Ten billion Wangwang Gift Pack became a dealer “curse”, the Spring Festival gift market can accommodate several large items

Wen | Zhang Xiayu

The gift package mobilization meeting of the Want Want Branch is still being held one after another. However, this “pre -war” mobilization that should have inspired morale and “bloody”, but for some dealers, it has become the “curse” at the end of the year and early years.

01. “Gift Pack” Nightmare

In order to start the “Battle” of the Spring Festival in each New Year, at the end of September and early October in the previous year, it was usually the days when the director of Wangwang and dealers participated in the “gift package mobilization conference” of each branch.


Anyone who knows the market knows that although there are still 4 months before the Spring Festival in 2020, it is not too early to open a “mobilization meeting”. After all, this is essential for annual sales.

One Fujian dealer told Kuaishujun that the area of ​​the Wantong Gift Pack (hereinafter referred to as: the Gift Pack) in the supermarket in the daily sales of the supermarket and the average monthly sales before and after the Spring Festival are close to 1: 9. As a result, the contribution of the Spring Festival sales to Want Want’s annual performance.

At the meeting, the staff of Wangwang Company introduced the dealers in detail the sales tasks issued by the Ministry of Institution to introduce various types of quality, suggestion retail prices and preferential policies of the year. From October to November, the business staff will continue to mobilize dealers to make money in order to make the “result” of the Spring Festival.


However, this year’s three words have become words that many dealers are unwilling to hear, even “nightmares”.

“I don’t want to do Wangwang, and the gift package can’t be sold.” One Guangxi dealer told Kuangjun as early as July this year. At the beginning of this year, after he calculated the revenue of the gift package, “like the throat.”

The local person in charge of Wangwang may perceive the situation of the above dealers. As early as mid -August, the area had a round of gift package ordering meetings, which was nearly a month earlier than the recent “centralized” gift package mobilization meeting carried out by the company level.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Wangwang Gift Pack was once a representative of the Spring Festival gifts in the industry in the industry. It was very successful and even became the Spring Festival gifts that children thought about it at that time.

“Compared with many crude advertisements, the advertisement of the Wangwang Gift Pack seems to be a group of people wearing a nylon shirt, and suddenly walked through a girl wearing a red dress, and the makeup was exquisite.” A consumer recalled.

Successful high -altitude advertisements cooperated with ground sales networks and promotion and promotion activities to help the gift package win a Spring Festival war. But now, some dealers in Guangxi, Fujian, Jiangsu and other places have told Kuaishujun that the gift package encountered a bottleneck.

“Compared with the peak period, the sales of the Wangwang Gift Package have declined in double -digit sales.” Once the dealer said.

“The channeling is too serious, and the goods are reinstalled than the dealers; more than, the annual policy of the gift package has not changed for many years.” For the big gift package market in many areas, the Wangwang manufacturer personnel analyzed.

However, dealers have different views.

The aforementioned dealer believes that it is the key to the problem of big gift packages and channeling. Because the peak season for the big gift package is only during the festival, all goods must be digested before the year, otherwise they will be “rotten” in their hands. Even some directors will help dealers at the end of the Spring Festival, “handling” the remaining goods, becoming a hidden rule.


As for, the goods make money more than serious sales. “The gross profit of the big gift package itself is not high, and some supermarkets with strong rights to speak will also minimize the price, and the dealers can even say that they do not make money. ‘Go in for nearly 3 yuan, which has not been considered artificial, warehousing and other costs. “

Large dealers have a high amount of payment and high return. Their shipment price is sometimes lower than the purchase price of some small dealers, and this situation also exists. Although Wangwang manufacturers do do a lot of work in maintaining the market, it cannot be cut off.

In other words, the chaos is the appearance, the gift package is “suspected”, or the product power is “frustrated”, and it is difficult to grow. So that for dealers, the piles and promotion costs are “splashed”. After the Spring Festival, when the profit and loss is calculated, the profit obtained is really worrying.

If the timeline is extended to 3-4 years, there is no loss. However, the energy of investment is intangible costs. The actual profit and expectations are quite different.

02. Can’t take a shot

Maybe the “big gift package” itself is right, the wrong is the content.

To a certain extent, for more than ten years, the “gift” sent by the Wangwang Gift Pack gradually became no longer so “grand”.

At that time, when the monthly income of the family was 3,000-4000 yuan, the gift package was priced at 20-30 yuan per package. Coupled with the meaning of “blessing”, it is decent and natural. But now, the monthly income of the family has increased. Then, the gift package as a gift also seemed less “face -to -face”.

“Last year, I observed in the store, and the big gift package needs to be pushed. The three squirrels and Passion -flavored nut gift boxes beside me. Even if there is no shopping guide, it is very good. Some consumers are three or five boxes. Buy. “The aforementioned dealer said.


In his opinion, “Gift Pack Gifts, can’t take it.”

Public information shows that the price of the Nut gift box ranges from 120-150 yuan, and the price of 650g of Want Want Gift Pack is 45 yuan (not more than 30 yuan in the early years). In comparison, the price and quality are not called “high-end high-end “”.

The dilemma not only happens to the Wangwang Gift Pack, but the Spring Festival gift ecology in the county seat is a highlight of the Chinese consumer market. Six walnuts, Jiaduobao, Nutrition Express, Tran Su and other brands have shined in the industry due to successfully seizing the market.

Today, the Spring Festival gift market is intensifying. Many brands began to “lose”. In response, Kuangjun spent several months this year visited the Henan market and conducted in -depth investigations (click the blue font to view the article) report.

It is worth noting that the weak sales growth of some brands does not mean that the entire leisure food and beverage industry has lost its competitiveness in the Spring Festival gift market. As mentioned in the aforementioned dealer, from last year, three squirrels, good products shops, and Baicao flavors successively rely on the high -end gift box of the festival.

In the high -altitude publicity, these “new stars” have many bright performances, such as the series of propaganda activities launched by Bai Caizi with Yi Xi Qianxi recently. Of course, the increase in sales during the festival also benefits from the cooperation of terminal paving.

Although the shop is “scattered”, from the invisible and not noticed, it began to pile up at the Spring Festival last year. You can also see people holding related brand gift boxes at the railway station. Bai Caowei has been pushing the “Souvenirs” products a few days ago. The difference between the holiday gift box is that the gift is more daily -suitable for couples to give gifts between couples and visit friends to carry.

From this perspective, enterprises with light asset models such as Baicaowei have a lot of experience in brand creation and consumption scenarios. In this way, in the gift market, it seems “handy.”

As soon as an observer said, the brand is a strong weapon for the product on the battlefield of the gift channel. The dilemma of Wangwang may be that compared with other gifts in supermarkets, the era of Wangwang Gift Pack has passed.

03. Self -innovation


Facing the “suspect” of the gift package, Wangwang chose to innovate.

A piece of information obtained by Kuaishujun shows that this year, Wangwang Gift Pack upgraded the packaging. In addition to the gift packaging, it also provided a gift box for a “grade” gift box.

Not only that, Wangwang tried to launch a new brand series to create a healthier and quality brand image. This month, Want Want launched two new brands.


The first is the brand series Fix Body, which is sold online and built for fitness people. This series of products aims at breakfast consumption scenes. From a price point of view, positioning is medium and high -end. E -commerce platform data shows that the three -day breakfast package of 1 box of FIX Body is priced at 89 yuan, and the average price of a breakfast is nearly 30 yuan.

In order to build momentum, Wangwang also held a large Fix Body conference.

Compared to Fix Body, the new brand “Food Research” sold offline channel sales seems not so “high -profile”, but it should not be underestimated.


Kuaishujun learned that there are currently two marketing groups in the food technology and research brand, which is known as “none of the backbone, no one -not -do”. The brand has a sense of “special forces”.

“Anhui and Jiangsu have been launched, and they are investing.” A relevant person said.

Various signs show that Wangwang is “come true” for innovation. But when you understand the concept and pursuit of Wangwang, and when you drop your sight to the product, Kuajun is still confused.

After all, some new products are too much like Wangwang’s old products “change”, or one of the “Want Want you don’t know”.


In this regard, an industry insiders who have a long -term cooperative relationship with Wangwang explained that this stems from Want Want that has enough “new products” and has sufficient confidence and confidence in the quality of their own products.

“You don’t know how horrible Wangwang’s R & D department is. First, they launch hundreds of new products each year (without confirmation), and many of them have not even seen it. More importantly, Wangwang’s products pay attention to details, product quality, product quality, and product quality I think it is the top level of similar products in China, “he said.

Wangwang once launched a juice product. Technically, the outer packaging has 13 layers of membranes to fully exposure to the sun; in terms of price, the product and competitive product are competitive.

At that time, the content of fruit and vegetable juice of a well -known composite fruit and vegetable juice products on the market was about 30%, and the retail price of 200ml was 4.5 yuan. During the same period, the content of fruit and vegetable juice of Wangwang fruit and vegetable juice was as high as 99%, and the retail price of 250ml did not exceed 2 yuan.

However, “this fruit and vegetable juice products have not been recognized by market, and traditional channels cannot be sold,” he said.

Actively “change”, but the story of “fist beating on cotton” has been staged many times in Wangwang. Including a kind of room temperature pure milk launched this year, it reaches 3.6g of dairy protein per 100ml, “but it is not tepid.”

Of course, why Wangwang has rarely made people “rejuvenating” this year, and has different views in the eyes of different practitioners.

The consistent is that everyone is looking forward to this old company that can “achieve”. After all, all practitioners have felt the changes in market wind direction in recent years and are constantly exploring. During this period, no matter which company has a breakthrough “success” experience, it can be regarded as the “wealth” of the entire industry as a reference.

In any case, the Wangwang Gift Package is ready to go to the battlefield of the Spring Festival war. As for the “stains and drums” or “the return of the king”, I see a few months later.

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