Radar induction ceiling light drives the power person to light up the light and save energy saving transformation

【Product Model】: AM-90XD20A

[Working voltage]: (185 ~ 265V)

[Bright power]: Quanliang 8W-18W/slightly bright 3W

【Product Size】: High 27*Diameter 40mm

[Output voltage]: 24-80V

[Frequency rate]: 50/60Hz

[Induction distance]: 6-8 meters

【Angle】: 120 degrees

【Delay Time】: 15-25s


雷达感应吸顶灯驱动电源 人来灯亮节能改造

Output current


: 240mA

Power factor

雷达感应吸顶灯驱动电源 人来灯亮节能改造

: 0.9

Whether to isolation


1. Using the principle of Doppler effects, independently develop a plane antenna transmitting receiving circuit, intelligently detect the peripheral electromagnetic environment, and automatically adjust the working status;

2. Working method: After the sensor switch is turned on, during the delay period, if there is human activity, the switch will continue to connect until the person leaves and delayed the time.

3. Optical control: According to the external light intensity, control the switch to work to achieve energy -saving effects.

4. Compared with infrared products: the radar switch has a farther sensing distance, a wide angle, no dead area, can penetrate glass, and is different from the thin wooden board. According to the power, it can penetrate the walls of different thickness. Influence, the induction distance will not be shortened in the case of 37 degrees.





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