This year’s popular candy shirts, wearing a bright sense in spring, the trend masters wear it all over



#What to wear today#


Candy -colored shirt

The use of color is very bold. All the bright colors you can think of can be used on the shirt. For girls who have always been conservative for the usual color use, you can try the item of a candy color shirt to let the item of the candy color shirt and let the items of the candy color shirt. One more of your own wear


Too bright colors are best worn in the spring and summer season, because the environment

The atmosphere is better

The acceptance of the match is also higher. Girls who want to see more matching methods come to see it together.


The charm of candy -colored shirts

This year, a candy -colored shirt is popular, wearing a bright sense in spring, and the trend masters wear it. The bright spring light is not only in the surrounding environment, but also on the clothing you wear.

The characteristics of the candy color system are


Color is very jumping

The reason why it is more

Candy color

It is because the color is very lively and bright

Spring light is stronger

Essence Of course, this color system is also relatively high in skin tone, and it is more recommended

White -skinned girl



Don’t wear black and white shirts this year. Candy color is the mainstream, fresh and bright. It is also very important to learn to correctly control the candy -colored shirt, because the more

Bright color system

The more you need to master some matching methods, so as not to make mistakes.

In the face of this

Bright color

When it is, it is best to choose the other single product color selection

Basic white


Wait for settling, or then adopt


The method of technique highlights the beauty of a single product.



Orange shirts have a certain


The orange and orange colors that are blended with yellow and red tones are not only suitable for autumn and winter but also for spring and summer. Mix

When you shirt, you can choose it to match the color of the black system.

The orange shirt with black pants is a more daily way of wear. There are both lively parts and stable parts.

Comparative equilibrium

The visual sense of aesthetics will be better.

For color control ability and good fashion expression, you can also choose orange shirts and

Same color

Match the pants.

This advantage is that it will be greatly displayed

Candy color charm

, But there is also one point that a large number of candy colors will make the overall match look rusty, so it is best to prepare some shoes or bags.

Bright color balance

As a precipitation, the effect is better.


The shirt is the color of the Spring Day, and the feeling of recovering everything is very strong. The shirt itself can be worn by a single product.

If it is matched as a sunscreen jacket, you can use a white system


, Combined with shirts, the collision of white and green systems is

Very fresh

No matter what skin, girls can be successfully controlled.

Green shirts can be paired with jeans and jeans. The length of jeans can be selected according to their preferences and weather. If it is hot pants with a green shirt


The feeling of the beach.

If it is paired with trousers, it is more suitable for rainy weather choices, and it will also

More daily

Essence White and denim and denim

Candy green

The technique is a combination of a variety of single -products.

The main color system that is directly used as a matching is also a good idea. It does not need a lot of items to set off. The method of missing directly with a lower jacket is the best display.


This method of wearing is more tested


Leg line

,More suitable

Slender line




The purple shirt is a relatively stable choice inside, so you can use the characteristics of this color to match some delicate

Little woman’s temperament.


When the style of the small incense wind is matched with the purple candy shirt, it will have a small and delicate feeling, which is different from other

Urban style


, This matching temperament will look like

More unique.



Sports style

Girls are also very suitable for the color of the candy color system, the purple base matching

Beige pants

, Show the high degree of coordination of color.

So shirts and bases are okay

Choose a color

Then shorts and hats can be light -colored, there will be a better one

Bai Bai match


Pink shirt

Pink shirt is suitable for girls with full girls to choose, which can be matched with one

You can also match a kind of

Handsome motorcycle

The temperament of the little woman can be matched with a skirt, and the handsome style can be


The combination of single products and pink, such a combination effect is obvious.

Adding some small earrings and earrings appropriately, it can be adjusted well

Fashionable atmosphere and sense of styling

You can learn it.

The matching of candy -colored shirts is over here. If you like the above matching style, you can actively act.


Candy color charm


Little woman’s temperament.


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