After the winter, the “lapel coat” is hot again, the fashion is warm and warm, and the small man is also suitable

For women who can wear, dressing and matching are not a difficult problem, because wearing it in their hearts have their own plans. Many people do n’t have much their own ideas to dress and match. Many times they will learn from some fashion bloggers or tide people to find inspiration.


As the weather turns cold, everyone’s wear also turns to keep warm, and the classic coats naturally begin to enter our field of vision. There are many styles of coats. Do you feel that conventional coats are too rustic? do not worry,

This winter, a different coat was hot, called “lapel coat”, which is not only fashionable and warm, but also very temperamental. Small children are also suitable!

“Queen Coat” pairing analysis

1. The characteristics of lapel coat


The lapel coat is a coat with a lapel design, whether it is a green fruit collar or a suit collar, or a very well -behaved lapel, these are within its category.

Wearing can create a sense of stylish styling, and it can also highlight the exquisite face shape in virtual

Essence Compared with collarless coats, it looks more layered, and the concave shape will feel easier.


2. Precautions for lapel coat wear


The lapel coat has a certain level at the collar,


Choose the collar inside, it is best to abandon the lapel style, so as to choose the high -necked or semi -high -necked design, which can reduce the neck of the neck

, So that it will look more refreshing visually. If you want to wear a scarf, it is still very suitable, because the scarf can hide all the neckline, so that you can still wear a sense of layering.

“Queen Coat” matching demonstration

1. Large coat+trousers


Use the belt to divide the lapel coat into two parts,

If your upper body looks a bit long, then the belt can be tied to the top, and the golden ratio of the figure is divided.

And this will also have a good visual effect. Select it on the bottom of the item, with trousers and high boots. It looks more viewing in autumn and winter. It is also very popular with a strong sense of style, and the sense of fashion is also very strong.

With a suit with a suit collar, it is chic and free and unruly, and it looks fashionable to wear.

With a strong dignified atmosphere, this collar coat is more suitable for women in the workplace, as well as some mature women, wearing intellectual elegance and charming. Combining with fashion casual trousers, it can also create the feeling of fashionable atmosphere and feel the wind.

2. Huts+hats

It is also a critical issue for autumn and winter wearing colors.


What do you think of the color?

If the color is not selected, then the shape will be turned over. The dark -colored lapel coat looks subtle and restrained, and the shape is simple and generous. It looks very gentle with the skirt, and there are many options on some small accessories.

3. Huts+heels

The fresh and clean white is very pure and elegant. Its color is neither low -key nor showing, and it will not make people feel uncomfortable.

Essence The lapel coat made of white series, elegant and elegant temperament, is also a very popular color in autumn and winter. And it is also very simple on it in it. It can be a printed suit, but also a solid -colored jacket. Various styles can be controlled, and it can wear a refreshing feeling.

In the cold winter, how can there be one less coat, and

The outlined lapel coat is also a special favor of many people, which can bring a solid warmth, but also wear fashion.


Essence The coat of the woolen fabric has some subtle fluff, which is comfortable and delicate, and it is also very temperamental. It also enhances your clothes. Putting on a pair of fashionable high -heeled boots, the fashionable and high -fashioned interpretation of women’s charm is perfectly interpreted.

4. Huts+sunglasses

Simple items, the easier it is to wear a simple beauty. As a lapel coat, it has this characteristic

Essence Especially the double -breasted lapel coat with full layered sense, the upper body temperament is beautiful, don’t do it. If the color of the coat is darker, you can use a light color on the other choice. The fashionable atmosphere is also stronger.

Everyone withering autumn and winter,


It is recommended to use the bright color system in the choice of clothing color. These colors can break the silent taste of autumn and winter


, Feng Biche visual sense, wearing a bright feeling. It is a coat with a coat. The warmth effect is a first -class effect.


Although the down jacket cotton clothing will bring a good temperature, the bloated feeling is also an unavoidable thing. I feel like a big bear in the virtuous bears, and it looks like I feel like I feel like

The vertical feeling is a better choice with a thick -haired coat. It is warm and not as bloated as down jackets and cotton clothes, and it is also very colorful to wear.


Simple and atmospheric lapel coats are stylish and beautiful, and the temperature and demeanor wearing are also very good. Combined with the choice of the model style, and then matched with other clothes, you can put out a different fashion taste. When you go to work or wear it in your daily wear, you can perform your fashionable charm. Essence

Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily match guide, so that you no longer worry about dressing!

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