Hook needle -hearted pillow (with tutorial)

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A total of 32 slices, 16 pieces of flowers each front and back, the color can be matched by itself. (Heart -shaped flowers have tutorials in previous articles, friends who like it can see it)

Next, suture the flowers, and relax the two pieces of flowers on the front


The hook needle passes through the position of the first needle lock needle on the left side of the sliced ​​corner, and only provides the outermost line

The same is the same

One stitch


In the next needle, hook the needle to pull the needle, and only provoke the outermost line of the needle.


Continue to hook down the needle


When hook to the corner position, hook a needle to lock the needle, and then hook the needle to pull the needle


Connect to another two pieces of flower


Sewing all the flowers are sutured with a needle.

The pillow is the edge of 16 flower slices in front of the pillow, and uses a short needle hook edge. The unable to complete the three needles and long needles in the stitching position of the flower piece and the flower piece. Finally, it is combined into one needle, and then the short needle is continued. On the left and right of the pillow, the upper three sides are hooked by the above method. When the bottom hooks to the 14th needle (that is, the middle position of a single flower piece), the hook ten -shot lock needle is used for eye, the position of the sewing of the flower piece and the flower piece is sutured. Also hook the ten -shot needle to make a buckle, and hook a total of seven eyes.


The pillow (16 pieces of flower slices) and the rear slices (16 pieces) are also sutured with three edges of the needle, and the bottom of the bottom is not sutured.


This pillow uses four milk cotton hooks. The length and width of the hook is 50 cm, and the length and width of the pillow core are also 50 cm.

Temporarily explain here for the time being, wait for the video to make it and share it with everyone!


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