New autumn and winter children’s jackets are new, and my daughter is wearing this at home

The weather is getting colder and the mothers have become more and more headache.

In the days when the autumn and winter season came, I just wanted to wrap the child tightly. I was afraid that I would be cold.

However, our little beauty does not rely on. Wrapped so rigorous, really ugly, don’t wear it!

There are people who love beauty. Although the baby in the family is small, the beauty of beauty is the same as adults.

Even in the cold autumn and winter seasons, the little beauty still loves beauty.

I hope to wear beautiful friends to play with my friends and get a sentence from relatives and friends: “Oh, it’s really good -looking today”, little beauty can be happy all day!

The hot moms must not be deprived of the beauty of the little beauty, instead of worrying about the baby’s cold. It is better to dress up with our baby with the baby, and then go shopping together, it will definitely bring 200%of the return rate.

If you want the demeanor and temperature, the fashion trend is a must -have artifact for mothers. It can not only let the baby wear the temperament of the goddess, but also be handsome to fly in minutes. So it’s time to add a few fashionable autumn and winter jackets to the baby’s wardrobe, allowing the baby to walk with fashion in this season and embrace warmth.


Each girl always has those jackets that suits them. It does not need luxury and big brands, but it must have a classic, white look, and the unique fashion atmosphere that suits them.

But there are so many jackets on the market, so that mothers’ eyes are spent. How can you pick it most suitable for your baby?

The following Mother Jasmine recommends the following trendy jackets. Bao Jun is satisfied. Mom quickly receives inside the closet.

Leather is not only a fashion single of adults, but also the child’s cool equipment. This dual -trend element design of this leather coat, black classic, the stretched zipper and the rivets on the shoulders looks fashionable and cool, so that the little beauty at home can be worn, which is more sneer than boys.

Simanana rock leather jacket

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The little beauty at home wants to be fashionable without losing tranquility. Could it be that our designer. This locomotive leather jacket, which is also used in the zipper design, but the classic style is used in style design, with honey pink, so that the little beauty is handsome and a little sweet after wearing it.


Simanana motorcycle leather jacket 803

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The autumn of the fallen leaves is more matched with the khaki trench coat. Is there a beautiful picture emerging in my mind? This slender trench coat, comfortable fabric and texture, simple deduction layout design makes children more high quality and elegance after putting on. Can my mother can’t help chop her hands? Hurry up.


Simanana trench coat

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Fur coats are the love of adults, and they have a noble and quiet temperament on their children. This fur jacket uses high -end fur high -end fabrics, elegant and stiff, and the little beauty wearing at home is just a little princess.

Simanana imitation wool fur jacket


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Which girl does not have a princess dream? As a mother, it’s time to realize her princess dream. This little incense -style princess coat, classic layout design, personal fashion, if it is full of cute lace skirts, the girl is full of feeling.

Simana Xiaoxiangfeng Princess


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Who said that only boys can wear suit. Girls put on a suit and kill boys in minutes. This cocoon suit jacket, cocoon design with pink, is fashionable and playful.

Simanana Korean cocoon suit jacket

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How can a playful and cute dot jacket be less? If the little beauty at home is lively and happy, this dot -dot -collar jacket will hurry home. Loose design, suitable for versatile pants. Use thickened wool fabrics, keep warm! No matter how beautiful the little beauty loves, it won’t be afraid of cold.

Simanana’s dot hair collar keeps warm jacket

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