End of the long holiday to ends some stripes to mention God

What do you use for your long vacation? Before the long holiday came, the neck was longer than the giraffe, and only expected to be able to expect it to come quickly; after the long holiday, all kinds of lost in the heart rose like the tide of the Qiantang River, and the long holiday was over. Essence

Striped slim long -sleeved T -shirt

01 Thinking of returning from a state of no pressure to the working state, his heart rose into the unstoppable depression. The low mood can be understood, but it does not support bringing such a state into the work. The full -power vitality that is inherently emitted by striped elements can play a role in caffeine. Perhaps at this time, a slim -fitting striped T -shirt can be temporarily given a shirt that gives you strength, so that you are full of vitality in front of colleagues.

Striped lace princess skirt

02 If there are no too many requirements for work clothes, pink striped skirts can also soothe the frustrated mood. The lace decorated the whole skirt from the beginning to the end, and the gentle and soft atmosphere spins. Regardless of whether you are in your mood or not, you will immediately restore it, at least under this dress, you will not make yourself look too low and sad.

Korean version of slim -fitting striped shirt

03 slightly loose striped T -shirts can make the curse of “every three pounds of fat” that is not so obvious in you. Although it is suspected of self -deception, the slimming feeling can at least make you still have confidence when you go out. It won’t be worse at the unhappy mood of recovering after the weight loss because of the weight gain, and then secretly destroy the excess flesh and welcome the joy of victory.

Black and white stripe mid -waist elastic pants

长假转瞬结束 来点条纹提神

04 If you pay attention to controlling your diet during the holidays, your body is still as uneven as before the holiday, then let the striped pants more highlight your graceful figure, so as to show off in front of the colleagues who gain weight during the holidays, so as to get joy. Even though this is to build your happiness on the pain of others, it looks a bit black, but who knows it clearly but does not say this?

长假转瞬结束 来点条纹提神

Striped lapel T -shirt

长假转瞬结束 来点条纹提神

05 The denim shirt is dignified in the formal occasion, and there is a relaxed atmosphere that you should have at the time of leisure time. The combination of the fake two -piece set of the striped T -shirt perfectly retains the holiday atmosphere. Regarding sailing, maybe the mood will be clear.

Black -and -white thick striped coat

长假转瞬结束 来点条纹提神

06 The fine stripes of the 06 -wide version of the black and white stripes are more atmospheric. It is placed on the coat. The gorgeous trend fashion sense and the dignified and perfect fusion of the city OL. If it is a shortcut to dress yourself a beautiful mood, then this method should be tried and tested on anyone.

Display striped bottoming shirt

07 Of course, it is not a wide version of the striped jacket to control the workplace. The wide version of the sweater can also be on the workplace. If the previous one is more of a woman’s resolute side, then this light -colored and soft striped bottoming shirt presents the feminine side of the woman. The combination of pink and gray and white retains the sweetness of pink, and adds the stability and dignity of the workplace. The beautiful majors are not wrong, and the mood is not good.

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