health of infants, so you need to give this food chain to a “golden shield” to resist potential food safety risks.

Gong Xiaomin introduced that in 2017, the Corolla Quality Team Innovation and Design completed a standardized, modular production quality process control, divided into raw film control, product process control, product release evaluation, storage and transportation management four function blocks, in these function blocks The periphery is designed and covered by 12 quality and safety management modules. Through the full-scale quality and safety management of these modules, the information is summarized and trend every week and report to ensure that the operation of this process is full. Suitable and effective. In the same year, Shanghai Corolla and Shanghai Food and Drug Administration will upgrade the camera and sensor, increase the intelligent analysis identification module, perform real-time monitoring of production, environmental key parameters, and personnel’s health standards, and share it to the government regulatory authorities, once the system discovered Deviation, these deviation information will be sent to the mobile phone APP of government regulators and corporate managers to meet the purpose of timely correcting.

连续三年获质量金奖 贝智康为婴幼儿健康筑起“金色盾牌”

“By upgrading the regulatory system, it has become a full-clockwatch intelligent monitoring system jointly established by the country.” Gong Xiaomin said.

连续三年获质量金奖 贝智康为婴幼儿健康筑起“金色盾牌”

Gong Xiaomin introduced that after this, the Corolin and the Internet enterprise, developing a MES system to achieve raw materials from qualified supplier management, procurement management, and two-dimensional code to the original accessories access library and the management of the original accessories. The system can automatically match the formulation required to produce and all the original aids need to match the formulation according to the recipe. All production records achieve electronicization, fundamentally ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the batch record, while the system can intelligently manage the quality and safety management module on the production quality process control.

“When food safety risk or potential risks, this system can quickly and accurately carry out a bidirectional traceability from raw materials to the product, from the product to the raw material. Therefore, this system realizes the standard module of Shanghai corolla production, process and control. Chemical, high intelligence, and transparency. “Gong Xiaomin said.

连续三年获质量金奖 贝智康为婴幼儿健康筑起“金色盾牌”

With a 100% test pass rate, at this Dairy Quality Conference, Bai Zhikang continued to defend the highest prize of China’s dairy industry in China – “Quality Gold Award”, continuously obtain consumers, industry and society.

Shanghai Corolla Nutrition Dairy Co., Ltd. Baixin infant formula for three consecutive years defending quality gold award

Bai Zhikang has always adhered to the management philosophy of “in front of quality, cost”. It is based on this kind of persistent and concept. Bai Zhikang created the legend of the company’s 19-year product quality zero accident, which not only won more and more consumers. Also approved by the government. Bai Zhikang will continue to make the product quality through its own focus and efforts to win the product quality.

It is understood that, at present, Beisikang has created the world’s top “friends circle” – the world’s top quality of the whole industry chain integration production and business model.

Through the world’s top milk source pasture, the world’s top advanced factory, the world’s top partner and the world’s top food safety management system, Baichen will start from the milk source, the original aid, the process equipment, and the management system. The source provides consumers with safe and high quality products.

Director of the Consumer Products Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Market Supervision and Administration, General Administration of Food and Annual Production Safety Supervision and Management, the special food safety supervision, the national market supervision and management, the deputy director of the National Market Supervision, Ma Fuxiang, National Health and Health Committee Food Safety Standard and Monitoring and Evaluation Division Deputy Director Zhang Zhiqiang, Deputy Director of the Agriculture Department of the Agricultural Division of the National Development and Reform Commission, Li Dong, the 3rd International Dairy Federation (IDF) China National Committee, Song Kungang, vice chairman of the China Dairy Industry Association, Liu Mei, etc. Important report

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