Top 10 top sports shoes brands in the world! There are 3 China and the United States, 2 Germany, and 1 in Japan

Do you be swiped by our Winter Olympics every day? The Olympic Games is the most important sports event in the world, connecting countries all over the world. On this stage, in addition to the athletes from various countries, they can shine and win the glory behind the country, attracting eye -catching on the Olympic stage, as well as the sports brands of those athletes.

Today, I will take stock of the top ten major sneaker brands in the world for everyone to see several in China that can enter the list.

NO.1 Nike

National country: the United States

Popular products: Air 1

Nike is a world -renowned sports brand in the United States in 1972, products produced by it

Cover the fields of clothing, shoe, and sports equipment

The Agan shoes and the Airmax series produced by its subsidiaries are classic models that are popular in the market, and its first air cushion technology also brings a revolution to the sports industry.

Nike, as the first sports brand that leads the global sports trend,

Almost every Olympic Games participates in different ways

It shows unusual charm, which can be described as an inextricable bond with the Olympic Games. The editor specially selected Nike’s wonderful performance at several important Olympic Games. After enjoying Nike and the world’s largest sports event, it would spark.

2004 Athens Olympic Games, choose Liu Xiang to publicize the advertisement that “breaks the law, you can be faster than you”


Essence In the Athens Olympic Games, he specially produced the world’s lightest Superfly running shoes for him: red, white, and golden shoes. In the final final, Liu Xiang chose white shoes.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Nike released the theme advertisement of “Just Do it, welcome to return to the starting line”

Essence In terms of advertising design and launch, Nike is closely combined with the competition to show humanization. With the deepening of the spokesperson,

Nike made a deep impression on the public with “Just Do IT, welcome to return to the starting line”.


2012 London Olympics, Nike’s advertising theme: “Great”

Essence “For a long time, we only believe that greatness belongs to a few people and only belongs to those superstars, but in fact, we can all be great …” Nike tried to find the fit point with the London Olympic spirit and the Olympic slogan in the advertising creativity and execution. The closeness to the London Olympic Games has also deepened the emotional resonance of audiences and consumers.

NO.2 Adidas

National: Germany

Popular products: shell shoes

The founder of adidas, Mr. Adida Dasler, is a possession


Athlete identity and shoemaker technology

Germans. Because he can fully understand the needs of athletes, people have delicate crafts and invention; so in his life,

Invented more than 700 patent products related to sports

, And then created the kingdom of ADIDAS’s sports supplies.

Adidas owns three major series: Performance (three stripes), the traditional sports series Originals (clover), and sports fashion series NEO (ball -type logo), of which

Three -leaf grass is a classic series products

And Adidas also

It is the official ball sponsor of FIFA, and it is also a sponsor of the NBA league, football team and football team

At present, adidas has followed the “Nike” market share in the market share of sports supplies. ADidas’s trademark was a slogan: there was no impossible.

NO.3 Puma

Popular products: white and black series

Puma, founded in Germany in 1948, is a world -renowned sports leather brand, brand of brand

It covers the fields of running, football, golf and racing, integrating sportswear and shoe design, development, sales and promotion

As of 2020, it has now

Sales in more than 120 countries

, Sales are as high as 1 billion euros.

Puma, which means the American Lion, has been playing with the Football Championship finals in the World Football Championship for decades, and the accompanying tennis player Baker’s grass in Wimoton has cooperated with the top athletes to continue to pursue the latest technical production of the best sports equipment. At the same time, Puma’s shoes and costumes have also become a representative work of American hip -hop graffiti culture, which is extremely popular with young people.

NO.4 Converse

Popular products: high -top canvas shoes

When it comes to sneakers, I have to mention Converse, it must have a name! Converse has a kind of magic. When I was a student, I wore T -shirts, shirts, jeans and jeans to look good. As they increased their age, mature single -fitted suits and dresses in the wardrobe were still good -looking.

Converse is too classic,

“Guess Train”, “Harry Potter and Mixed Prince”, “Angel Love Beauty”, “Fallen Angel”, “Fruit Hard Sugar”, “Escape from School” and other Chinese and foreign films all have the shadow of Converse shoes

And there are a lot of play.

In fact, Converse Company was established very early, and it was available in 1908. When our timeline was here, when the last emperor Puyi just succeeded, their product line was very wide.

As long as they are made of rubber products, they are done in addition to sneakers.

Then why did you follow the route of a monopoly sneaker?


There was something unexpected at the time,

Shoes fall into the patent of sulfurized rubber in the stove

This laid the foundation for the technical foundation of the Converse All Star, which later sold 700 million pairs.

Converse is the world’s first in terms of sales and color.

Essence In the Chinese market, all: All Star Chuck Taylor (All Star Classic Canvas Shoes), Jack Purcell, PROSTAR (Star Arrow), ONE Star (Kimura), Star 70 (double bar clip star), More than 50 types of colors, let young people who are unwilling to be boring, play the colors high -profile, and go out.


National: Japan

Popular products: ASICS running shoes

ASESS has the halo of “King of Running Shoes”

The brand adheres to the standards of high -tech and high -quality standards, and has developed a number of patents, which will prevent the wearer from being injured and sports fun, and establishes the position of the world’s four major running shoes brands. From sock shoes to Dad shoes, the design of this brand is not only expensive, but also

Affected the trend Niki, adidas, PUMA, etc. are all followers of this trend

If you look back at the development process in recent years, you will find that ASICS has ushered in a larger area of ​​attention.

The brand has obtained a large degree of benefit growth and exposure, and even the secondary market that focuses on sale has significant explosive power

NO.6 New Belle

Popular products: 988 series

This is a world -renowned sports brand founded in the United States in 1906. It is famous for running shoes that emphasize comfort.


The reputation of “President Jogging Shoes” and “King of Jogging Shoes”

It is also a classic series of design, production and sales of collective nutrients, with neutral retro running shoes as a classic series.

In the third year after the decline in sales of New Bellen, the third year of the sales volume finally came out,

In 2014, the sales volume began to grow sharply, and the store also added more than 1,000

After the downturn, the unprecedented successful counterattack after the downturn.


National country: Italy


Popular products: Kappa canvas shoes

Kappa is not called KAPPA at first, and its predecessor was a small company called M.C.T.. The company’s full name was established in Turin in northwestern Italy in 1916. It mainly produces socks and underwear. The original trademark was “Aquila”. It was not until the end of the 1970s. Put the focus back to the sports goods market and start

Provide professional athletes and teams to provide sponsorship


From the initial Juventus, gradually led to the top European teams such as AC Milan, Sampdoria, Rome and Ajax, and provided tight -fitting sprints for the US track and field team at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, which caused huge huge ones repercussions.

The correct brand positioning of the KAPPA brand in line with market laws makes Kappa’s business content worldwide enjoying high -speed growth. The unforgettable slogan “HewholovesMefollowsme” has continuously enhanced Kappa’s brand image.

Since the Kappa brand entered the Chinese market in 2002,

Once upon a time, KAPPA’s brand logo with its “back -to -back” brand was well -known. In the domestic market, sports brands such as Adidas and Nike

Essence However, in recent years, Kappa has declined all the way, gradually fading out of the public’s sight. In addition, Chen Yihong bought all the rights of KAPPA in Mainland China and Macau, Macau in 2006.

Kappa has become a local brand wearing international coats

No.8 Anta


National country: China

Popular products: Anta basketball shoes

Anta’s out of the circle was a bit suddenly. If you think about it, it is actually inevitable.


The reason why it is said is because of the rapid popularization of the mass fitness, as if overnight,

The Anta brand has become synonymous with “professional strength” in the public sports scene

, Gym muscle brother, raising iron guys, and park table tennis teenagers blessing one or two Anta equipment, there are professional backgrounds.

Anta is a sporting goods group founded in 1991. The main business is engaged in designing and production and sales of sports shoes and clothing, accessories and other sports equipment.

The Group owns many brands such as Anta, Feile, Kelong, Distet

It is also inevitable to say that he is out of the circle, because in the past ten years

Anta has a solid investment in the two aspects of brand and technology, and “professional” and “technology” integrate into the brand image


More than 12,000 Anta stores,


There are 5 R & D design centers in the world

More than 200 international design R & D experts, more than 1,400 product patents, 8 consecutive cooperation China Olympic Committee

Wait, it is the embodiment of Anta’s technology strength.

Specific performance in the product,

Anta created an ultra -international Olympic equipment for 28 Chinese national teams

In the face of the Olympic Games and in the face of countless professional sports fields, only the strength does not lie, and Anta’s technological strength is the basis for supporting it to provide professional sports equipment for the national title.

NO.9 Li Ning

Popular products: blockade basketball shoes

The ignition ceremony of the Olympic Games five years ago allowed the world to know the sports brand “Li Ning” from China.

Li Ning is a well -known domestic sports brand founded by Chinese gymnastics prince Li Ning in 1990. It integrates brand marketing, R & D, design, manufacturing and sales, brand products, brand products

Covering clothing, equipment, accessories products and sports and leisure shoes

, Currently owned in China

More than 6,000 offline stores and sold to many countries and regions around the world

In December 2013,

Li Ning ended the sponsorship of the Chinese National Gymnastics Captain for 23 years

Essence In an interview, Li Ning’s statement was helpless: “Gymnastics cultivated me, gymnastics is part of my life. However, as the president of the company, this is the choice I have to do.”

In the past year, Li Ning recorded a loss of 392 million yuan in crisis and turbulence, and executives changed blood and chaotic business lines. What makes Li Ningru in the throat is

Half a year later, Anta, who entered the main gymnastics center as a new sponsorship

No. 10 Hongxing Erk

Popular products: cushioning sports shoes

Last year, a domestic brand that gradually faded out of the public’s vision, Hongxingrk, caused heated discussion among netizens after the heavier in Henan. In addition to praising Hongxingrke,

One of the sour comments in the comment area “You feel that you are going to be closed down and have donated so much”.

Essence “Hongxing Erk’s losses for years but generous sacity” also rushed to the first place on Weibo,

The frenzy of snapping Hongxing Erk all over the country

Essence Even the famous digital celebrities Lei Jun showed a picture of his wearing Hongxingrk sneakers on social platforms, expressing his support for Hongxingrke, and once again added a fire to Hongxingrke’s heat.

In the 2021 “China 500 Most Valuable Brand” released by the World Brand Lab, Anta sat firmly on the challenge, with the brand value of 50.793 billion yuan, ranking 162th in the country, up 43.8%.

It is worth noting that the second one of the brand value is not the “national tide representative” Li Ning, but the Hongxing Erk, which has the slogan that allows everyone to know the “To be No.1” slogan.

From 2018-2021, in the “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brand” released by the World Brand Lab, Hongxingrk’s brand value increased year by year, and the ranking was further moved forward every year, from 183 in 2018 to 2021 to 2021 180.

In this current era of e -commerce, Hongxing Erk’s market value of Hongxingrk has soared in a short period of time with the official live broadcast and offline direct -operated methods, and it became famous overnight. Looking forward to this excellent national enterprise to bring more pride to the motherland in the future!


National country: the United States

National country: the United States












National: Germany

National country: China

National country: China

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