2020-2021 Autumn/Winter Handbag Trends

This year’s fashion market will fall into a decline, forcing people to strengthen elastic planning and adjust their operating models. However, in the context of great changes in the global fashion industry, finding new markets, strategic opportunities, and future growth space is an indispensable strategic means. In order to ensure that in the future, enterprises must adapt to the new market environment, evaluate the opportunity to withdraw capital and acquisitions, to strengthen their core position, and seize the blank design that appears in the reorganization. Compared with almost all other high -end fashion products, women are more likely to spend money on luxury handbags. In some reason, the handbags are different from other costumes. They can often keep value for value and even appreciate the year. Therefore, designers will always launch at least a few handbags and wallets with eternal design. This is why retro -style coin handbags, crocodile pattern bags and saddle bags will appear in the trend of handbags in the autumn and winter of 2020. At the same time, innovation is also very important, because sometimes the surprising design can really stay in our minds.


Thick chain

Like shoes and other accessories, the thick surface chain is the main force of the trend of handbags in the fall of 2020. They add a rough sense of industrial to high fashion packages.


The decorative chain is an important part of No. 21, including handbags. The thick silver chain replaces the hardware on the fastener, making them beyond the position of the belt. Hugo Boss (Hugo Boss )’s striking thick -handing chain and slender streamlined wallets form a sharp contrast.

There are more brands as part of their handbag design, including MSGM, J.W. Anderson, Ulla Johnson, Stella McCartney and Dolce & Gabbana.

Tassel decoration

Fracus decoration can inject joy into your daily life. When it appears in your bag, it is softer than your clothes. This year, in order to cooperate with the theme of tassel, the designer let us see many tassel autumn bags in 2020.

Some tassels are not exquisite in Rochas. All tassel dresses and coats are embellished with shiny black tassels. We also saw the omnipotent tassel in Dries Van Noten. A small bag covered with colorful tassels, and a few beads made it more noisy and attractive. The performance of tassel decoration on the Hugo Boss is relatively restrained, and the bottom of the leather bag has a edge.

Bottle bag

As designers are increasingly turned to sustainable design, another question appears, that is, how fashion helps people live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. One way is to put a reusable water bottle and a special bag on hand.

We think that joggles will especially like the reusable shopping bags of Marine Serre. It has two colors: black or pink, with tight bands, and metal rings. At other times, it can be packed on a larger shopping bag.

In daily life, Chloe’s colorful wine bottle bags are decorated with sketches. In leisure, it will definitely be very convenient, because it has a long horizontal belt that can be held without hands. In Kenzo, the bottle bag that can be reused is made of high -quality mesh materials and leather materials.

Geometric wallet


Although the classic bag is a safer investment, the geometric bag exudes an irresistible avant -garde fashion atmosphere. In the autumn and winter handbag trends from 2020 to 2021, the designers discovered a variety of exciting ways to change the shape of the bag, thereby creating a different bag.

Interestingly, in Zimmermann, there is a small hexagonal bag made of solid material, which is even decorated with tassels on it. Round is a shape. Marine Serre designed the perfect spherical black evening packet and hung on the exquisite gold chain.

We also saw some unique packaging types in Adeam, Coach 1941 and Stella McCartney.

Wool bag

Just like wool skin turning on the coat and jacket, it also appears on a variety of 2020 autumn handbags, bringing a comfortable touch to our accessories.

Dries Van Noten proves that this material does not necessarily have to be brown or beige. The designer uses gem -colored wool to make colorful furry bags. Christian Dior has only a little wool texture. This material is used to accompany a autumn -colored suede cover bag.

Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, and Balmain also showed the wool wraps on their runway.

Soft plush stitch bag

Generally speaking, it is unfair to say that it is a trend as a trend, because the gap leather is the main material of luxury handbags. The difference between the trend of handbags in the autumn and winter of 2020 and 2021 is that this time the gap is ultra-long plush and soft, which is like a coat inspired by a blanket we see on the runway.

Moncler Genius’s handbags include several different luxury bag design, and Richard Quinn’s round bag is like a pillow. Simone Rocha made a large barrel bag for the project.

Valentino gave us a turning point on the seam leather bag. The seams that fight together are more loose than normal, making their appearance softer, although they are still made of leather. Brands such as Burberry, Chanel, and Alexander McQueen have also launched several sewing handbags.


Micro -bag

The fashion industry has not stopped using small handbags, which is why there are so many autumn of 2020 micro -handbags.

In Versace, fortunately, super small handbags are not carried alone (although we are not annoyed by most stylists who finally give up the concept of multiple bags). Instead, they are packed on large bags and medium -sized bags, usually the opposite color, like a fashionable coin wallet.

There are a few mini bags in Fenndi, most of which are wearing a cheeky face like a necklace, or tied to the belt, blurring the boundaries between jewelry and handbags, but one wallet is designed more like traditional ones. Fanty flip bag, even with a small handle!

There are more mini bags on Dries Van Noten, Jacquemus and Chloe show.


Coin wallet

There are some retro elements on the catwalk this season. We found that the most prominent retro wallet trend in the fall of 2020 is the design of the retro coin wallet, which is a particularly popular handbag. These packages are essentially small handbags, and there is a kiss or magnet buckle on the top.

In LANVIN, the models bring the fat coin handbags (the color selection range is wide), either holding it by hand, such as the large handbags, or double -handed.

We also saw large and small coin wallet design in Miu Miu. They are made of leather with wrinkled leather buckles on it. Erdem, Celine and Paco Rabanne have more old -fashioned coin purse.

Oversized handbag

The large handbags may not be the most convenient handbag, but it will definitely convey some kind of softness because its design is usually relatively loose. This handbag is usually sandwiched under the armpit and looks like a pillow.

In Loewe, the models are holding earth bags made of leather and lambskin, decorated with huge decorations on the four corners of the bag, which looks like it is made of melted gold.

The large handbags of Ralph & Russo look soft, so it looks soft, although it will be stronger. We also saw more large handbags in Prada, Alexander McQueen and Bottega Venetta.


Growing rose

There is a romantic flower decoration on the handbag in the fall of 2020, so if you want some more feminine but still elegant and mature things, consider these.

The three -dimensional rose bag of Valentino is a bit abstract. He cuts a large piece of petals with leather and pastes in front of the bag in the shape of a loose rose.

Erdem’s flowers are made of rags collected, which gives the flower bag soft and cute touch. Richard Quinn and Shrimps also have more rosy bags.

2020-2021 Autumn/Winter Handbag Trends: Rose bag

Velvet bag

Velvet is one of the main fabrics of this season, especially charming evening clothes. This luxurious soft material is also very suitable for soft evening bags and handbags.

Chanel (Chanel) adds shiny CC hardware to make a small black velvet handbag (but the design of a coin wallet) more cute and luxurious. If you like more colors, we found a soft folding bag in Burberry, which is made of green and purple contrast board.


On the show of Dries Van Noten, velvet is a key fabric, which is characterized by a dark green velvet bag with printed patterns.

fasten your seatbelt

In some cases, you want your bag to be fixed on your body well, just like a seat belt. This year, the designers tried various methods to keep the bags in the fall of 2020 firm and safe.

Ine Serre really tried a different way to carry a bag, including making a multi -compartment micro -bag, which can be tied to legs or arms, and some pocket options.

A design of a similar leather case of Michael Kors tightly tied a mini saddle bag on his body. When it was worn in a jacket, it felt like a great anti -pickpack wallet.

2020-2021 Autumn/Winter Handbag Trends: Binding handbag

Shiny wallet


The handbag trends in the fall of 2020 include some great party packages, which adds a little bright color to any shape.

Simone Rocha’s small beads handbags are very popular and full of youth. In this size, they will be a perfect evening bag with more weird activities. There are also small beads of shrimps, and small bags and big bags have glittering beads.

Richard Quinn designed a completely mixed handbag, matched with the jewelry set worn by his fashion show. This square small handbag is filled with crystals and pearls.


2020-2021 Autumn/Winter Handbag Trends: Shin beaded and beaded bags

Crocodile flower bag

Dangerous and luxurious -this is the feeling of crocodile patterns (not to mention the real crocodile leather bag).


In terms of crocodile leather bags, Gucci launched a solid handbag, which is a bit reminiscent of a doctor’s bag, which is shiny black crocodile skin.

If you like the appearance of the crocodile leather handbag, but you don’t like the real crocodile handbag, then you may like Stella McCartney’s vegan crocodile handbags and small and strong handbags.

Christian Siriano, Marc Jacobs, Eric Jacobs, Ermanno Scervino, Vivienne Hu, Rejina Pyo, and Tory Burch ( There are also many examples of other crocodile patterns on the show.

2020-2021 Autumn/Winter Handbag Trends: Crocodile Press Pressing Flower Bag


Solid bucket bag

It seems that all the bucket bag design will maintain fashion for a long time in the future. Therefore, although the bucket is necessary, the solid bucket bag stands out as a unique autumn of 2020.

Moschino’s modern version of Marie Antoinettes holds two parts of bucket bags to match their costumes. The outside of the bag is made of more strong leather, while the interior is a fabric lining with a tape rope, with the same patterns printed on it.

The solid bucket of Gucci is either dark blue or the brand’s iconic printing pattern. There are similar solid designs in the outer skin part and the fabric. Etro and Salvatore Ferragamo are more strong.


The box is such a simple and convenient shape. However, the box -shaped bag always looks a little weird, perhaps a little retro charm.

In Oscar de La Renta, a box -type hand bag was made into an interesting evening bag, especially because it covered the teeth pattern.

The second half of the Lanvin show shows a variety of luggage, which is designed to form a takeaway box with built -in handle, and the exquisite chain on the exquisite metal cigarette case. Louis Vuitton and Fendi also have several bags.


The feather bags have become one of the most lovely bag trends on the catworm of 2020 in the autumn and winter of 2020.


At Altuzarra, the feathers exploded from the top of the solid bag, and even the design blurred because of the use of the underarms model. On Marques Almeida, the bag is completely covered with feathers, which looks lively, soft and vague.


2020-2021 Autumn/Winter Handbag Trends

2020-2021 Autumn and Winter Handbag Trends: Battle Bag


Saddle bag

The saddle bag is a sheet -shaped bag with a round bottom, which is designed based on bags that can be attached to the saddle. Therefore, they often have a little wandering charm. We believe that in this season, they are a great choice.


There are many saddle bags on Tory Burch running with a slightly riding color Tory Burch. Most of them are very small. They are made of black or brown leather and are equipped with long straps for easy carrying.

Wandering is a big theme of Etro. A ground -colored saddle bag is covered with embroidery, which is intended to echo Argentina’s design, which will definitely help the atmosphere of “nomadic”.

Lorenzo Serafini and Christian Dior also include some eye -catching saddle bags.


Stitching bag

This season, many designers hope to reduce their series of ecological footprints by re -use the old series of fabric waste.

In Marni, the corner material cut into a triangle was sutured together to form a colorful handbag. Alexander McQueen’s patchwork handbags are matched with patchwork clothing. The large handbags have colorful leather patch and covered with animal patterns.

Collina Strada, Moschino, and Cynthia Rowley also used patchwork in their 2020 autumn handbags.


Perfect matching

The days of the packets and shoes are gone, but the matching is not completely out of date. For the popular trend of the 2020 autumn and winter bag, you can match your bag with your clothes! Many models take the same materials and printed bags as their clothing when they take the runway.

Obviously, in Marques’almeida, the handbags are made to match several other clothes, but in most cases, their styles are not consistent. An exception is the combination of small handbags and coats, both of which are purple and covered with metal flower brocade.


The opening display of Michael Kors, Michael Kors, reflects the trend of this season. The model is wearing a dark gray lattice cloak, holding a large bag, and a pattern printed with it. There are other supporting packages and clothing on his runway.

Shrimps, Richard Quinn, Burberry and Area also showed some packages and clothing.

Professional handbag


We usually think that handbags are the choice of casual consumers, but in the tide of handbags in the autumn and winter of 2020, professional handbags are made of thicker materials, which are very popular.


On the show, the iconic handbags of Prada have changed, both of which have adopted ancient boards and proper neutral hue, and some yellow and blue bright colors. Marc Jacobs combined with the trend, it launched several small crocodile flower -pressing bags with a solid structure and built -in handle.

In the end, Dior launched a thin handbag style handbag, smooth leather and streamlined kiss buckle, which never appeared out of date.


Slender handbag

Is the slender handbag better than the traditional square handbag? We are not sure, but if you like to bury things in the bag, then this will be your favorite autumn of 2020.

Michael Kors’s gray or brown suede handbags are definitely used as wallets, because its top has a zipper, a horizontal band similar to a belt, and a leather corner.

We found a long-handed handbag with a cow or snake skin pattern on the OFF-WHITE show, and they became more compact with the help of folding handbags. Kenzo, Simone Rocha, Stella McCartney, and Paco Rabanne all have longer handbags.


Wanderer bag


The trend of handbags in the fall of 2020 also includes some classic models we like to carry at any time, such as HOBO handbags. Elegant and stable, this is a bag that every fashionista should consider investing.


Coperni gave them a modern distorted structure. Bottega Venta decided to adhere to its signature weaving technology and launched a series of elegant stray guys with a perfect autumn color tone.


We also like the combination of pyrine and rich jewelry tone, which is used in a stray man discovered by Brandon Maxwell. Valentino (Valentino) uses plush seam patterns in its oversized tramp design to combine the trend.

2020-2021 Autumn/Winter Handbag Trends: HOBO Handbag

Wristband wallet

The wristband wallet is the most cute and easiest style, which is easy to transition from the day to the evening. In many aspects of autumn, the designers have reiterated this style, from bright and pleasant daily packages to luxurious party choices.

Fenndi’s small wrist bag uses vibrant colors and weird details and structures, and every fashionista is eager to get this kind of bag. Coach launched a series of wristbands that are durable and geometric shapes, while Simone Rocha focused on eye -catching evening design.

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