A pair of pants called “woolen pants” this year’s autumn and winter, warmth and elegant, more fashionable

The most happy thing in winter must be plush and warm, and the pants that get angry this winter are just wool pants. It is comfortable, versatile and warm. Fashion and taste.

Is there a warm and elegant woolen pants in your autumn and winter this year!

1. Choosing the right pants is to choose the right fashion elephant

<1> Mao woolen pants material

The popularity of woolen pants is its material, which can cover the meat and not deform. First of all, we must first understand the attributes of the woolen pants to make the most correct choice in the selection and matching. Suitable for us.


① fine hair

Advantages: Moderate version, suitable for slightly fat girls, have a good effect, and have obvious modification of various leg shapes.

The material of fine hair pants is relatively soft, delicate in workmanship, not picking up, and there will be no sense of weight to wear, because the workmanship is fine, it looks more textured, tolerance is better than ordinary pants.

Reducing hair is brought to swelling, allowing slightly fat girls to better extend the leg lines, reflect a long and straight leg shape, and easily show their long legs. It looks like clothes and fashionable.

② Coarse hair

Advantages: keep warm and thick, good anti -wrinkle effect, suitable for thin thin girls

The coarse hair is very warm. Girls who are afraid of cold in winter can choose the material of coarse hair. At the same time, the density of coarse hair is small, which looks more neat and beautiful. It is very easy to control for thin girls. Essence


<2> Mao woolen pants version

*Wide -legged woolen pants

The effect of wide -leg hair covered the thick legs is particularly good. Mao woolen pants are not close -fitting models, which incorporate the design of wide -leg pants, which can better cover the thick and small legs. Leg pants are the first choice, tolerance and thick legs.

And wide -leg pants are one of the more advanced versions, even if they are “blind”, they can also match a sense of fashion. However, when choosing wide -legged woolen pants, pay attention to the adjustment of the crotch. Choosing high -crotch wide -leg pants will not look towing the tower, which is comfortable to wear.

*Cone -shaped woolen pants

There is a clear feature of cone -shaped wool pants: change in thickness, and the thighs are also thin and thin. The fabric of the woolen woolen and the cone type model will not change the shape because of walking or sitting down, comfortable and convenient.

Mao woolen taper pants will not be designed from the designs of thighs to narrow legs like cone pants of ordinary fabrics. Type, you must put your body straight and thin, and your legs are not good -looking.

*Tobacco pants woolen pants

A -leg X -type leg Star people must love a pair of pants. There is enough space to modify the problem of walking legs. I can’t see the leg shape. The cigarette pants are the same as its name, as the name of the cigarette pipe; One advantage is that it can block the fake cross -width.

The design of the hip and crotch is widely used to reduce the protruding sides of the hips. The front looks long and straight, and the side is tilted and waistline. It is.

<3> The color of the woolen pants


Gentle style → tofu woolen pants

Mao woolen pants are very gentle because of the fabric itself. Choosing white tofu wool pants to make the gentle and elegant play, and white can make the woolen pants look particularly good. , The upper body will not add cumbersomeness.


If you are worried that white pants will increase your inflation, you can add a sense of layering in other clothing items to supplement the matching of matching and avoid bloated. However You can choose dark colors such as black.

Short and versatile → black, checkered woolen woolen pants

Many people’s impression of the woolen pants are fat and loose, and they are worried that wearing it is even more fat. The black woolen pants can definitely solve this problem. The black effect allows people’s vision to ignore “obesity”, but when choosing a black underly, because of the woolen fabric, the matching of the top is best not to choose the light color, which will make the color ratio uneven and appear strong in the lower body.


It can also increase the fun of the pants. Choosing a checkered wool pants, showing a lean effect and black rule is a reason. It is more to increase the richness of matching and reduce vertical vision. The lower body ratio is obviously matched.


Temperament wearing → khaki color woolen pants


Mao woolen pants can also wear a stylish temperament, khaki -colored woolen pants are very lazy, especially expressing the atmosphere of autumn and winter, and they do not pick up their figures at all, and can make it with a “lightning zone”. Color or dark clothing can transition the overall level of the depths and maintain a strong overall style.

Second, the fashion matching guide of woolen pants

TIPS1: up and down bright and dark matching


In addition to the common colors of the same color, it can be used on the woolen pants, which can increase the progressive sense of wear, and this progressive sense is a dark and light color. The bright and dark color of the class is generally similar and not in the same color, but it is saturated.

for example


Khaki color+caramel color+gray


It belongs to the color in a color ring, and it will not appear messy in color. It is similar but has a contrasting effect. It gives people a warm and monotonous feeling, which easily balances the overall harmony.

TIPS2: Wear on the top

Because the thickness and simplicity of the woolen pants, sometimes the overall matching looks very “heavy”, then you can use the law of simplicity and complexity to move the focus to the lower body, which can look longer.

But it is not to say that you need to choose a sorrowful woolen pants to express this “complexity”, but to reduce the boring, like you can choose the plaid woolen pants mentioned above, a sense of rhythm and layering, and it will not be too messy. As long as you avoid choosing a top of the same style, there will be no problem of aging.


Summary of woolen pants:

◆ Advantages

*Earthy and light -colored wool pants are the most resistant and easier to match


*High waist, high -end version of the legs, long legs, modified height, not bloated

*The fishing feeling of woolen pants is more conducive to the thin effect, and it is also high -level


◆ Lightning avoidance

*Bright woolen woolen pants other than white will only increase the “heavy feeling” of the lower body

*Mao woolen pants with too many tops with pattern decorations do not match the style, and it seems that there will be no main and secondary, showing fat


*Do not choose the woolen pants of sports pants style. The horizontal vision is obvious, the legs are thick, and the legs are short.


The version of the woolen pants is fashionable and durable, so in the fall and winter of this year, it is “hot”. Essence

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