The power supply is concerned about the dramatic increase! 30 Series graphics card distribution power Heng reviewed power

The new power of power in 2020 is much less than in previous years, but this did not affect the increase in the attention of power products. Under the addition of the 30 -series graphics card and the 500W power supply, the power supply has attracted more and more players.


500W power supply within 300 yuan

On October 23, we opened the 500W power supply within 300 yuan, “300 yuan, 500W power supply: 27%fiction and 38%unqualified”, our video playback volume exceeded 200,000, and there were more than 800 followers of the post bar There are also many players in the live broadcast to interact with us. This live broadcast has also received a lot of praise.

“Power supply” Baidu index increase

In terms of search engines, the Baidu Index’s Baidu index increased from 600-700 to 800-950. According to the data of the Baidu Index, the overall increased by 15%year-on-year, and the overall increase of 25%month-on-month.


Power attention trend in the second half of the year

In ZDC’s power attention trend, you can also see that the attention of the power supply in November ushered in a high point, and the high point in September originated from the release of RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 graphics cards.

Gold Medal Power Follow the trend


Similarly, the attention of the gold medal power supply reached the highest since the second half of the year in November, and it also benefited from the release of the AMD Ryzen series and the release of the RX 6800 series graphics card.

500W Power Follow the trend


When you come to the 500W power supply, you can see that the requirements of the new 30 -series graphics card have increased the power supply power supply, so that the attention of the 500W power supply continues to lower. However There are still a lot of players, and we also remind everyone not to ignore the choice of power.

In addition, in the interaction with everyone, we learned that although the current 500W power supply is still the main force of the player’s installation, in the environment of the new graphics card and the new CPU, players have increased demand for 750W power supply. The power supply Heng Rating is also imperative, so we have also purchased 18 commercially available 750W power supply in e -commerce, bringing you the second season of Speed ​​Shark Heng Rating: 750W Power Heng Rating.


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