27 kitchen appliances are unqualified, and brands such as Rongsheng, Qinyuan, Youfitt are on the list

According to the website of the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau recently issued a notice on the random inspection of the quality supervision of the product quality supervision of the Guangdong kitchen appliances in 2020. It is reported that this time a total of 9 types of 232 models such as induction cookers, rice cookers, electric hot pots, electric hot and cold water dispensers, electric kettles, electric pot furnaces, disinfection cabinets, electric patends, household dishwashers The quality of kitchen appliance products carried out supervision and random inspections. After inspection, 27 products produced by 25 companies were found to have unqualified projects. Unqualified products include Qinyuan, Rongsheng, Shen’an, Shenzhou, Mingmen, Youfeit and other well -known brands.

This spot check focuses on signs and instructions, protecting the protection of the power components, leakage currents and electrical strength, humidity resistance, leakage current and electrical strength, non -normal work (excluding test 19.11.4 tests), stability Sexual and mechanical danger, mechanical strength, structure (excluding test 22.46 tests), power connection and external soft wires, external wire terminals, grounding measures, electrical gaps, climbing distance and solid insulation, energy efficiency level, continuous harassment voltage 16 projects such as harassment power, radiation harassment and other 16 projects.

However, unqualified projects are: “mechanical strength”, “grounding measures”, “energy efficiency levels”, “logo and description”, “power connection and external soft lines”, “protection of touches of power parts”, “stability and mechanical danger”, “electrical gap” , Crazy distance and solid insulation “” non -normal work (excluding test 19.11.4 tests) “” structure (excluding test 22.46 test) “” “and” dampness “and so on.

Cixi Mingrong’s 6 water dispenser is unqualified

Huizhou Noon Electric 3 products are unqualified

Nandu reporters sorted out and found that among the unqualified products, the “logo and explanation” accounted for the highest proportion of unqualified, and 18 products in 27 products appeared in the “logo and explanation” project unqualified; Household embedded disinfection cabinets, vertical disinfection cabinets produced by Zhongshan Mingmen Electrical Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Delv electric heating kettle (health pot), etc., have been spotted as “signs and explanations”. In addition, there are many unqualified products of “grounding measures”, with a total of 7 models. The trademarks are “sign and explanation” and “grounding measures” of the hot and cold water dispenser of Shen’an.


The unqualified projects of most products are 1-2, but the luxury vertical water dispensers produced by Mingrong Electric Factory in Cixi City have 6 unqualified products and are the largest number of unqualified projects. The two electromagnetic stoves and one of the electric cookers produced by Huizhou Zhengniu Electric Technology Co., Ltd. have unqualified projects in this spot check, and are the most unqualified products manufacturers.

A water dispenser in Qinyuan

“Mechanical intensity” and “grounding measures” are not qualified

A water dispenser inspection produced by Qinyuan Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Qinyuan Group”) is unqualified. The product specifications are YR-5 (YL1365W), and unqualified projects are “mechanical strength” and “grounding measures”. The product trademark is Qinyuan.

Tianyancha shows that Qinyuan Group was established on June 30, 1998. The business scope includes: water purification equipment, water drinking equipment, water treatment equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection and new energy equipment, water treatment agents and new materials, electronic products, and electronic products, and electronic products, and electronic products. Manufacturing, maintenance, technical services, etc. The company’s major shareholders are Lianlihua (China) Investment Co., Ltd., holding about 67.7%.

Earlier, last year, Jiangsu Province also found that a group of water purifiers also found that there was a phenomenon of unqualified recovery rate and unqualified total water purification in Qinyuan water purifier.

Rongsheng vertical warm water dispenser

“Mechanical intensity” and “power connection and external soft lines” are unqualified

The vertical warm water dispensers produced by Guangdong Rongsheng Electric Co., Ltd. have two unqualified “mechanical intensity” and “power connection and external soft lines” in this sampling inspection. China Resources Wanjia Zengcheng Plaza store.

Previously, Rongsheng’s electrical appliances also had the phenomenon of unqualified random inspection projects. In December 2020, the spot checks issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau showed that the nominal production enterprise was “Guangdong Rongsheng Electric Co., Ltd. kitchen and bathroom company” and specifications. A “home gas stove” project “Jon Sheng Erin Store/Tmall” was detected as “thermal efficiency,%” project unqualified.

Rongsheng Electric is a well -known brand in the domestic appliance industry. According to its official information, Rongsheng Electric was born in 1979. It started with R & D and manufactured home living appliances and gradually developed. At the end of the last century, Rongsheng entered the kitchen and bathroom electrical appliances (range hood, integrated stove) industry, mainly developing the overall kitchen. Five consecutive years have been rated as the “Light Industry Products Welcome to Consumers in the country”, and have obtained “AAA -level China Quality Credit Enterprises”, “Fortune 500 Metry Manufacturing”, and UL, CB, TUV, CE, CCIE, CCC and other certifications , Passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.

Youfefe Electric Hot Pot

Three unqualified

Foshan Shunde District Youfei Electric Technology Co., Ltd. produced and branded 3 unqualified projects for Youfitt. Article 19.11.4 Test) “Structure (excluding test 22.46 test)”.


According to the information of the sky eye, Youfei Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is committed to providing domestic consumers with exquisite Japanese and Korean quality life small appliances. Offline and online channels. In 2018, the Guangxi District Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted a random inspection inspection of the quality of the construction and decoration materials in the circulation field in the region. The unqualified projects are all protection of the touched parts of the power parts.

Attachment: List of product lists of unqualified projects in spot checks

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