The indoor jacket is only 1 square meters! Exclusive drying room, laundry, clothes drying, folding, storage to complete

Without the balcony, the clothes drying become a big problem

It’s better to build a 1 -square meter drying room

Washing, clothes drying, hot clothes, and even folding clothes can be completed at one time


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There is no balcony at home, not only can I find a place to dry clothes


Hanging on the cabinet and window at hand, when you encounter rainy days and snowy days, your clothes are always able to do it.

Can people without balcony only live so badly!

Actually, there is no need to be so aggrieved in the interior clothes

May wish to borrow a mirror in Japan’s house design

Consider staying

1 square meters of drying room space

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With the drying room

Laundry → drying → ironing → folding → storage


One -stop implementation

As long as within 10 steps, the housework is fully completed

Life is naturally easier

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Let’s analyze today

How to make up for the short and short, set up room space for drying room!

Where can I set up drying rooms?


Let’s think about it first. Where can the drying room be arranged, there is enough space to wash and dry clothes. At the same time, the housework should not be too long, the more convenient and better.

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The merger of the bathroom dry area and the drying room

Think about the clothes before drying clothes, you need to walk to the drying room with wet and heavy clothes, so it is recommended

As much as possible to the washing machine as soon as possible, the better


Many people will arrange the washing machine in the bathroom to learn Japanese houses.

Expand the space of the surface of the table

, Transform into a drying room.

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The merger of the facial cleanser is merged with the drying room, and there are many benefits:


1. The moving lines of laundry and clothes are shortened without spending too much effort.


2. Save space, just arrange clothes on the ceiling to dry the clothes.

3. Washing platforms can be used as a laundry area, and hand washing is more convenient.


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If you can extend the wide space of the facial cleanser, you can have a small area that can dry clothes, or separate the small drying room with a half partition.

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Japanese houses often arrange the drying room in the drying room

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In between, there is enough space to dry clothes.

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The study room, bedroom and drying room merger

If the pattern of the bathroom really can’t squeeze the drying room, let the drying room and



The merger, especially the study with a window, is even better. The side of the window is left to the clothes area.

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Compared with the bathroom, the drying room will be arranged in the study and bedrooms. The moving line will be far away, but there will be more open space. The number of clothes drying can also accommodate.


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Set independent clothes drying room

If the space conditions are sufficient, set up next to the bathroom

Independent clothes house


, Washing, drying, and hot clothes can be carried out here.


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As long as it is easy to move the hot -coating board, the clothes can be dried up and hot, and the housework process is more convenient.

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Configuration of the drying room

The dry -up room with comprehensive functions can be divided into five major areas:

Laundering area, facial cleanser, clothes drying area, folding area, storage area

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The placement of the washing machine should be considered as the problem of up and down the water, and you can arrange it nearby

Washing table

, Solve the problem of water entering.


However, pay attention to the laundering machine to be discharged separately. It cannot be mixed with the facial washing platform to pollute the environment.

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There are more facial cleanser in the drying room.

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If the drying room is arranged next to the bathroom, the facial washing table can be shared, which is quite space -saving.

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Drying area


When the clothes space is used in combination with the bedroom and the bathroom,

Arrange the clothes rod on both sides of the space

Leave the channel in the center

, Do not hinder walking.

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If it is an independent drying room, there is a large space to use. For example, families with baby often need to wash a lot of clothes, and can arrange multiple clothes rods to facilitate clothes drying.

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In addition to hanging clothes, you can also use it


The design of the ceiling does not take up space to avoid the feeling of low compression.

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Folding area


If you want the housework process smoother, don’t forget

Set a area that can be scalded and folded.

The clothes can be done in the trend, and there is no need to work hard to carry the clothes in the bedroom or living room.

The position of the folding area is as close to the drying area as much as possible, and it is best to come within two or three steps.

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The design of the folding area is also quite simple,

Extend the table of the facial washing table

There is more space to work.

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But the height of the facial washing table is mostly

70 to 75 cm


This is low in height, you must bend over to do it, it is easy to get back pain for a long time.

Suggest to match


Sitting with folding clothes and hot clothes are not easy to tired.

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If you want to stand, the height of the folding platform will be pulled up to

90 cm

It’s hard.


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Storage area

Moisturizers, hams, or irons needed for laundry, clothes drying, and iron need to have a storage space. May wish to arrange a place

Debris storage area

These tools are neat and neat, and it is not messy.

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If the drying room is arranged next to the bathroom, you can also consider setting



The wardrobe here is suitable for home clothing or underwear. You can change it directly after washing. It is also easy to storage after folding the clothes. There is no need to move one more step. The process of folding clothes is completed.


The platform in the storage area can also be used as a folding area, and it is not wasted at all.

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The above is the design tip of the drying room. Is it quite convenient?

“Washing, drying, folding, receiving” one -stop completion

With the use of housework, life is naturally easier and comfortable


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Too healing! A drying room is done to get laundry housework.

Home dirty ranking, the sofa is actually the first! Unsable mites, fats, and dust are so clear

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