Before the opening of CES 2019, Samsung released a new “desktop display” new product.

Its name is Space Monitor, which has a multi -functional adjustable stand with a factory, which can perfectly hide the cable at the arm curvature and fully fit the corner when storing to save valuable desktop spaces.

Space Monitor has two versions, 27 -inch @ qHD (2560 × 1440), and 32 -inch @ 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) resolution.

The base of Space Monitor can stabilize at the corner of the surface. When using, users can adjust the support arm to a suitable angle.

You can even stretch it to the upright posture. At this time, the support arm will be perfectly hidden (disappearing) in the groove on the back. Of course, you can also adjust the inclination and elevation angle, or move the screen further.

Another major feature of the support arm is that the power cord and HDMI and other signal cables can be stored in it.

三星Space Monitor显示器介绍:多功能可调节支架 极致省空间

For those who pay attention to the cleanliness of the desktop, limited use of space, or a multi -functional adjustable desktop, Samsung Space Monitor is obviously a good choice.

三星Space Monitor显示器介绍:多功能可调节支架 极致省空间

Samsung has not announced the pricing and listing date of the product. Interested friends can pay attention to our follow -up reports.

三星Space Monitor显示器介绍:多功能可调节支架 极致省空间

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