Do you know this hidden menu in the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone?

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For decades, the hidden code segment has always been part of the computer software system, and it is also called Easter eggs. When a set of specific commands (generally uninterrupted) are executed, it will appear. For example, if you click on the firmware version number of the device in the Android system, a hidden interface will appear. Today we are not talking about an Easter egg, but a hidden menu found in the Samsung Galaxy series mobile phones. It can be used to check whether the device is in a good working state.


Now you must know how to open this hidden menu. Well, first turn on the dial application, and then enter*#0*#, the hidden menu will appear (below). Most of the contents of the menu are not so interesting, such as red, green, blue, and black are used to detect whether the screen is bad. But clicking “Sensor” will appear the original data collected by the sensors of the mobile phone. At the same time, there are graphic visual data from the acceleration sensor, gyroscope and compass. However, it is interesting that if you click Image Test, there will be a picture of a Chizahua baby, which means that a picture of a Wang Xingren is hidden in tens of millions of Galaxy mobile phones.


If your phone is not sensitive, you can detect it by “Touch Test”. Click the rectangular graphic to be shown high, and the trajectory of your fingers will be represented by a black line. There is also “SUB Key” that can be used to test whether the capacitance button of the mobile phone is working properly. “Receiver Test” can be used to check the handset, and “Speaker Test” will play a popular song to detect whether the speaker is working properly.

This is the hidden menu in the Samsung Galaxy series mobile phones, try it quickly!

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