15 kinds of silicon -free hair washing water mouth list, who is the highest in comprehensive ranking?

Do you have the same trouble as me? Every time you want to change new shampoo, you feel like a gambling, fearing that you buy a bad shampoo. After the launch of silicon -free washing water, it was sought after by many consumers. Is it really easy to use the hot silicon oil -free hair washing water on the market? Which shampoo can save us the oily, broken, and easy hair? Data chief prepares data to unveil the mysterious veil of various silicon oil -free shampoo.

In July 2017, the “Consumer Report” collected Qingyang, Ziyuan, Piaorou, Huirun, Kumano, Sikkou, Schwarz, Lux, Schiba, Sibei, Sibei, and Sipbe, through the flagship stores of JD.com. Qi, L’Occitane, Ka Shi, and Green Deya total 15 silicone -free hair washing water about 52,000 e -commerce review data. Which one who likes to use silicone -free watery is more worth buying.

According to the price difference, the 15 products are divided into 10 models of less than 100 yuan and more than 5 yuan or more. Two types of products (see Figure 1,2).


According to consumer reviews and product characteristics, five indicators of dedue, oil control, smoothness, itching, and odor are used as comprehensive evaluation indicators, each indicator weight (see Figure 3).

Before analyzing various products, let’s talk about silicone oil in shampoo. Is it harmful to our hair?

Senior Research Center of Sibao Group Research Far Yue Hanhua explained to consumers: “Silicon oil is a more controversial topic. The characteristics of silicone oil are extremely low surface tension, which can be used for hair on the surface of the hair. It has the effect of good wet comb and dry comb, so that the hair is smooth and given gloss. Due to the uniqueness of silicon oil, there is no other oil that can fully achieve the effect of silicon oil. “

She added: “The harm of silicon oil to hair has not been truly confirmed by scientific literature so far.”

PART1 products below 10 yuan: Qingyang’s comprehensive ranking, the highest cost -effectiveness of bee

The results of the comment show that Qingyang’s pure scalp specialty dedue washing was first performed in the three indicators of removed dandruff, oil control, and antipruritic itching, and the comprehensive score was the highest. The bee flower has no silicon and healthy hair washing, and its 750ml selling price is only 44.9 yuan, which has a high cost performance. These two shampoos are the two most recommended products in the shampoo below this time.

Among the 10 products, the top 6 shampoos in the ranking of this time are not bad, entering this product recommendation list. Combined with consumer reviews and product characteristics, the 6 products are made as follows.

NO.1 Qingyang pure scalp specialty special care dedue washing

As the first 0 silicon oil washing water in Qingyang, this product captured the hearts of many users. The product recipe uses pyrulous zinc as oil -controlled fat -resistant ingredients and sunflower seed oil as a smooth ingredient, and mint alcohol is added as a cooling agent. Consumers in this product are very comfortable to use. The dandruff praise rate is 65.14%, which is the highest one of the 10 models. The oil -removing effect consumers have high satisfaction, and all products are not very good in the itching effect. This product is the best one. The soft effect is not very good than other products.


NO.2 Bee Flower Silicon -free Health Hair Wash

For the “Bee Flower” brand, I believe everyone’s impression is cheap. This silicone -free shampoo also inherits the fine tradition of their brand. This product is a very cost -effective product among all products. The silicon -free hair washing contains 6 types of cleaning ingredients, which contains ginger root extracts, and uses pantol alcohol and sweet tonsil oil as a moisturizing ingredient. Consumers said they like the smell of this shampoo very much. Dandruff, oil control, and itching effect are also good.

NO.3 Piara Polymoh, smooth and refreshing micrometer cleaning

As a silicone -free shampoo launched by Piaorou, the product is a transparent texture and contains a variety of cleaning ingredients. It is the first makeup remover -grade shampoo with Micellar micron removal technology. Regarding this new concept of hair care, Dr. Zhang Tongyan, a cosmetics expert of Zhengzhou Light Industry College, said: “The concept of MICELLLAR Microcytopenia hair care technology is a kind of idea for hair care to be separated by washing care. The control of the hair care process can be controlled. “


For the use of this product, many consumers feel that this shampoo has a fresh and unique fragrance. After washing the hair, the hair is soft, the oil control effect is good, and the dedue effect performance is relatively average.


NO.4 Ziyuan Non -sufferoniated Son -controlled oil refreshing shampoo

Ziyuan is a brand focusing on silicon oil scalp care products. This product contains 4 types of cleaning ingredients, of which the more unique is that the cleaning ingredients are non -sufferings. It is a natural plant cleaner that can achieve the effect of gently cleaning and moisturizing. Consumers say that this product smells good, and it performs relatively well in ded it and smooth effects.

NO.5 Bear Wild oil -free silicone oil horse oil washed hair


This one from Japan’s silicone -free shampoo is used as a soft agent. Japan was the first country to apply for safety certification to refine the refined horse oil. Horse oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid, which has a strong penetration. Many consumers say that the oil control effect of this product is not bad, and the hair is smooth after washing. Dedication performance is quite satisfactory.

NO.6 Huirun soft washing

This is a product owned by Shiseido. It contains 3 cleaning ingredients. It uses female chrysanthemum extract and rosemary leaf extract as a moisturizing convergeant. Consumers say that the smell of this product is good. After washing, the hair is soft and the oil control effect is still good, but it performs relatively poorly in the itching effect.


PART2 5 models of 5 yuan or more products: Schuba’s comprehensive performance is the best

The comprehensive results show that the selected more than a hundred yuan of shampoo, Schuba removed dandruff washing and showing the best performance. It is the most recommended one among the 5 models. The 5 products are briefly introduced as follows.

NO.1 Schuba dedration washing

This is a shampoo that claims to be mild ded items, and the product composition is relatively simple. Contains 4 types of cleaning ingredients, which contains a relatively mild cleaning ingredients. Consumers said that this shampoo, oil control, and itching effect were good, but some consumers felt that they were a bit dry after washing their hair.

Does weak acid shampoo harm less damage to the scalp? Dr. Zhang Tongyan, a cosmetics expert of Zhengzhou Light Industry College, said: “Some studies have shown that the skin pH value of the scalp barrier function is weakly acidic. Maintaining the skin’s weak acidity is also conducive to the growth and reproduction of the skin’s beneficial bacteria, preventing harmful bacteria from normal reproduction of non -normal reproduction , Rebuild the normal skin micro ecological barrier. “”

NO.2 Si Bei Qi Xuan Mei Fu Living Washing

This shampoo contains a variety of vegetable oil extracts, which performs better in the soft effect. At the same time, it contains nicheol and ginger root extract, and multiple active ingredients are added to the product. It is also relatively good in the dedue effect.

NO.3 L’Occitan 5 -in -1 herbal essence repair hair washing hair

This is also a shampoo that adds a variety of plant essential oils. It is the best performance of these five shampoo water. Consumers said that the product’s oil control and smooth effect performed well. It is relatively average in the effect of ded itching and itching.

NO.4 Double Function Shampoo


This is the most expensive shampoo in this shampoo. Use salicylic acid and glycine as oil control. Consumer satisfaction in removing dandruff and smooth effects, consumer satisfaction in oil control effects is general, many consumers say that oil control is not as good as expected.

NO.5 Green Deya composite essential oil strong washing

The main effect of this shampoo is solid development and contains a variety of plant essential oils. Consumers said that the oil control effect of this shampoo performed well, but the hair was dry after washing. In terms of anti -proof effect, many consumers said that they still have a certain role.

Finally, the best products performed for each indicator for everyone (Figure 6).

the data shows:

1. Selection instructions: This time when the sample is selected, the mainstream brands are selected, and the sales and comments have reached a certain number of products for comparison. However, some brands cannot be taken care of. In contrast, it does not mean that all the products of the brand are like this.

2. Rating instructions:

First of all, review the review data.

1) Select 5 indicators to calculate the comprehensive score. The weights of each indicator are: 30%dedue, 30%oil control, 20%soften, 15%stopping itching, 5%odor

Comments are divided into praise, bad reviews, and medium reviews. Because this evaluation is very low, the praise and bad reviews are basically inversely proportional, so only the comprehensive score of each indicator praise rate is used.

A shampoo A indicator A praise rate = a shampoo A indicator A. The number/A shampoo A indicator refers to the total number


A shampoo A index index = A shampoo A indicator praise rate/comparison style A overall praise referral rate

The maximum scores of each indicator of shampoo obtained according to the above method are 4.5 points. In addition, consumers are generally low due to the two indicators of removed and itching. Therefore, the maximum score of these two indicators is 4 points. Calculate the scores of each index and different styles according to the proportion of each product, get the quality score of each indicator of each shampoo, and the final comprehensive word -of -mouth index is obtained by the weighted accumulation.

Attached 15 silicon oil -free shampooing water points of each indicator of each indicator of the original data as follows:

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