Bohemian style dress, seaside vacation temperament beach skirt

Bohemian -style clothing, what you want is romantic, free temperament, a fashion trend. The visual impact and irregular style of the upper body to others have made you an innate elegant temperament.


春天的到来也为服装带来更多的天性释放,不管是去度假,逛街,这种风格都是非常适合的,穿上都非常的​美丽,轻盈飘逸,清凉舒适,十分​的​透气, Give you a full beauty.

This pink white resort dress has a sharp cut design. The overall skirt feels very soft and the dress is very comfortable. The design style of the V -neck, elegant temperament, generous and decent, perfectly displayed the slender neck and sexy and pretty small collarbone. Simple but monotonous temperament, the style of the cloak of the shoulders, shows the elegant and agile style. Fashionable atmosphere.


The loose waist design style of the waist, the slimming shape, and the perfect modification of the curvature of the waist curve, which perfectly reflects your S -shaped figure. The beautiful big skirt design flutter with the wind. The landscape of the landscape makes your woman reflect to the fullest, which is really elegant.

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