Novel: The farmer said that there are delicious food, come to present the treasure to Wang Ye.

Su Xia took a cicada pupa in his mouth in doubt and put it in his mouth, chewed, and swallowed.

It was so delicious that he narrowed his eyes.

“Not disgusting, it’s still delicious.”

In order to eat delicious food for Nangong Jin, she forgot that Nangong Jin would not let her approach him.

She was holding things in her hand, fearing that she would knock things down when climbing, and dragged a small stool in the corner.

Stepping on the stool, he climbed to the bed smoothly, sitting steadily.

Nangong Jin’s face was dark: “Go down.”

His eyes stared at the bowl in Suxia’s hand, and he was still hot.

Quickly thinking about how could he escape safely if the bowl of the nausea with hot air came over.

“No, I won’t go down without eating bee sting.”

Su Xia was stubborn, picked up a bee pupa and handed it to Nangong Jin.

“The little brother opened his mouth, I feed you to eat, the bees are so delicious, and those who don’t eat it are all fools.”

“The little brother is my child -care husband, you can’t be a big fool.”

There was a bit of disgusting tone.

She dared to dislike it?

Nangong Jin was so angry that she wanted to get out of bed.

He hadn’t agreed to be her child’s husband, and she dared to abandon him.

At present, Su Xia can not notice that he is angry, and his hand holding cicadas has gathered to Nangong Jin’s mouth.

Nangong Jin can smell the fragrance as soon as he breathe.

His nose moved, stunned, and watched Suxia’s cicada pupa incredibly, so fragrant.

It is not difficult to see that this is just the most common seasoning, but the cicada pupae has a very unique fragrance, which is more fragrant than the mountains and sea flavors he had eaten before.

It makes people want to taste it.

“Little brother, open your mouth.”

snort! Nangong Jin leaned his face aside.

Even if he is very fragrant, he can’t open his mouth. He is so distinguished, and he hasn’t eaten anything. He should not eat such a disgusting bug.

Su Xia sighed slightly: “The little brother is really not good, it is more difficult to feed than the little beans.”

Xiaodouzi is the youngest grandson of the village chief, smaller than her.

She often saw the village chief chasing behind Xiaodou to feed him. Xiaodou was still unwilling to open her mouth.

Fortunately, she was very powerful. The little brother refused to eat bee pupa, and she filled him.

“Little brother, you hold this bowl.”

Su Xia suddenly gave him the bowl on his hand, and Nangong Jin took the bowl inexplicably.

I don’t know what she wants to do.

In the next second, Su Xia, who ranged out his hand, simply raised Nangong Jin’s head.

High strength and caught off guard, Nangong Jin was facing him without any defense.

Immediately, his mouth was opened, a fragrant thing was stuffed in, and he swallowed subconsciously.

“Su Xia!”

Nangong Jin, who had been doing what he was doing, dared to eat him like this.

Su Xia was frightened, and immediately released his hand and grabbed the bee’s pupa from Nangong Jin.

The committee gripped a bee and stuffed into his mouth.

Nangong Jin took his mouth, and the taste of the bee’s stingy was more fragrant than when it smelled.

He watched Su Xia’s bowl hesitantly, finally on his face, and stretched out his hand: “Give me the bowl.”

I have eaten one, and it is no different from eating a lot.

“Now, give it.”

Nangong Jin quickly reached out and grabbed it.

The small half bowl is almost gone.

Su Xia grinned, and the younger brother was not a big fool.

She was happier and said, “Little brother, although the bee sting is a little bug, is they not nauseous at all?”

Nangong Jin, who was forced to think of the little bug again: “…”

I ate a few more sips with tears.

After eating, Su Xia ran out.

She heard the peach blossom calling her outside.

After picking up a tiger at home, the whole village was waiting for tiger meat at her house, and Peach Blossom followed the people at home.

As soon as he saw Su Xia, Peach Blossom said with his waist and said straightforwardly:

“Su Xia, I listened to your nine brother said that your fourth brother and the fifth brother went back to the honeycomb back. You just fired the bees and ate, and you will give me the bee pupa you divided.”

“When I eat it, I will not say that you are a broom star in the future.”

In fact, she didn’t dare to say that Suxia’s milk was too terrible. If she said that Suxia was a broom star, she was afraid she would be beaten by Suxia Aya.

Peach blossom was beaten by the family a few days ago, and his face was injured. Although it is better, there are still a lot of bruises.

Looking at it.

“And your milk, they are giving you a big cat meat. You let them give my family more, it is best to give me half of my family. In this way, I will take you to play. I know where to cut pigs. I will take you there in the future. “


Peach blossoms are always rushed to work at home, but they are still a bit capable.

Suxia made a hand of oil, licking her fingers.

After listening to the words of peach blossoms, shook my head: “No, I won’t give you a bee sting, and I will not let my milk give you more big cat meat.”

“You always scolded me before, I said, I said, let me not play with you.”

Peach blossoms had to kick the little stone on the ground: “If I don’t take you to cut the pig grass, you will not be able to cut the best pig grass so that you don’t like you anymore.”

“They will not give you meat in the future.”

She was like this at home. If she did not work well, let alone meat, she couldn’t even eat rice.

She determined that Suxia was the same as her.

Suxia licked her fingers for a long time, not only couldn’t lick clean, but she also licking the dirty, and she frowned.

After thinking about it, she would go to the sixth brother and let the six brother take her to wash her hands.

Thinking of the words of Taohua, she looked at Zhou Taohua strangely: “I don’t let me cut the pig grass, she said that I am too young, I’m afraid I will cut my hand.”

Peach blossom is really strange, why take her to cut pig grass.

“I won’t tell you, I’m going to my sixth brother to help me wash my hands.”

After speaking, I ran away.

Peach blossom stood in place, without the straightforwardness just now, and replaced it with gritting his teeth.

Suxia’s broom star will lie too much. The girls in their village are going to cut pork grass in the mountains. How could she not need to go.

She is not a baby baby. Even if her grandfather hurts her again, she will lose money like her, and she must do a lot of work at home.

She shouted at Su Xia’s back: “You don’t want to give me cicada, even if you don’t want to eat cicadas, he still lie to me. I want Dahua to not play with you in the future.”

Dahua is also one of the girls in the village, and usually play with peach blossoms.

Su Xia walked forward and didn’t look at the way, and followed the Liulang who came to find her.

Siuro heard the words of peach blossoms and asked Su Xia: “She wants to grab you cicada?”

Su Xia shook his head: “No grabbing, she asked me to divide her cicada, I don’t want to give it.”

“Well, I don’t give it right, come, the sixth brother takes you to wash your hands.”

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