The porch is not enough! There are more cloak cabinets in Japan, and the storage is well used to explode

Japan’s porch is simply too practical

There are more porch to walk into the cloak cabinet

Really use it against the sky!

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When I go home in the snowy winter, I am most afraid of being wet coats and shoes. Especially the wet jackets and briefcases are always stacked on the chair.


In fact, you can use the porch of Japan. Japan is similar to our climatic conditions and will encounter the same storage problem. In addition to the shoe cabinet, they will also arrange more into the cloak cabinet. They can take off their coats, bags, and scarves in the porch.

Moreover, the geographical location of the porch is excellent. When I go home, all the items on the body can be collected, and I can bring things when I go out. Even if you forget it, you can get it immediately.


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Today, come to Japan to learn from Japan to see how their porch design shoe cabinets and cloak cabinets.

1. Shoe cabinets and cloak cabinets are independent

If you want to add a cooker cabinet to the porch, you may wish to make an extra set of independent wardrobes next to the shoe cabinet. This advantage is that the smell of the shoes will not be contaminated.


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The order arrangement of the cabinet is recommended to be

Entry → Shoe Cabinet → Cosmetic Cabinet

, Take off your shoes first, then place your clothes, bags, scarves, etc.

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When you want to go out, first take out the briefcase, wear dresses, and then wear shoes. Such a line is smooth.

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If it is a villa space, the cloak cabinet can also be arranged below the stairs, and the space will not occupy too much area.

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It doesn’t matter if you have a small space in the home, there is no excess space to arrange an independent cloak cabinet, you can use a ready -made cloak stand for storage. It is recommended to choose a cloak rack with a rod and shelves. The heavier official document can be stored on the shelf. Not only is it convenient to get it, but it can also avoid hanging the bag deformation.

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You can also add additional hooks and rods along the wall and smallpox. It is also a simple and practical method. It does not take up space. It is suitable for single or two small families for single or small families.

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In terms of size design, the separation of shoe cabinets and cloak cabinets will not waste space. Generally speaking, the depth of the shoe cabinet is only required

35 to 40 cm


There must be at least the wardrobe


55 to 60 cm


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If the shoe cabinet and cloak cabinet are arranged together, it is usually made by the size of the cloak cabinet. In this way, the shoe cabinet will have more space, but it is wasted.


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Second, shoe cabinet, cloak cabinet merger

If your porch has no room to put more clothes cabinets, don’t worry, you can also modify the original shoe cabinet and make the shoe cabinet and cloak cabinet combined.

Remove the original shelf and set up a rod settings, there is more space that can store clothes.

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Suggestion arrangement of clothing storage

120 to 160 cm from the ground

In between, this is the golden height of the storage. It can be taken naturally at both hands or reaching out, and it will not look too hard.


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However, the problem of the cabinet’s size was mentioned earlier. If it expands the hat cabinet from the shoe cabinet, the depth of only 40 cm of cabinets is absolutely not unsatisfactory. Japanese housewives provide two solutions here.


Solution 01: The clothes are changed to a positive storage

Instead of using a telescopic hanger and changing the clothes to a positive storage, it can solve the problem of not deep the cabinet, and it can also maintain a certain amount of storage.

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Solution 02: L -type storage is adopted

Change the shoe cabinet and cloak cabinet to

L type


The configuration, each independent settings and hanging rods, can not be disturbed.

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The combined design also has the problem of shoes odor. It is recommended to arrange small ones

air purifier



, Strengthen ventilation in the cabinet to avoid stuffy.


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Third, enter the shoe cabinet+cloak cabinet


When the porch space is wide enough, Japan often arranges into a shoe cabinet+cloak cabinet. It can be separated from the storage space by separating through a wall.

Due to the sufficient space, the clothes and shoes are stored together through the design of the shelf.

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In addition to storing shoes and clothing, it also provides a large amount of stored appliances and daily necessities, such as bicycles, strollers or outdoor sports products.

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The above is the practical design of Japan’s porch


By adding one set of a set of hatcases to storage


Make entry storage easier





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