Trend analysis 2016-2017 autumn and winter new men’s business casual pants

潮流解析 2016-2017秋冬新款男装商务休闲裤

Flange pants
The classic wool flange is treated with warm neutral colors and soft touch to increase the modern sense, which is most suitable for popular camel, gray, and moderate color.The outline of the cut -off straight trousers is more trendy and fashionable for this main item.

潮流解析 2016-2017秋冬新款男装商务休闲裤

Straight Tube Turbus
The slim straight silhouette still prevails for more than a dozen points, and the more fashionable style is cut to the ankle. It is the first choice for young people, which can show the seasonal shoes well.The minimalist detail design and dark background highlight the simplicity and beauty, which is continuously affected by the movement of sports luxury.

Shadow checkered pants
Simple outdoor shadow plaids can replace eye -catching pane, which looks more rigorous and delicate.The straight silhouette uses a monochrome fabric and rich dark color with texture, which adds fun to the seasonal shape and leisure rural shape.

Pleated pants
Modern pleated pants are combined with short -cut cone -shaped silhouettes to create a suit -style tailoring street shape. The elevated waist design is matched with neat seam folds to create a three -dimensional sense of hierarchy.This item can be matched with a variety of dark casual tops, cold gray and earth brown brightening color to create a sense of contemporary sophisticated.

Wide leg pants
The less loose wide -leg silhouette mainly uses thick winter rough flowers and flange fabrics. The large size is slightly hanging in the cross -department to create a contemporary crotch shape, and the most fashionable is the ultra -leg silhouette.

The details of the side suture of the edge refer to the authentic military elements. The mature shape is matched with casual tops and sports shoes, which is suitable for young people.The contrast of the border colors from the smooth color to the more eye -catching edge color is applied to the straight silhouette, and the fabric uses a structural sense of woven fabric.

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