Decrypting: Behind the new family’s money to make a million money deeply analyzed this event and the secret behind this brand:

First of all, the new family’s press conference announced that it costs millions of old customers who have spent a million -dollar cooperation for more than ten years and have exceeded millions of annual performance. In addition, at this press conference, 4 signals were released outward:

1. Positioning sceneization:

Interpret “3H Yizhi’s Life” -Ti three scenes: HOME, Health, and Holiday create new species brands with Yizhin, Yiju, Yiyi, and Fun as the core to interpret new lifestyles.

2. Product series based on three lifestyles:

——Based on the three scenes of family, health, and holidays, comprehensive includes home clothes, leisure clothes, light sports, underwear, socks, towels, bras, home shoes, real silk, swimsuit, sunscreen, warm jackets, all -round pants and even girls love each love Full category products such as dolls.

3. Reconstruction of “people cargo farms”


: The new family will open a new model of the “Five -Network Sales”. Through the small program connection, online and offline are connected to the entire network of channels. Combined, the core is the core of previous goods, fields, people, people, goods, and fields. The core is to serve consumers.

4. Brand IP:


From the founder of the brand to the terminal entity to create an IP, let the boss endorse the brand, let customers endorse the brand, and even let the shopping guide endorse the brand, and penetrate the brand into the consumer group.

I have to say that the popularity of the mobile Internet and the traffic dividend gives this sub -category with new vitality and vitality. Data show that in recent years, the home service has shown a good development momentum regardless of online and offline, and many brands have opened up the situation. Fenteng and Chundu brands have entered a sales of over 100 million clubs.

Affected by the mobile Internet storm, the tone is clear, the personality is outstanding, and the extreme explosion is more likely to be recognized by consumers, and the brand also follows the strategy of subdivided brand strategies. Brands have begun to attach importance to and re -examine the relationship between the brand and consumers, transform from a simple trading relationship to a link between some kind of emotional connection, and re -return the brand value with products as the core.

In the past two years, the cost of atrophy of pure online traffic has risen, e -commerce brands sink to eat physical channels, and product -based business models have shifted to consumer -core business model transformation acceleration. BATJ has sacrificed the technology of connected online and offline On the one hand, “magic weapon” began to compete for consumer confidence to receive traffic entrances, and on the other hand, attempting to deeply bind consumers in depth.

The business model with consumers as the core fell into the public’s field of vision again, and the ultimate fun and comfortable business model was highly respected. Interestingly, it was found that in the interview, it was found that the new family has been trying this road in 2009 and never given up on this road and never give up abandonment Essence The entities really returned in 2018, and the new family that created the “single brand of a single brand” in the preparation of a complete posture officially took the new retail air outlet.

Perhaps it is an innovation with other brands, and it can only return to the new family. In this regard, the founder of the brand Ma Bin always believes that a single category cannot support the survival of a brand, and the future of the brand is the main way of life. The life scene of 3H (Health, Home, Holiday) is based on the full -category product series.


Brand: “Fad and Adventure” New World Family

Sure enough, not every brand is a new family, and not everyone can be a new family! On September 6th, the theme of “Pet Love” at the theme of “Favorite 2019” Five New Revolution 101 “Strategic Summit and 2019 Spring / Summer New Product Conference at the theme of” Pet Love “in Shenzhen Pingshan.” Essence

Who is the new family? From nothing to becoming a pioneer in the field of domestic home service, Ma Bin seems to be the soul of the new family. With a keen sense of business smell and the innate fashion keenness, the beauty of beauty and French style is perfectly combined, so that the beauty of elegance, noble, comfortable women and other women in the new family blooms in the products of the new family.


When talking about the new family, Ma Bin is like a few treasures. At the beginning of the card, there was no concept of “home service” in the Chinese market. Most people just blindly equated “pajamas” with “home service”, so it is impossible to know what a professional home service brand looks like. From the perspective of the outside world, the founding of the first domestic home service brand is indeed a gambling. It is blocked by the market trend of consumption upgrade, and it is also my confidence in the future.

In 2002, the new family may be a new beginning to Marin himself. The outside world believes that talents and diligence have made the new family rising rapidly, and they are firmly footholded in the industry. In this regard, Ma Bin once revealed to reporters: “It is a love and love for life.” This expression is more sexy for him who is not confused.

In 2012, the brand did a sensation in the industry. The “Hangzhou Building Shopping City” was the most famous and highest -grade shopping actress in Hangzhou at the time, causing local sensation. This is the first step in the implanted brand gene of the new family of the new family.

This marketing movement is the precedent for the marketing of the home service brand, and it also leaves the different interpretation of the brand in the industry. Some people always say that Ma Bin’s behavior is too “crazy” and too “adventurous”. He has a different view: “Indeed, no matter from funding, design and dissemination, or even business promotion strategies, he has not seen anything before the home service industry.” So far, he still maintains the attitude of the year, that is,: “Creating a brand must be recognizable, it is long -term development The path of the road that is worth supporting consumers. “It is also a motivation to promote him to continuously advance, introduce new and break through bottlenecks. In the era of popular brand IP, strength circles.


Cracking: Cheats of the New World Family

Faced with the return of the entity in 2018, the environment is different, and the definition of the living hall has also been upgraded. The mobile Internet has become a commercial infrastructure, and consumption upgrades will enter a new stage, and the era of the new entity is quietly approaching. Brands have applied concepts such as “scenes”, “IP”, “business thinking”, and “new species” to daily work, as well as the brand strategy of the new family.

First of all, the new family family with the original product series and service evolution and optimization with the original home service, increase the needs of users and use the scenarios, and integrate small categories cross -border. Travel covers taxis, CITIC Bookstore covers traditional bookstores, and has been covered with traditional publishing. Youke Factory covers traditional office. The new family will also trigger the subversion of the home service industry in the past.


Secondly, expressed and describing the use of unified design elements and tells its brand story is the basic element of the success of the living hall. The experience of the entire consumption process, Ma Bin’s designed fanaticism and keen fashion sense, coupled with the sources of inspiration of the sky, the aggregation of the sharing of life, so that the brand always maintains the temperature, and this temperature is like the principle of a story, every article, every article Design drafts, every product, every marketing case must pursue design power and design sense, which is in line with the aesthetics and interests of consumers of the new family.

Again, regarding traffic, consumption is ubiquitous, not less, but more concentrated. From the previous online large platform to a certain net red attraction, a certain online red shop, the Shopping Mall is even more satisfied with everyone’s eating, drinking, and fun. Various needs such as purchases, and then developing in the direction of integrated and wide communication, and the layout of the new family family was as early as 2002. It has a forward -looking vision. All shopping malls. Marin, who has always had a keen sense of commercial smell, said: “Further deepening the laws of Location, Location, Location, the right business atmosphere is the first element of site selection.”

Finally, use countless commercial entities with “crazy” marketing examples to connect these together. After all, only creative and imaginative content, unique content, guide our unknown, curiosity, imagination of consumers in this era, so as to thus To achieve consumer behavior, let consumers perceive the comfort and elegant life and share the pleasure brought by the life.


Simply put, in the new retail era, the new family returns to the new entity!

Author: ArticleManager