Landscape landscape paintings are commonly used for detailed explanations, understanding size is hanging painting!

Many families like to hang landscape painting in the living room, because they are more particular about the meaning of the back. And high mountains and rivers, water represents wealth. In modern economy and society, people like to pursue reality and cultural atmosphere, which is also in line with the aesthetic and actual pursuit of modern Chinese. Good landscapes are good for good fortune. The decoration size of the living room landscape painting is very related to the size of the room. After the proportion is designed, the living room landscape painting will be a decorative factor for family transportation and family harmony. We all know that the golden ratio is the most perfect proportion. Hanging the landscape painting of the living room into a golden ratio is not to make the home more perfect? ​​So what is the size of the landscape painting that is most suitable for the living room? What is the size of the landscape painting in the living room? The editor is to count the landscape paintings of the living room in terms of size, and understand the size!

The size of the landscape painting in the living room can generally be divided into three categories: banner landscape painting, vertical landscape painting, and Doufang landscape painting. The size under different categories has this different suspension method, hanging place. It also depends on the size of the living room and the size of the furniture to distinguish the size of landscape painting. The following living room landscape paintings are often explained in detail. Come and find out!

Living room landscape painting size: banner landscape painting


Blood landscape paintings are mostly four feet, six feet, and eight feet. Landscape painting hanging in the living room is undoubtedly a test of the width of the space. If the space is wide, a banner calligraphy and painting can fill the gaps of the wall well, and at the same time make the space very horizontal line. When decorating calligraphy and painting, be sure to leave white treatment.

[Appreciation of banner landscape painting works]

Sofa background wall hanging painting Wang Ning’s latest Feng Shui painting “Rising Sun East”

Specification size: four -foot banner (68*136cm)

This Wang Ning landscape painting “Rising Sun East” is full of mountains and lush mountains. The elements of the geographical feng shui “surround the landscape, the hidden wind and gas” are organically incorporated. The artistic conception of Xiang Wu “is both open and implicit, both subtle and straightforward” perfectly painted. “The Rising Sun East” has a strong artistic expression and appeal, but also cleverly enters the geographical feng shui element of “Tianren and Man”.

The living room painting recommendation Jiang Weixin green green poly treasure work “Landscape Qinghui”

Specification size: six -foot banner (68*176cm)

Mr. Jiang Wei has both traditional spirit and modern creative concept. In the expression of subjective feelings, the improvement of language formation, and the exertion of artistic personality, have conducted positive and effective explorations and breakthroughs, showing the creative concept of birth. His works contain a deep aesthetic sense. The pen and ink are angry, dynamic, and personality. Jiang Wei’s paintings, with false realities, transporting strokes with intentions, and seeking paintings on no paintings, seeking shape in God’s seemingly, it is the principle of aesthetic principles of Chinese ink and wash. Jiang Wei emphasized the new aesthetic value orientation generated by the visual tension of painting, while emphasizing the originality of his painting performance. Mr. Jiang Wei is a contemporary power painter with distinctive personality and great development potential.

Wang Ning’s latest masterpiece of Chinese -style Feng Shui green and green country paintings “The Soul of China”


Specification size: eight -foot banner (95*236cm)

Teacher Wang Ning’s painting style is mainly reflected in full, rich, Shen Xiong, strong and full of rhythm. The work strives to be novel, advocates nature, diligent in sketching, and strives for the creative path of “foreign teacher creation, China -gain heart source”, and pays special attention to the details of the structure layout and Feng Shui elements. The Great Wall in the picture stretches for tens of thousands of miles, like a dragon in the oriental, which means that the foundation is permanent; the ancient tree pine and cypress is a symbol of long -lived longevity and longevity. Whether this Great Wall of China is hung behind the office or living room sofa, there are reliable mountains in the back, and the career is also rising in a rated. It is indeed a high -level Feng Shui painting!

Living room landscape painting size: vertical landscape painting

Most of the vertical landscape paintings are four feet and three feet as the main calligraphy and painting size. Vertical landscape paintings can stretch the space well in space to give home a better three -dimensional sense. Landscape painting in the living room is a test of the living room height. If the width of the space is insufficient, the height is sufficient, or the owner’s favorite hanging paintings (vertical hanging paintings are very common in traditional Chinese scrolls), then respect for respect. The choice of heart, let’s have a revolution in the living room vertical painting.

[Appreciation of vertical landscape painting works]

Wang Ning’s vertical landscape painting works “Xishan Visit You Tu”

Specification size: three -foot vertical amplitude (99*49cm)

Wang Ning’s vertical landscape painting works “Mountains and Mountain Visit Fried Pictures” describes secluded life. Under the foot of the mountains, Songzhu is green and turbulent in Qingxi. Some people in the bamboo house in the courtyard are chatting, which is quite quiet. The pen and ink are neat and meticulous, fresh and beautiful. The mountains and mountains are in Pinghu, Banqiao Pinghu, and the realm is quiet and empty. The color is delicate and delicate with the pen.


This “Xishan Visiting Friendship Picture” has a strong pen and ink, the artistic conception is clear, the painting method is rigorous and simple, and the ancients are innovative. It has further exerted the characteristics of the pen and ink. High artistic value and high investment collection value. Hang this painting in tea buildings, hotels, and clubs to highlight the artistic position and cultivation as a gift at the atmosphere of gifts.

Wang Ning’s latest masterpiece of four -foot vertical Chinese painting works “Thousands of Mountains Red Toman”

Specification size: four -foot vertical amplitude (135*68cm)

With a lot of cinnabar color, it looks red, the mountains are red, and the artistic conception is flying. The work focuses on freehand lyricism. The picture has a formal sense, the pens and ink are strong, the peaks and mountains are crowded, and the clouds are surrounded by the clouds. The color of the whole painting is mainly red. In Feng Shui, landscape painting is a traditional auspicious painting that can bring good luck. Water represents the source of wealth. The flowing water is a good sign of the endless flow of Sichuan. The entire painting can play a role in improving the feng shui of the living room.

Four Seasons Ping An Wang Ning Landscape Four screen works “Spring, Summer Autumn and Winter”


Specification size: four screens (138*34cm*4)

During the four -screen suspension of the living room, the four -screen works should be suspended in accordance with the original order of the author, or the rules of the convention, if the screen is random, of course The ignorance of ignorance. For example, Teacher Wang Ning’s four screens of this work “Spring, Summer Autumn and Winter”, should be suspended in the order of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Living room landscape painting size: small product landscape painting


The sketch comes from the Buddhist scriptures. The Chinese painting landscape paintings are not much ink, and they are simple and simple, but they are more fun, so the summary is the mood of ingenuity. When a small landscape painting was placed in front of us, we felt that it was very simple. In fact, it was picked by the painter, so that the small landscape paintings could also appear full and fascinating. Many people will choose small places such as small mountains and rivers in the corridor, which are more exquisitely set. It is very suitable for small -sized home decoration. Home porch, restaurant or bedroom are suitable.

[Appreciation of small landscape painting works]

Wang Ning’s latest masterpiece of Doufang Chinese painting step high -rise “Soul of China”

Specification size: Dou Fang Painting (89*95cm)


This is the golden Great Wall painting of “The Soul of China” by Teacher Wang Ning. The Great Wall that stretches thousands of miles in the work is like the dragon in the east. Dreams began here, and the harmonious prosperity celebrates. The ancient tree pine and cypress in the work can recruit a fortune for the owner, which is also the meaning of the evergreen. The stretching of the mountains continues to imply the extension of the dragon veins. Hanging this Great Wall work at home is the guarantee of the prosperous family.

Hongyun map sketch Jiang Weiguo’s paintings “Toyama Residence Map”

Specification size: Dou Fang Painting (84*118cm)

Wan Mountain is red, and Hongyun is the best. This landscape painting has always been the best choice of Feng Shui decorative paintings in the south wall of the living room, because the south wall is the main voice, and this Hongyun is a landscape painting with red eyes. The good feng shui of the sound is rising slowly. For example, the first -born babies, the dyeing half of the sky is dyed, and the mountains are also decorated by the brilliance of the sun. The first choice for good decoration paintings for art and feng shui!

All in all, the size of the landscape painting of the home living room, the specific size can be determined according to the size of the wall, but the length and width must meet the golden segmentation. If the wall is large, you can use the three -to -fight decorative painting. In general, there are no too many requirements in family accessories as long as the overall effect of the decoration style (including color) that is suitable for your home can be matched as long as coordination. As for the size of the decorative painting, there is no special regulation. It depends on your living room. The size and length of the wall determine the size of the painting. If the wall is too big, it is not appropriate to not look at the opposite wall.

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