After the New Year, I have to wear a “hairy skirt” like this blogger, fashionable and age -reducing

Get away your pants in the new year,

This year’s “woolen skirt” is popular, and temperament is elegant and reduced

Essence Although the pants are fashionable and neat, the dressing of skirts is still bigger than pants. And this year’s “woolen skirt” is popular, which is fashionable and exquisite.

The woolen skirt is adopted

Wool, woolen, woolen and other materials are made of materials, and the touch is soft

Not to mention, the upper body is also comfortable and natural, and the overall value is relatively high.

Mao woolen skirts are more warm than other skirts. Putting the woolen skirt with the appropriate clothing, it instantly became the highlight of the streets and alleys. So, you want to wear a woolen skirt out of a high sense,

Blindly blind matching is not enough


No, the cat has found a blogger who is very good at matching the woolen skirt. Her shape is stylish and advanced.

Very worthy of our reference

1. 3 selection details of the woolen skirt

Details 1: Edition


Pay attention to details to win.

When choosing a woolen skirt, you also need to pay attention to the details to make our selection of money properly, and it can better set off personal charm and high grade. First, it is the version.


Common versions can be divided into three types: slimming, straight, and loose. Slim woolen skirt is more suitable for women with superior figure and obvious fatness,

It can outline the curve, but also avoid the exposure of fat

Essence The straight and loose woolen skirts are suitable for women with fat on the hips and legs, which can achieve the effect of covering the meat.


For pear -type figure, of course

The preferred loose woolen skirt

Essence Among them, the A -line hair skirt is a version that everyone scrambles to buy.

A -line hair skirt can not only

Blocking the buttocks, width of the hip, and thick legs, etc.

, Even to avoid looseness and hypertrophy, make your image more fashionable and delicate.

Details 2: Design

The design of the woolen skirt is also the details that you need to pay attention to. If it is complete

No solid color models with no design embellishment

It is relatively simple and advanced, but it is also prone to monotonous atmosphere. Therefore, many people are more intended to have a design -like woolen skirt.

We can

Add lace -up and metal plate buckle to the waist

Waiting for design, the overall effect is achieved with a sense of design and no exaggeration. The skirt can be filled with grid elements. The lattice element is fashionable and classic, and has an eternal advantage. Such

The lattice woolen skirt has both design sense, but also does not appear complicated and difficult to control


The situation!

Details 3: length

When the woolen skirt is selected, the length is also the details that need to be paid attention to. Regardless of whether it is a small or tall man, the suitable woolen skirt length is bonus. It is recommended to choose the length below the knee and above the ankle to achieve the case where the meat is thin and not lower.

Such a woolen skirt can extend the leg lines to a certain extent, making the overall effect of showing tall and long legs.


Second, the three wearing ideas of the woolen skirt

1): Short coat + inner jacket corner, recessed high waistline

According to a certain idea, you can show the high -level sense of the woolen skirt. We can wear a short coat + inner jacket to reaches the high waistline.

Inside the waist of the trousers, the presence of the high waist line can be easily reached. The outside with a short jacket is not only added to itself, but also the existence of the waistline in double the waistline, which optimizes its body proportion.

2): Basic color + warm color system, gentle and soothing

Common clothing color matching is mostly the way to match the basic color, simple but advanced, but some people feel more monotonous.


Therefore, when we match the woolen skirt with the upper dress, we can follow the basic color + warm color system to make the overall gentle and soothing side, and it can also add a touch of warmth to this winter.

3): Simplified, coordinated and balanced

The top is matched with a woolen skirt to form a fashionable and high -end shape. When combining the two, it is necessary to follow a certain idea to avoid the sense of violation of the shape. So, the way to wear and simple, simple and stylish, easy to control, it is more appropriate to use it here.

Choosing a colorful top with a pure -colored wool skirt solid color top with a colorful hair skirt is a simple and simple match, which can achieve the visual effect of coordination and balance. For example, this shape is a striped shirt with a pure -colored wool skirt, which is simple and fashionable.


Well, the content of this issue is shared here, let’s see you next time, and worship.

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After the New Year, I have to wear a “hairy skirt” like this blogger, fashionable and age -reducing


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