How to maintain and clean the idyllic fabric curtain matching skills fabric curtain

From the simple rural areas to the large city of flowers. People in big cities now began to pursue returning to nature. In recent years, the prevalence of idyllic decoration has shown a mentality of people’s desire for freedom and desire. The rural style fabric curtain is an important part of the pastoral decorative style. How do those to match?

Pastoral style fabric curtain matching skills

田园风格布艺窗帘搭配技巧 布艺窗帘如何保养清洗

How should American pastoral fabric curtains match?

田园风格布艺窗帘搭配技巧 布艺窗帘如何保养清洗

American pastoral style is also known as rural style. Its overall matching is closer to nature, and the overall matching of American pastoral style will use natural wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and other simple texture, in order to help setting indoor greening. The American pastoral style fabric curtains can choose comfortable and warm curtain fabrics on the choice. The overall American style makes people feel old, but there is no lack of unique artistic sense. American -style home usually uses oak. In addition, among Sichuan fabrics, American pastoral curtains also need to consider overall furniture and overall color matching when matching.

How should I match the fabric curtains of the British pastoral?

The British pastoral style may be the most cute little floral in our memory, which makes people feel very playful and cute. The use of idyllic curtains in children’s rooms is also very common. If it is a daughter’s room, you can match a good girl; if it is a British -style curtain in the son’s room, you need to choose to match the coarse ore; British -style fabric curtains need to be matched with the overall home when matching, and the overall color matching needs to be considered.

How to maintain and clean fabric curtains

1. Remove the attachments in the curtains before cleaning the curtains, and some small hangers used to decorate the curtains are hand -woven crafts with hand -woven ribbons. Generally, you do not need to be washed with water. Just go to dust.

2. The water temperature during cleaning is controlled below 30 · c. The curtain does not need to be soaked with water before washing to avoid severe shrinkage while avoiding fierce detergents. Different fabric colors should be cleaned separately when washing to avoid mutual dyeing.

田园风格布艺窗帘搭配技巧 布艺窗帘如何保养清洗

3. Get the Roman curtain as much as possible to dry cleaning shops. Because the Roman curtain has rigorous requirements for the size of the window type, if the water washing may cause deformation or shrinkage, there will be a fixed link in dry cleaning.

4. The shading cloth cannot be washed directly in the washing machine. The strength of the washing machine will wash off the shielding layer of the shading cloth to reduce the shading effect. Therefore, it is best to wipe it directly with a wet cloth.

The pastoral style is the most simple and most natural thing on the basis of abandoning exaggerated luxury. This style was earlier abroad, showing people’s nostalgia. The idyllic fabric curtains have certain skills, which can not be matched with it. At the same time, the cleaning of curtains is also a matter of testing.

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