This year, South Korea took the lead in launching children’s “skipping sportswear”, which has attracted much attention

As a healthy and environmentally friendly children’s clothing brand, it is the first to launch children’s “skipping sportswear” in South Korea this year. This is a matter of attention!


There are quite a lot of children’s outdoor sports. If they can put them on a comfortable and lightweight sports jacket, how happy the child’s mood is imagined!

Children’s leisure clothes are the most popular, especially in autumn, what kind of clothes to wear can prevent the cold wind from invading the body and can fully stretch the small bones? oh! Please take a look at the light windproof jacket below:

From head to toe with the same color, my design is really great


A child who loves trend and fashion, this set of styles is very good

The soft color is like the marshmallow that children like

The color of bright spring, children look healthier and lively


Light and windproof and sun protection, it will be good to wear in hot weather


Neutral styles, children, boys, and girls can have


The thin thickness of the lining is just right. I watch the summer wear play a good sunscreen effect! Korean designers are very serious in choosing fabrics, and they are processed through antibacterial production, which greatly increases antibacterial and deodorizing functions!

This is worth learning from our children’s clothing designers!

Author: ArticleManager