Ten thousand cloaks and sweaters, Song Jia wearing a top, Zhao Liying wearing it like a skirt, who looks good?

Hello everybody ~

It is not terrible to hit the shirt again. Who is ugly and who is embarrassing. Recently, female stars are not limited to the stage activities of the stage. Stars rush to wear it, isn’t it just a shirt ~


Last night, Xiao Songjia appeared at the airport ~

Combing a cute apple head, wearing a black cloak -style sweater, and becoming a handsome little cute little Songjia, the lower body is paired with a Boyfriend straight tube jeans, and the cool sweater is well matched with a good match. ~


The big brown bag comes from TOD’s, and stepped on a pair of small white shoes under the feet. The whole body is simple and generous, lively and youthful. It looks like a 37 -year -old person ~


Otherwise, everyone likes Xiao Songjia’s private server, and it looks good if you wear it casually ~

Moreover, Xiao Songjia is also super confident in his match. In this suit, I went out of the airport and went directly to the movie promotion site. At the premiere of the evening movie “Breaking the Wind”, Song Jia was still wearing this suit ~

The cable sweater is designed with a long strap in front, which is exaggerated and special, and the activity shape can be held ~

This cape sweater passed through when Zhao Liying appeared at the airport the day before yesterday ~


Zhao Liying is wearing a camel, which is less cool, a little more gentle, but is this clothes a bit too big for Li Ying ~

Zhao Liying is also paired with jeans, but with tight leg pants, the top is wide and large, the legs that look thin are thinner ~

Wearing a hat is just like the women’s version of the Jedi Warrior. President Xiao Zhao is getting cooler. The small elephant bag comes from LOEWE. Before the little panda fire, the price was about 7,000 yuan ~

Zhao Liying is matched with small black boots, and it is also very special with sweaters, but this small cape sweater is medium -length, and Zhao Liying is not high. When she puts it on, she is almost growing to the knee. Four bodies, the small boots also divided the legs into two sections, it looks like the figure is not very good …

Xiao Song Jia and Zhao Liying this special big cloak sweater from Chloe, the latest model in 2017. The price is more than 10,000 yuan ~


And female stars are rich and willful, right?

Recently, Li Ying, who is frugal, is also a big name. Every time he appears, you have to change a big -name bag, which pays more and more attention to fashion ~

Compare ~


In the same sweater, Song Jia felt the size of the size. Zhao Liying felt a little big when she put on it, and Song Jia was wearing a medium -length model, and Zhao Liying was almost on the knee, just like a small skirt, the whole person was suppressed by clothes. It feels like Li Ying is too thin ~

Alright, I have read so much, tell me, you think Xiao Song Jia and Zhao Liying who wears this 10,000 yuan cape sweater is stronger and looks good ~

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