Which one is the best for Tim incense radiation protection suit?

Nowadays, the development of the radiation protection clothing industry chain of pregnant women is very mature. The well -known radiation -proof clothing brand not only has explosive “star products”, but also has a very rich product line. As the “boss” and the first brand of radiation protection uniforms in the domestic radiation protection suit, Timing Xiangxiang Anti -radiating clothing is also the first in the Chinese brand of radiation protection uniform products. Pregnant mothers can not only choose their favorite fabrics, but also choose products such as radiation -proof clothing straps, vests, suspenders, bellybands and other products based on style functions.

As the first brand of radiation protection clothing in the heart of consumers, which products are the most worthwhile? The most ideal radiation protection suit products in the hearts of consumers must be those who have both efficient shielding effects, light and comfortable fabrics and there are many lack of lack of lack of lack of lack of light and comfortable fabrics and there are many lack of lack of lack of lack of light and comfortable fabrics. The stylish appearance and practical style are like Tiaxiang Pearl Fiber Fibrous Radiation Services, which are topped in the list of sales rankings. Since its listing, it has been the king of sales. Serve items. In addition, adding silver fibrous camisole to the silver content of the silver camon is> 18g/m², smooth and soft, and more comfortable in summer. Below, let’s take a look. What are the highlights of these products.

The first recommendation is to add fragrant pearl fiber radiation uniforms. In terms of price, it is definitely the first brand of parity and conscience products. The biggest highlight of this radiation protection suit is the addition of pearl particles, which contains natural pearl essence. The fabric is refreshing and non -irritating, which can make the skin smooth and pink. Moreover, the metal fibers in this model have further enhanced and the shielding effect is enhanced. In terms of production technology, adding fragrant pearl fiber radiation protection clothing adopts a double -layer double -sided weaving method. When wearing, you can use the inner silver fiber bellyband. In summer, it is breathable and not hot in winter. Essence

When it comes to popular items, I have to mention the silver fiber straps. The suspender radiation protection suit has always been the first choice of pregnant mothers in the summer. Compared with the bellyband model, the suspender radiation protection suit can be adjusted and easy to wear. Models, comfortable suspension models, unconstrained, can be worn in four seasons. Of course, the popularity of the first brand Tianxiang silver fiber suspender radiation protection suit is its super shielding effect. The shielding rate is as high as 99.999%.

Of course, in addition to these two products, the first brand Tianxiang also has a lot of consumers with high evaluation of radiation -proof clothing products. Pregnant mothers need to choose fabrics and styles that suits them according to their own situation. For example, for pregnant mothers who have been in a high -electromagnetic radiation environment for a long time, wrapped more tight radiation -proof clothes or apron is a better choice; for the body cold, the pregnant mothers who are more afraid of cold are afraid of cold pregnant mothers. , Even in the hot summer, you need to match the clothes when wearing a radiation protection suit. It is best to buy products such as pearl fiber radiation uniforms with better thermal insulation effects. As the first brand of radiation protection clothing, the quality, quality and subsequent services of adding incense -proof radiation uniforms are guaranteed. Pregnant mothers can buy with confidence.

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