The wool mother who can breathe is a quilt, and the end of the year is enough.

Many families now like to buy a child quilt. They are applicable all year round, which can save a lot of money to buy different thickness quilts.


Today, I recommend a few child and mother quilt of wool+silk.

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Otherwise, your hands and feet will not warm when you sleep



Dream Jiejiaoshuo Shi Sucai 95%goose down four seasons


Winter is approaching, and a comfortable and warm down is essential. Mengjie’s downness is 90%of the velvet content, fluffy and light, and the partition setting in a network format can be avoided to avoid running. The high density and anti -fleece fabrics are comfortable. The original price was 1019 yuan. At present, Tmall’s official flagship store has an event of 500 yuan at a off -1,000 yuan, minimum to 519 yuan.


Mercury Home Textiles Fanghua 90 Antibacterial Warm Winter Plel



The content of Mercury Home Textiles and Plel of Plel is 90%. It is naturally fluffy and comfortable and warm. After being tested by institutions, the mask has a certain bacteriostatic effect to help healthy sleep. The daily price is 999 yuan, the order is reduced by 400 yuan, and the price is only 599 yuan, you may wish to start.


Xiazhen AAAA level 95%goose down crown series down winter



Xia Zhen’s down -of -the -lining Crown of the Crown Crown was selected, and the 4A -level white goose down, velvet fluffy and soft, 80s pure cotton tribute satin fabrics are soft and delicate, the original price is 1599 yuan, the order is set to 500 yuan, it is estimated The price is 1099 yuan, although the price is slightly higher, it is worth it.


Fuanna Family Textiles Australia Pure Wool Winter Hip


Usually the wool content is more than 30%before it can be called a wool quilt. Fu Anna uses 100%pure wool. It has excellent suction and wettability, dry and comfortable, and elastic, fluffy but not easy to cut. It is grinded by the surface, and the skin is comfortable. This wool was at the original price of 649 yuan, and the order was reduced by 280 yuan, and the price was only 369 yuan.



Boyang Home Textiles 100%Wool quilts in core Ao Mao Que


Boyang wool is composed of 51%of Australian wool and 49%polyester fiber. It is soft and fluffy. The daily price is 299 yuan. It is now a 50%discount on it. It is expected that the hand price is 149.5 yuan.

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