Marrying dumb concubines: In order to get married for the lady who couldn’t speak, she was holding a dumb medicine on the sedan

That day, the sedan was coming, and the dumb medicine that Mrs. Bai handed over to the palm of her hand. She thought that in this life, she never had the opportunity to speak?

A throat for ten years of raising gratitude can be regarded as the title of grass!


The Bai family businessman, in the place where the capital is in the capital, the Bai family still has some faces.

However, the Bai family married a woman, but she seemed a little shabby. Although she was a brocade -to -silk wedding dress, it burned its flowers. However, Nuo’s Bai House had only two red lanterns, and ten feet red silk was paved in front of the door.

It was nothing more than the Bai family, and it was a girl who brought dumb disease from her mother’s fetus.

Everyone in Beijing is well known that Bai Jin is born with no throat, and now he can marry the Xiao family of Fengyang City, which is a great blessing.

White kite listened to the noisy gongs and drums, and Xiyuan helped the sedan. With the words of Xi Po, “Get up!”

Bai Jie’s hanging heart slowly put it down. She spread out her palm, spit out a black pills from her mouth, and pinched it tightly in the palm of her palm until the medicine was broken in the palm of her palm.

Mrs. Bai just persuaded her to persuade her, “White kite, you have a good voice in empty, I know it is difficult to make you not speak, listen to me, take this medicine, and everyone is good.”

Bai Ku looked at Mrs. Bai in a hurry, pressed her throat, “Madam, is this?”

“As long as you eat this medicine, it is the same as Jincai.” Mrs. Bai handed the medicine to Bai Ku, and she looked at Bai Yu everywhere. In the hands of Bai Ku, “Bai Jie, Bai’s family treats you not thin. You must know that without the Bai family, there is no white kite today, I also think for you, in case you open your voice, the Xiao family knows You are married on behalf of the emperor, even if you have the heart to take care of you, you are afraid that you can not be able to do it. “

Bai Jie stuffed the medicine into his mouth, and drank a large mouthful of tea in front of Mrs. Bai, and seemed to swallow the medicine. In fact, the medicine was stuffed between the teeth and lips.

Bai Ku decided to get married on behalf of Bai Jin, and she had thought about it. In this life, she would never speak again, but she couldn’t get the cruelty of herself.

The memory of Bai Ku’s six years old was more vague. She probably only remembered that that year, she had a her parents and her younger brother, and begging the capital with the refugees all the way.

Baijiale applied well, opened porridge, and the white kite family. Everyone ate three large bowls. People in the capital said that the Baijia’s heart was soft, rich and boundless, and Baijia accumulated blessings.

That night, the heavy rain, the refugees hid in the broken temple to hide from the rain. The mother suddenly woke up with white kite and said that she went out to ask for some food while it rained.

They ripped in the rain and walked to the Bai family. The door of the Bai family was closed. The mother asked Bai Ku to wait for her here. Bai Kuyi waited, and waited for a while, and did not see her mother come to find her.

Bai Ku poured a high fever and had a high fever, and the Bai family pity her, so she left her in Baifu.

Listening to Bai’s family servant said that Bai Ku burned for three days and three nights that time, and even the doctor said that she was afraid she would not be able to carry it.

But on the fourth day, she even woke up by herself, but she forgot a lot of things, such as how she came to the Bai family and what she called, she completely forgot.

Mrs. Bai left Bai Jie beside Bai Jin. She was a companion for Bai Jin. Bai Jin was dumb, and did not like to be close to others, but was particularly close to Bai Ku.

For the previous things, Bai Yu only remembered the heavy rain that night, and thunder.


The two in -laws of Xiao Bai were the family members set by their parents. The Xiao family couldn’t think Bai Jin couldn’t open his throat, and suddenly he came to mention his relatives.

The Bai Jiayuan wanted to retire this family affairs, and to find a poverty -stricken man into Bai Jin, saved Bai Jin’s cold eyes, but the Xiao family had senior officials in Beijing. The Bai family was afraid to retreat. After all, Bai Jinzheng lived out, let alone the Xiao family had seen Bai Jin, and few people in Beijing had seen Bai Jin.

Bai Ku was sitting on the wedding bed, nervous and worried. With a strong taste of wine, Xiao Yi pushed in.

Bai Jie listened to Xiao Yi’s pouring tea, and his hand was tightly held into a fist.

Xiao Yi came over and slowly picked Bai Ku’s Xipa, and the red candle was reflected. It should have been a good time.

Bai Jie’s eyebrows were tightly, and he didn’t dare to look at Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi picked up Bai Jie’s chin with a joy, and white kite was timid. Both cheeks were red. Such coquettishness was a man who would be excited.

White kite opened her mouth, suddenly pouting her lips, and waved her hand. It was a fool who understood that she meant that she was not tired.

The light in Xiao Yi’s eyes dimmed, and he let go of his joy embarrassing, “Take a break early.”

Xiao Yi went to bed with his clothes. Bai Ku was stunned for a while, and lay down on the side of Xiao Yi. The sound of quietness in the room, and even the sound of blowing beaded curtains collided with the score clearly.

Xiao Yi suddenly turned his head, Bai Yu hurriedly closed his eyes. Xiao Yi just gave Bai Ku’s quilt and went on his side. “Actually, it is not so noisy.”

Bai Jie’s nose pantonic acid, her eyelids trembled, and she once said to listen to Bai Jin.

Looking at it like this, Xiao Yi was actually a good person, but she lied to him so much, and was somewhat disturbed.

Xiao Yi held Bai Jie’s hand, the wind was slightly cool in the early autumn, and her palms were sweating. Xiao Yi stared at the white kite and laughed. “You can rest assured, you will be your own home in the future. Get used to it slowly. “

Bai Jie opened his eyelids and smiled for Xiao Yi, but couldn’t say anything.

Such a hole in the cave house, embarrassing and embarrassed.


The Xiao family can see that the new lady must not be spoiled. She married for more than half a month. Xiao Yi only stayed in her room for two days, once a new wedding night, and once the old lady Xiao’s birthday, other times, Xiao Yi All stay in Silkzhuang.

The second son of the Xiao family, although Xiao Ran was two years younger than Xiao Yi, became four years old, and had a son. The Xiao family’s backyard was taking care of the second lady.

Bai Ku had seen South Jiangqing twice. For the first time, the second day of marriage, she gave Bai Ku to tea. At the second time, at the birthday party of Mrs. Xiao, Sunanqing squeezed the white kite next to Xiao Yi and stood on the Xiao family. Among the two sons, she looked like a heroine.

Yes, Sunanqing is the hostess of the Xiao family. Is it possible to be a new lady who is not a white kite?

Bai Yu did not fight, but Nan Jiangqing looked at her, as if she was born with hatred. In her hidden poisonous eyes, she did not conceal her hatred for Bai Ku, and the use of Bai Yu’s eating and drinking was extremely engraved.

The Yahuan who married Bai Jie could not eat this suffering. In the night, the half of the softening of Bai Jie’s dowry was rolled away.

Xiao Yun came from behind Bai Jie and took a picture of Bai Yu’s shoulder.

Xiao Yun was Xiao Yi’s sister. He said the family affairs a year ago. Huaqiao was coming, but his fiance was gone. He sat back and returned to the sedan. To this end, Sunanqing did not wait to see Xiao Yun very much.

Bai Ku smiled at Xiao Yun, and wrote a sentence on the paper, “You can’t speak, and of course it is quiet.”

Xiao Yun’s face condensed, and quickly apologized, “Dasao, I’m sorry, I am not intentional, look at my mouth, and I can’t speak.”

“It’s okay, get used to it.”

Bai Ku’s word silk show is beautiful, and it is pleasing to watch, but the Xiaofu Yahuan is not all literate. Therefore, in the usual daze, Bai Ku is still dazed.

Xiao Yun beckoned, a ya ring stepped forward, “Lv Luo please ask the eldest lady.”

“Dasao, I know that the maid who came with you, you are good, don’t investigate, the second sister will not pick you up one or two of the thoughts, Lv Luo is used to serve around me, and I know it. Let her take care of you here. “


Bai Ku nodded with a smile, she did need a person who knew words to help pass the words, “Thank you,”

“Dasao, you don’t need to be polite to me. I am not like Erjun, with a shallow eyelid, and I stare at my ankle. I don’t know what the second brother looks at her, so I rush to marry in this way.”

Bai Ku hit Xiao Yun with his elbow, “Don’t say gossip.”

“Which elder she is the elder, I don’t know what means she used to hook up with the second brother. If her father didn’t look at her with the second brother, she would not let her marry, and after entangled the elder brother …”

Xiao Yun covered his mouth, squeezing his smile in embarrassment, as if sitting with a needle felt, sitting restlessly.

Bai Jie probably listened to some. Southern Jiangqing was low in origin, with a bad gambling father, and a hooligan -like brother. At the beginning, she had a hidden knot with Xiao Ranzhu’s tire to marry the Xiao family. And is it related?

Thinking of the hateful gaze in South Jiangqing, Bai Jie’s heart was condensed.

Xiao Yun held Bai Jie’s hand, “Dasao, I just went to Yunluozhuang to take you two Milky spring brocade, you see if you like it.”

A yahuan holding the late spring brocade, the brocade silk is soft, and it is comfortable to touch it.

Bai Yu touched the hands of Milk Chunjin and slowly cut it. Her two fingers twisted the embroidery line and frowned.

The Xiao family is produced and sold, from dyeing workshop to embroidery, and silk villages, all of which are their own. Wingchun is well -known, wearing the illusion of dusk of morning light. On the line.

Bai Jin has always liked Milk Chunjin since he was a child. Bai Jie is quite familiar with Milk Chunjin. They have done a stupid thing more than once, that is, picked these golden threads and embroidered on their own Paizi.

Obviously the two in hand, the silk thread is wrong.

Bai Ku looked at Xiao Yun. I don’t know if she deliberately took the fake late -spring brocade to give it to herself, or even she didn’t know. This was fake. This was taken from Yun Luozhuang from Yunluozhuang.

Bai Jie hypocritical, “Little sister, this color is not what I like, it is better to go to Yunluozhuang to pick two horses, I also want to go out and walk around.”

“Okay, Dasao hasn’t visited Fengyang City yet!” Xiao Yun hugged Bai Jie happily. Bai Jie felt that she should not know that this late spring is fake.

4. 4..

Bai Kuzi looked at some late spring brocade carefully, there were true, and there were fakes, or she was not sure.

The shopkeeper was a clear -eyed person. At first glance, Bai Jie was not picked up. He came over and said smoothly, “Mrs. Mrs., this late spring brocade is the Xiao family’s hand, without fake hands, there will be no problems.”

White kite refers to two late spring brocade, and the two small two brocade to one place. The white kite started and provoked the two gold threads. The root is complete, and she handed the line to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper piled up with a smile, and he took the golden thread without justified. He still didn’t look at the white kite. The layman looked at the cloth.

However, Wang’s shopkeeper’s face suddenly changed. He hurriedly walked back and folded out again, and bent to the white kite. “Master, please go to the back hall. Jin Jie, I won’t sell it today. “

Xiao Yun wondered, “Dasao, what’s the matter?”

Bai Yu took Xiao Yun’s hand and motioned for her to go back first without waiting for herself.

“Bai Jin, come over to sit.” Xiao Yi asked Wang to go out. He carefully confessed the two silk threads, “Bai Jin, you are the daughter -in -law of the Xiao family, I am not afraid to tell you the truth, others think our late spring Jin, the gold silk is so luxurious. In fact, we use the three -legged feathers. The three -legged feathers are soft and good, and the color is good. It is also very expensive. “

White kite twisted the two silk threads, it is indeed a bit different. People who don’t pay attention can really distinguish. “Listen to you, do you know?”

“No, Milk Chunjin is the sign of our Xiao family. How can I move my stones and smash my feet.” Xiao Yi waved his hand again and again. “One here is silk and the other is a three -legged black feather. I am curious, how did you see it? “

Bai Ji remembered that for the first time to pick the silk with Bai Jin, she broke her fingers, and did not make a complete line. She smiled inadvertently. The corner of her mouth was faintly vortex. She was holding her on weekdays. Different.

Xiao Yi stared at Bai Ku, and he stared at God for a moment, “Bai Jin, what do you think?”

Bai Jie gathered his eyebrows, endured a smile, and wrote a line of words on the paper, “I also liked Muchun Jin very much, and I have some understanding.”

“Oh.” Xiao Yi responded lightly, glanced at the words on the paper, and finally stopped on the white kite.

Bai Jie opened her mouth, squeezed a smile, and smiled even more ugly than crying. She got up and made a gesture.

Bai Jie turned and left. She was afraid to take a step late, and her heart would jump out. What did Xiao Yi mean?


The night was cool, and Lu Luo paved the bed to the white kite.

Bai Ku nodded boringly. After Lu Luo went out, she blown the candlelight, sat on the bed, thought about it for a while, got up again, walked in the room, and looked outside in a hurry.

White kite patted his head hard, “White kite, white kite, what are your pig mind thinking, can Xiao Yi be able to remember, he is the lady’s husband, not your husband.”

Bai Ji qi lay back on the bed, Mrs. Bai said that it is best to hide the Xiao family for a lifetime.

If you want to conceal your life, you cannot rely on Xiao Yi too close, otherwise it will be easy to be timid.

Bai Jie couldn’t sleep, he breathed a sigh of relief, walked out of the yard, outside the yard, Yixi saw two figures. She held her breath and walked quietly. I, obviously we are a pair, you are not right to me. “

Bai Jie’s eyes were burning, and her teeth trembled. When she came, she went back, but when she went back, she scolded Xiao Yi fiercely in her heart.

Human beasts, Sven defeated, shameless, hooligan, and nine streams.

Whenever the words that can be thought of, Bai Ku scolded it again, still ignorant, thinking about southern Jiangqing on Xiao Yi’s body, she pulled the quilt, covered her head, and her heart was inexplicably empty.

Xiao Yi opened the hand of Southern Jiangqing, “Nanqing, please be self -respect, you are Xiao Ran’s daughter -in -law, this makes people see, how embarrassing.”

Nan Jiangqing pears looked at Xiao Yi tears, “If you weren’t for marrying Bai Jin, would I have Xiao Ran, okay, I always love you in my heart, what’s good about Bai Jin, what kind of dumb people, she is dumb. I can snatch you from my hands. “

Xiao Yi took two steps back. He was deeply concentrated. “Southern Jiangqing, no matter how I am with Xiao Ran, I don’t want to ask you, but there are two points. You must remember to me. Don’t hit the Xiao family. In business, I will let you go this time. If I have the next time, I won’t come with you. You can tell Xiao Ran generously that he can give you, naturally I can give it, but the father who gambles in your good gambling, I’m afraid I can’t finish it with the entire Xiao family, you can’t finish it. “

Sunan Qing was swallowing his breath, Xiao Ran controlled the embroidery workshop, and the materials she entered into was to exchange three -legged black feathers with silk, and to collect high rebates from them, and she was a two -legged three -legged black feathers. It is seamless, and this matter has started from her marriage, and she was discovered, and she was not reconciled.

“Xiao Yi, do you still love me?”

Xiao Yi laughed, “I have never loved you.”

Sunan Qingyuan was a embroidered woman in the embroidery workshop. Later, she catered to Xiao Yi’s preferences and made Xiao Yi like her. She had originally reached the juncture of marriage.

When Xiao Yi also thought that when Nan Jiangqing did not marry, Sun Jiangqing had already hooked with Xiao Ran, and the beaded tire had a dark knot.

Thinking of all this, Xiao Yi felt disgusting.

Sunan Qing took a breath, and she giggled, “Okay, you don’t like me, do you think you marry your wife thousands of miles, is it a real Miss Bai?”

Xiao Yi is vigilant, “What do you mean?”

Seeing Xiao Yi’s thoughts in Sunanqing, she smiled strongerly. “You don’t want to think about it, the Bai family businessman, such a girl at home, the capital of Beijing knows that Bai Jia Qianjin bought medicine. Bai Jin’s dumb disease, the Bai family, who values ​​her daughter so much, look at the accompanying Bai Jin to marry.

Xiao Yi was carrying his hands, but he clenched slightly, “What do you want to say?”

South Jiangqing laughed, “I said, the one in your house must not be Bai Jin, the late spring brocade is false, and your bride is also fake.”


“Oh, impossible, the Bai family is so rich. What is she married to Bai Jin? What is there? Except for some visible softness, can there be fields, or shops?” Sun Jiangqing approached Xiao Yi and tiptoe. It is concluded that the one in your house is replaced by a cheap girl. The Bai family has played a good hand.

Xiao Ran’s cold eyes turned. He thought about Bai Ku’s various behaviors and warned Southern Jiangqing, “Southern Jiangqing, don’t come to Hu, no matter who Bai Jin is, she is the wife of the church with me.”

Looking at the back of Xiao Ran’s departure, Sunan Qing wiped the corner of his eyes and smiled fiercely, “Bai Jin, I will definitely let you show your feet, Xiao Yi, let me see, who will marry Bai into Bai into Bai into Bai into Bai. home’s.”


Xiao Yi saw that there was no light in the white kite room. He condensed it late before walking over.

When she heard the door squeak, Bai Ku quietly stretched her head out of the bedding, pretending to fall asleep, but as Xiao Yi approached, her breath became more slowly, and Xiao Yi didn’t need to guess that she was pretending to sleep.

Xiao Yi was lying on the bed, and the breath of white kite was even more slow. With the moonlight, Xiao Yi saw Bai Ji’s eyebrows trembling. Thinking about the words of Sunan Qing just now, he deliberately deceived him and pressed the white kite under his body.

Bai Ku opened his eyes stunned, his round eyes stared at Xiao Yi, pursed his lips tightly, and slowly pulled the bedding up, trying to block the quilt between the two.

Xiao Yi pressed the bedding and lowered his head. “Bai Jin, we have been married for so long, is there something else?”

Bai Ku looked at Xiao Yi with anger, and he obviously and Sunan Qingqing, me, now turning around to tease himself, hooligan.

Xiao Yi was stared at no interest, and turned over and lay down with his clothes.

Suddenly he had a heavy rain in the middle of the night, the thunder was booming, and Xiao Yi was awakened. He got up and tightened the window. After a while, he worked with water. He patted the rain on his body and walked back to bed.

I saw Bai Jie holding the mattress deadly, sweating on her forehead, and her head kept twisting, like a nightmare.

“Bai Jin, Bai Jin.” Xiao Yi called twice, and Bai Yu didn’t wake up. He just wanted to reach out to wake up Bai Jie, but he heard Bai Ji speak.

Yes, for more than half a month, she has never spoken white kite. She has never dreamed of dreaming. She said dreams.

Xiao Yi condensed his breath and put the white kite near his ears. Yixi heard her with a crying throat and said, “Don’t, don’t leave me.”

“Mother, don’t leave me.”

“Mother, mother, don’t, don’t leave me, I’m obedient.”


Xiao Yi exhaled lightly and saw the tears of Bai Jie’s eyes. He rolled slightly, reaching out to hold Bai Jie’s hand, and the white kite’s palms were sweating. After Xiao Yi’s hand touched her, her emotions, her emotions Slowly peaceful, it seems to fall asleep.

From the morning, Bai Ku saw Xiao Yi holding her hand and putting it on his chest. She carefully pulled Xiao Yi’s fingers, Xiao Yi moved her eyelids, and looked at Bai Jie abruptly.

Bai Ku smiled in embarrassment, hurriedly carried himself, and the thief slipped in bed.

Xiao Yi stared wildly at Bai Ku’s back, “Bai Jin, you have a nightmare last night.”

Bai Ku was shocked, and quickly wrote the next sentence, “What can I say?”

“Can you speak?”

Bai Ku stunned the pen embarrassingly and grinned, “I mean, do I do something extraordinary?”

Xiao Yizhen thought about it, shook his head gently, in the eyes, the look that Bai Jie could not peep.

Bai Jie’s heart is cool, shouldn’t it show your feet?

Bai Jie’s back was holding his mouth, and Xiao Yi was at the bottom of his eyes.

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