#The warm winter sauce in hand, hi eating troops#Christmas tree crispy and delicious

Today I brought you 0度️ The difficulty grabbing cake Christmas tree, the sense of ritual, crispy and delicious, delicious and explosive ~

BY Youyuan




2 pieces of hand grasping cakes

4 grilled intestines


1 small bowl of corn grain


Carrot 1

3 major broccoli

Cheese 1 small block

Onion partner June Fragrant Korean chili sauce 1 spoon


1 gram of salt

Practice step


1. Prepare the ingredients

2. Cooked water and carrots and dried water. Wash the broccoli and drain and cut into small flowers. Add a little salt, black pepper, and a few drops of olive oil to mix well.


3. Cut the cake and cut it halfway

4. Turn off the membrane and put it well

5. Slightly rectify the side, brush the green onion partner in June incense and Korean chili sauce

6. Sprinkle with cheese shattered (scratching cheese block)

7. Put the ingredients in turn, and sprinkle a layer of cheese fragmentation

8. Put it in the preheated oven for about 185 degrees and 15 minutes.

9. Put the on -shaped carrot after the oven, squeeze a little salad sauce decorative


10. Simple and delicious


11. Fresh and delicious



The ingredients must be drained


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