Double Eleven, those Hino cups you like can start

This year’s Double Eleven blew the horns, “Double Eleven, what did you buy?” Become a greetings that young people meet, and the young customer group also acts as a consumer army in Double Eleven. They have a trend and personality. Unique insights, and the unique domestic brand brand -Hino, is undoubtedly the best of the cup and pot industry, becoming a fan of young groups.

Under the promotion of young consumer groups this year, the national tide strikes, domestic goods are exerting their efforts, and domestic brands have ushered in an excellent opportunity to counterattack.

Hino pursued the pursuit, bringing very ideal water cup options to many young groups. Xiaobian is strongly recommended, I hope they can become your pocket in Double Eleven!


Recommend a cup of antibacterial glass


This is a cup tailor -made for friends who love tea. Friends who like to drink tea must start this cup decisively, and the double eleven purchase is really super cost -effective, especially for those who do not like to clean up to clean up For the lazy people of the cup, with it, there is the gospel of drinking tea.

Special for making tea, the 24H antibacterial rate is 99.99%


Inner wall embedded in AG+long -term continuous antibacterial

High -quality high borosilica glass, smooth surface and not easy to breed bacteria

Pure titanium filter+internal plug layer, naturally inhibit bacteria

Disassembly sealing ring, easy to clean, effective anti -bacteria

Come a glass of warm water in the morning, soak green tea in the afternoon, wait for time, come to sleep, wait for a glass of milk to wait for sleeping, no matter what kind of drink, no matter what time, it is your best companion, let you be in your free time Inside, enjoy every bite of health and safety.

Recommended two tea separation cups

Su Dongpo once said: “The good is like a beautiful woman”

Good tea will be like a pleasing beauty, give you a feeling of heart at the moment of entrance.

The moment the tea and water dissolved were dissolved, up and down, ups and downs, ups and downs, and vicissitudes of the sea.


Those who love tea are people who understand life. Naturally, their requirements for tea are also very high. They should not be too light or too strong, like a happy life is just right.

Choose the superior tea utensils to tailor a cup of good tea for yourself -the Sino tea separation cup, which is the upper choice.

All -in -one tea separators, independent tea warehouse structure, no contact design, clean and hygienic

The mechanical gear switch design, smooth collusion, the mechanical sound of the mechanical sound after the spinning

Tea warehouses can directly store tea, no need to match tea tanks, drink and bubble

Most of the name You Green Tea is brewed at 100 ° C with water temperature and 4min. The sensory quality of tea soup is good.

So friends who like to drink tea, do not miss such tea beauty.

Recommend three candlelight bright goddess cups

Audrey Hepburn once said: Elegance is the only beauty that will not fade.

Exquisite makeup, high -heeled high -heeled, coupled with clean and neat fashion temperament, high -level simple and decent atmosphere, which is generally elegant for women in the workplace. And every beauty in the workplace should have a goddess cup, which can not only help beauty and beauty, clear lungs and hydrate, but also make themselves breathless when they are tired and relax their tired self.

Higuo’s ingenious craftsmanship, specially created for women in the workplace

Candle light variety cup lid wrapped, bright and gorgeous

High -quality high -borosilic glass, the instant temperature difference with resistance

1300 ° fire manual firing

Double -layer heat insulation, the outside grip does not exceed 52 ° C

The Hipuo you want will be given to you, just to dress up your beauty, and let you be invincible in the workplace.

Beautiful people, Double Eleven Gathering, buy a reward for a year of hard work, you deserve to have a better self!

Recommend four classic business insulation cups

The Hero classic business insulation cup, with simple and stable as a demand in design style, uses minimalist aesthetics, streamlined design, scrub -type feel, simple and stylish, fashionable and light, and adopted in color. The restrained hue shows the low -key and calm of the business people.

The new fifth -generation insulation cup is launched upgrade

Material of matte surface paint, more non -slip and wear -resistant

304 stainless steel, safe and healthy

Classic Bear Logo, full of texture, showing luxury temperament

As a water cup, the large capacity of 525ml and the 12 -hour ultra -long thermal insulation effect, the thermal insulation cup uses a double -layer vacuum technology, long -term vacuum design, layer of temperature And compressor, abrasion, thinner and tough, exquisite cup body, easy to carry. Let it truly become a must -choose thing in the life of a fashion crowd.

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