Nowadays, the headphone jacks are basically canceled, so what should we do if we listen to songs with headphones?

In the past two years, domestic mobile phones have basically been broken by Apple. They canceled the headset holes. People who like to listen to songs in the headset are very inconvenient. At first, I was very exclusive.


But buying domestic mobile phones later, I personally like to use Xiaomi mobile phones. And I like to listen to songs with headphones. Everyone canceled the headphone jack, so we listened to the song with the headset. How did the manufacturer solve it?

Then the result is to send a headset to the wiring to solve this problem. Just add this little thing directly on the phone and the headset.

This can solve the problem perfectly. Listening to the song has no effect. This is the effect.


It feels like this solves the problem. But some friends said that there is no particularly convenient, because when you are worried about stopping the song, you need to take one more thing.


Saying this, I feel a bit stupid [呲 呲] Why don’t you use the headset to connect the wiring as a whole. That’s it, pull it down together.


In fact, it’s so good now. It is equivalent to the overall “headset” above, which can be directly inserted on the phone and listening directly to the song. The C port on that phone can also be used for charging. In this way, you can open one less hole. I think this design is no problem, and it is very good.

Another advantage of this is that it is possible to connect a rotor of a HiFi headphone jack. Perfect upgrade [. 完].

Author: ArticleManager