All models and characteristics of working lights

There are JB series incandescent work lights, jy series waterproof fluorescent work lights, JL50F halogen tungsten bubble work lights, JL50D halogen bubble work lights, JL50C halogen bubble work lights, JL50B halogen bubble work lights, JL40A halogen bubble work lamps, counting Seven major series dozens of specifications.

The JB series of incandescent working lights are suitable for local lighting of medium and small lathes, planes, mills, milling machines and other equipment. It can also be used for work lighting such as clamps, laboratories, and maintenance. The JY series fluorescent lamps have universal components with waterproof, corrosion -proof, explosion -proof functions, lamps, and ballasts. It is convenient for maintenance. It is widely used in CNC machine tools, combined machine tools, processing centers and commodity exhibitions. The light distribution is uniform, the lighting effect is good Essence JL50F halogen tungsten works lamp JL50F halogen bubble working lights. The light source uses halogen tungsten bulb, which has the characteristics of waterproof and corrosion. It is suitable for the lighting of various large and medium -scale CNC machine tools, combination machine tools, processing centers and ordinary machine tools, and is particularly suitable for indoor lighting of closed CNC machine tools. JL50D adapted to the work lighting of medium and small machine tools, medical equipment, automobile repair, ship maintenance, and equipment maintenance. It can be equipped with an electronic transformer, which is suitable for different input voltages. JL50C halogen tungsten bubble working lights, light sources adopt working lights with halogen tungsten bulbs, concentrated light, and five combination of activity parts, and have the advantages of waterproof and corrosion. The lighting of the center and ordinary machine tools. JL50B卤钨泡工作灯,采用新光源卤钨灯泡,光线柔和,聚光性能好,适应于各中、小型机床,数控机床、钻铣床、组合机床及其它设备的照明,并具有防水、防爆、 The advantages of anti -erosion. JL40A halogen tungsten bubble working lamp, using new light source halogen tungsten bulbs, soft light, good conservation, adapting to the lighting of various medium and small machine tools, CNC beds, drilling and milling machines, combined with machine tools and other equipment, and waterproof, explosion -proof, anti -explosion -proof, anti -anti -prevention, prevention The advantages of erosion.

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