A must -have dress in summer! Too fashionable

I want to ask what everyone is wearing recently ~

I found a problem: the weather is so hot that there are so many signs of heat, and the girl who loves beauty can’t sit still, what

Delow legs and arms various arrangements.

Is there no way to satisfy your pants? It doesn’t matter, let’s go on




When it comes to skirts, it is not as difficult to choose as expected. The easiest thing is


Long skirt> short skirt, waist> straight.

Of course this is

Applicable for 80%of people’s figure

If you are inherently good and the conditions are superior, then there is no restriction and you can wear it casually.

The suggestion of grain is to choose this priority

It is more design, but the color matching and simple waist shirt skirt,


The ability to show high and thin deserves my thumbs up!


Salt is sweet, and I can wear too much!

The shirt is recognized

Comes with elegant temperament items

No matter what style you go, as long as you have the blessing of a shirt, it will make people feel that you are gentle.

The little cute people who are familiar with me know that this is also one of my most popular items in spring and summer.

It is precisely because of the self -owned atmosphere that it is the same to the skirt.

The shirt skirt extends the length on the basis of the shirt, so in the overall style, the difficulty will be reduced, and


Suitable for little cute people who don’t want to worry about wearing.

At the same time, the version of the skirt is well selected,

It is better to modify the body


It is naturally easy to show temperament.

If it is a small man, I recommend this type of length over the calf, which makes people

Can’t see the actual length of your legs

It is the secret of thinness.

Whether you just look at the photos, you can’t believe it is only one meter five. In fact, the waist design here plays a great role.

Some irregular fold accumulation will attract a lot of sight, so it looks like

Vague waist and hips are like legs below the chest.

cra.red@c c

If you want to take the temperament route, you can add some highlights in the style, such as

Irregular skirt edge, or the belt design on the waist

, Will make the whole look less monotonous.

The choice in color is actually skillful. Usually, I will choose some of the sorrow with my friends to go shopping.


Such as green, blue, pink

The sense of atmosphere of the whole person will be different immediately.


Of course, some formal occasions are not suitable for wearing bright colors, so you can choose the color tone, such as black and white gray.

Low saturation color is enough to embellish the effect.

cr.ard@c Aunt Paper


I know that among the cute little girls, many of them are elegant young ladies, who have a high sense of high -level sense. From my experience, I want to make it high -level.

Mostly depend on the workmanship of fabrics and details.

Some clothes are very limited to see the naked eye. You still have to touch it and try it on the upper body. For example, this brown shirt dress, I started several similar things some time ago.

Some fabric

After wearing several times, I still wrinkled

There are also various opening lines, and the corners are not flat, but in this, there are also babies. After multiple testing, they still resist and stay decisively!

cra.red@woods Muzi


It’s thin and tall, no SEI!

Everyone wants to look good. After no one wants to put on the clothes they carefully match, the face value has dropped a lot.

So we need to figure out a few points that can make ourselves look good:

1. Slim; 2. Sigs high

What kind of clothes can do the above two points at the same time. Let’s take a look at this one first. It is really not that I blow. There is no skirt that is thinner and taller than it.

Try so many,

Why do I think its thin ability is the best?

First, I think it is a neckline.

Unlike the open corner of the neckline of the general shirt, it is strange, and it does not satisfy a dew area of ​​most people.

I also mentioned to you before I mentioned clothes like this shirt. The neckline and opening and closing affect its laziness.


(There is no malicious ha, it is too serious.

The second point is this split design

This should not have any other dresses, and I really wear one or two.

The number of buttons is enough, so it also gives us giving us full room to wear. If you want to be sexy and expose more legs, then the bottom button can not be tied to create a natural split effect.

Loss of the exposed leg lines

, It’s really thin.

As for the significant high, what do you say?

Everyone usually walks on the street and thinks that a person’s body proportion is good.


Most people will say that it is a waistline.

Let’s take a look at a skirt first if there is a lack of waistline?


In fact, the problem is already obvious. There is no framework. The sense of vision of the whole pajamas is the same as the one -meter person’s upper body test, and the ordinary people’s ordinary people are one meter five or one meter six!

Add some feed on the waist, there are different in the instantly,


I feel like the legs are 2 meters all at once

, Even if wearing high waist socks, there is no pressure.

Therefore, this is one of the reasons why I poke, and it is important that there are many holes in this belt, which meets different waist size. Don’t worry about you can’t tie it.

If you want to loosen, you will be loose, and if you want it

, Randomly adjust.

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