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“Each industry will have competition. As a industry continues to mature, competition will be more intense. Besides, Seton grows up in such competition.”

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In the past 2015, the national economy entered a downward stage, and all walks of life entered a cold winter period, and at the same time faced fierce competition. However, in the lighting industry, a “star” rose.

As a professional commercial lighting service provider, Seton Lighting has chosen the hotel as the focus of the Seton brand since 2008. Today, the three three -year -old Saton Bach, the museum’s Seton Maya, and the Setton Cazel in the business field. Driving a carriage has become a engine that drives the entire enterprise.

According to Chen Shi, executive deputy general manager of Seton Lighting, from 2009 to 2012, due to Seton’s continuous investment and promotion of products, it was the first in the field of hotel segmentation in 2012; 2013-2015 There are also great breakthroughs. Over the years of entrepreneurship, Seton has a deep understanding of lighting, continuously optimizing the optical system, and the interaction and precipitation of designer resources. These resources have played a good role in the horizontal expansion of the enterprise.

When the domestic economy was facing the cold winter in 2015, Seton still achieved the goals set at the beginning of the year, and according to Chen Shi, it should be okay to reach the goal in 2016. Because Seton focuses more attention from the field that is not good at it to the field of commercial lighting, and deepen the professionalism and depth of channels.

In Chen Shi’s opinion, each industry will have competition. As a industry continues to mature, competition will be more severe, and Seton grows up in such competition. As early as 2008, when I proposed to be the first brand of hotels, they faced competitors with a certain status in the three major areas of business space, home and building lighting in the three major areas of business spaces, home furnishings, and building lighting. At that time, Seton combined with the market environment, and after analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of all parties, it was interrupted into the segment of hotel lighting. At that time, the hotel had the highest requirements for the lights, and the investigation was slow. The international brand gathered. Few people dared to do it. Setton took such a difficult road, but walked out of its own characteristics.

In 2015, Seton opened the Seton Maya, a segment special brand specifically targeted at museums and art museums, and a higher -end commercial store segment brand such as Seton Cazel.

It is understood that Seton has established cooperative relationships with many famous real estate companies. With the increasingly stricter cost control of real estate companies, Seton’s advantages in high -end projects, brands, channels and prices and services are gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually. Highlighting.

In terms of international markets, Seton is distributed in three regions in Asia, Europe and Australia. Chen Shi said that in 2016, Fiton will increase the North American product line, and in order to meet the differentiated needs of the global market, funds must be invested to enhance the living space of Seton products.

In the face of the international market’s questioning of “Made in China” and the competition of old brands such as Philips and GE, Chen Shi still recommends finding problems from the product itself. The recognition of the international market.

The following is a record of the interview with Mr. Chen Shi, the executive deputy general manager of Setton Lighting, the record of the new media of the view:

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: 2015 is a difficult year. The signs of recovery in the lighting industry in 2016 are relatively obvious. What is your evaluation of 2016?

Chen Shi:

In the case of the national economic environment entering low -to -medium growth, each industry is facing fierce competition every year, and as an industry continues to mature, competition will be more intense.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: Due to the influence of anti -corruption and other factors, domestic hotels are difficult to do. This will directly affect the hotel project for Sdon, which is an important part of commercial real estate?

The impact is definitely there. Our brand is positioned at a hotel, but the business scope is not limited to this. It is just that the brand must have a concrete target application space to carry.

In 2008, when we proposed to be the first brand of hotels, the main competitors of the competitors were business space. Op is a home, and the three heroes are architectural lighting. If Seton competes directly with these brands, he will definitely encounter a great resistance. Therefore, we need to find a field of insufficient competition and can be done and willing to do to shape the brand image, and this field is hotel lighting.

At that time, the hotel had the highest requirements for the lights, and the investment was slow, so everyone was unwilling to do it. In addition, the hotel lighting market is not very large, and it is also the smallest module in China as a whole, so it does not get everyone’s attention. In the entire application space, business is 24%of the store lighting, 17%of residential lighting, 17%of office lighting, and only 14%of hotel lighting.

Because of the small proportion of hotel lighting, everyone does not pay attention to it, so we chose the hotel’s focus as a carrier brand. At the same time, in the process of making hotels from 2009 to 2012, we also continued to invest and promote.

In 2012, we did the first in the segmentation field, and in the process, we also precipitated the understanding of the lights, optimized the lamps, and the interaction and precipitation of designer resources. These resources also helped us broaden the development from horizontally. space.

For example, Seton expanded commercial stores, expanded real estate hardcover houses, and the construction of the venue has a good foundation, and it will organize different professional teams to study a certain field.


Last year, we chose the scope of applications that have the highest requirements for lighting such as art museums and museums, and launched Seton Maya, a subdivided brand specifically targeted at museums and art museums, and a higher -end commercial store segmentation such as Seton Carzi. brand.

For Seton, the Setton Bach in the hotel field, the museum’s Seton Maya, and the Steve Carted in the business field are the “three -driving troiders” walking forward with Seton.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: These three brands are basically around the direction of commercial real estate. Will cooperation with the top 100 real estate developers surrounding ordinary houses and residential projects?

Yes, this is basically business. Houses are the foundation inside. These real estate groups not only do houses, but also use business to drive houses. Whether it is R & F, Wanda, or the top 100 real estate groups such as China, there are high -end hotels, such as the Hilton, Intercontinental, Sheraton, Marriott, Pinerman and Kaipince, etc. we are doing; and they also have commercial complexes and residential houses In the hardcover room, there are high -school and low -end in the house.

When cooperating with these groups, not only do real estate modules, but instead adopt an expansion method from high to low. First, make high -end, then make mid -end, and finally make low -end, that is, economical products.

Seton’s products themselves are divided into seven, five, and three. The seven departments refer to the three segmented brands mentioned above, which represents the most professional products and technical solutions in each field in Seton; the Five Series It refers to star -rated hotel products, which are more cost -effective and differentiated, but they can meet the requirements of a good light atmosphere; the three departments are ordinary hardcover houses that are mainly economic and practical. This is also our bottom line. It is also our bottom line. A high cost -effective product based on the intelligent light color.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: Among the top 100 real estate companies, there are more than thirty cooperation in Seton. When will it be expected to win all the top 100?

Our goal is these hundred. We must enter more than ten each year. To win all the top 100, it depends on whether our own technical standards and service capabilities can be recognized by 100 companies.

Now we are still attentive. In the future, we will guarantee more than ten expansion every year. The top ten real estate companies will come forward at the speed of more than ten companies each year.

At the same time, Seton also regarded this as the focus of business strategy to realize the Group’s strategic cooperation model for the group, and today’s economic environment has also put forward higher requirements for us.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: Real estate companies are increasingly controlled by cost control, will it cause great pressure?

There is pressure, but it is also a greater opportunity. Because this is not only a cost of cost, but also the same material providers, at least we face the same competition.

At this time, the advantage of Seton can be reflected. First of all, we are relative costs to projects. For example The strength of the pause.

Second, when doing low -end economy products, in fact, when the lighting industry business achieves a certain degree, many miscellaneous cards without brand appeal and service capabilities will be removed. A few companies with service capabilities start.

In addition, prices and services are also a uniqueness we can maintain development in the economic winter. The same price can give customers more value -added services and higher cost -effectiveness. These two aspects make us more advantageous.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: Seton has expanded to the international market. How big is this share? Which area is mainly concentrated?

On the whole, the international market is basically in Asia, Europe and Australia.

We believe that such a good product and ideas such as Seton should have room for survival in the world, so we are also actively participating in the Hong Kong exhibition every year. The Frankfurt exhibition every two years is actively expanding the international market. Pursuing and product spread to more countries and regions.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: Will it continue to expand in these areas in a short time?

Basically, this layout, Asia accounts for 50%of our international business, because there are many relatively active economies in Asia, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and South Korea.

What we mainly do is the main business of shops and hotels. Europe has entered the era of replacement markets. Basically, LEDs are used to replace traditional light sources. good.

In 2016, we will also participate in the North American exhibition, and we have begun to increase North American product lines and US -standard product lines, and we have also actively developed the North American market, because after all, it is the world’s largest overseas market.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: Philips, GE, or other old brands have been recognized by Philips, GE, or other years. Has impression?

It is necessary to harden the iron. There is no shortcut to go. Why do most Chinese companies and products leave the impression of low -cost and low -priced and low -cost and low -cost and low -cost and low -cost and low -priced impression.

First, it may be more imitation instead of innovation in the design or function of appearance; second, it does not return to the essence of the product. The essence of lighting products is the quality of light. In fact, it is more fair and reasonable in the international market. As long as our efforts are sincere, they have some requirements for ourselves, and the product itself will still be recognized by the international market. This is fundamental.

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