Snow boots can be conquered by face value, but it depends on the connotation

In the snowy season, it is time to take out your snow boots. After experiencing the small climax of the plush bag and Teddy coat, how could the lambs of snow -sensitive snow boots be unknown after others. The snow boots in the poster were burst. Last year we might wear a pair of fake snow boots.

The good appearance is the same, and the rich connotation is one thousand miles. Snow boots can be eaten by the face value, but it depends on connotation. Its warmth is derived from the 1930s of the last century. Australian farmers will feel cold on their feet after working, so they start to keep their feet temperature with boots made by sheepskin.

Beginning in 1978, the US California high -end lifestyle brand UGG, on its autumn and winter show, the model is dressed in a new autumn and winter products represented by the “Panton” heart -to -hearted series, which will interpret the pure California style. The street shape of light autumn, the fashionable and sweet style of warm winter, and the extremely cold dress with a sense of fashion.

As the latest spokesperson for UGG, BABY In the two advertising blockbusters, BABY, with a fashionable look of “Twilight Fan” and the “POM” series of “POM”, the three main products Irina. Snow boots and short boots with dress skirts are sweet and playful.

Dear snow boots, thank you for letting me have a pair of warm -not -frozen feet shoes that matches the pants in my wardrobe in this cold winter.


Snow boots & leggings

The leggings between the pants and the socks are a good helper who refuses to bloated. The simple and well -behaved leggings with snow boots are the most common street shooting Look in winter. Some friends may be worried about leg shape. Use long sweater skirts or a long coat to cover the shortcomings of thicker thighs.

Snow boots & little black pants

The thick and slightly stupid snow boots itself gives an inexplicable fat, the most versatile and thin universal black pants, which can solve many of your matching troubles. Little black pants just make up for the swelling of snow boots, advanced and casual. Whether it is black pants with coats or down jackets, short snow boots are lengtherable.


Snow boots & jeans

Classic endless jeans are not only the symbol of street fashion, it also represents the new generation of leisure style. Snow boots with water -washed high -waisted jeans, with thin legs and warm legs. Washing blue and light -colored snow boots make you more refreshing in winter. It will not be excessive, and it is more powerful than any exaggerated accessories.


Snow boots & casual pants


A comfortable casual pants are also necessary for the wardrobe. The entire wear is a cover -covered type. When wearing casual pants, you must avoid pants and boots. The length is moderate. If you are too long, you can handle it. It happened that the boots were revealed not only to strengthen the fashion, but it also looked a lot clean.


Snow boots & leather pants


Recently, leather pants can be described as a hot search keyword. It is a popular and easy -to -wear clothing style in winter. Leather pants were not fashionable as the earliest items, but more of practical costumes used to block the cold. The combination of leather pants and snow boots, the collision of material and style, the handsome and handsome characteristics are well dug out.

Snow boots & skirt

The matching of snow boots can best highlight the beautiful legs, and make your whole person look good. The skirt completely broke the bulky of snow boots and increased the temperament of snow boots a new height. Not only the pants can be brought to you, but also snow boots and skirts, wearing a piece of meat -colored socks to keep warm and fashionable.

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