Thousands of pieces are cheap goods? Intersection Is it necessary to buy a learning table for your child?

Niuniu is still four years old in less than half a month. I finally started to do my homework of “learning tables”. ((

There is currently no group plan, there is no benefit related, rest assured.


But the more my homework does, the more I think, the more

Buy a learning table, like “metaphysics”.

In Australia, because of too few family homework in elementary school, most of the desks used by children are simple models, which is really just a “desk”.

The following is a children’s desk I saw in a child in Perth (a mansion of nearly 10 million yuan) in Perth:

However, I searched the “learning table” in Chinese, and the price scared me first–

Two thousand entry, 5,000 ordinary, tens of thousands.


This table that focuses on “human -machine engineering” and is known as “more than ten years” (so the price must be allocated to more than ten years ‍♀️). Is it really worth buying?

In the process of looking for information, I found that many parents are actually talking about “learning tables”:

Yes, the primary selling point of all learning tables -height adjustable (whether it is hydraulic, hand shake or pull rope), obviously can be solved by adjusting the height of the seat!

So today I will talk to you about some of my views -is it really necessary?

You will see this article:


Where is the expensive learning table? Where is the “pit”?


How many years old children need to use a learning table? How much is the relationship between the table and hump, fatigue, and myopia?


If the budget is limited, how do I choose to learn the table? Which indicators are important? What are not so important?


Several cost -effective learning tables

Where is the expensive learning table?

Where is the “pit”?

The first time I noticed that the concept of “learning table” was because it was difficult for Australia to buy such tables. Some people in the Chinese mothers organized “Haitao” from the country. At that time, everyone discussed the learning table in the group. Under the premise of material safety and paint safety, the difference between learning tables and ordinary tables was mainly:

Height can be adjusted (because the child is growing tall);


The desktop can be tilted (it is said that the elbow pressure is relieved);

The back of the chair can fit the back forward, and the roller can be locked by pressure.

If you value these concepts, do not consider hundreds of tables. because:


The agency that regulates the height and the organs that make the desktop tilt are prone to problems, such as smashing hands or clipping, because metal parts are short boards for cheap desks;

If the structure is not good, it is easy to flip (the head is light and light);

The connection mechanism is unstable, and the desktop is easy to shake.

There are some common disadvantages at a cheap learning table. I found some bad reviews from Taobao for your reference to avoid stepping on the mine.

The desktop and chair are not stable enough.

2. The chair is prone to bad back.

3. The bottom of the chair is rough and risk of scraping.

In fact, it is a good thing to see bad reviews. Many of the top -ranking learning tables obviously have hundreds of thousands of brushes. When you do not touch, see, and smell the real thing, if the brand cannot provide any reliable testing certificate, do not buy it.

In addition to e -commerce poor reviews, there are also many questions about children’s learning tables in news reports.


for example:


Toxic substances exceed the standard;

The drawer is easily removed and hurts the child;

The pore design is unreasonable, and the child’s finger is stuck;

The edge of the bottom of the seat is sharp, scratching the fingers;

The structure of the chair or table is unreasonable and the center of gravity is not stable enough. Children may have a danger of dumping during the process of use.


△ Picture from a brand spot check news

In fact, these belong to the category of national compulsory security standards. The chances of formal brands and physical store products are obviously low, and the proportion of problems with e -commerce channels is higher-

Use your common sense when you can’t judge! All the tall functions are available, but the price is still so grounded. This kind of good deeds should be careful.

How many years old children need to use a learning table?

How much is the relationship between the table and hump, fatigue, and myopia?


Most of the learning tables on the market are suitable for children with more than 100cm, so you can start using learning tables at the earliest 3-4 years old.

The girl has always used the IKEA “game table”. For a short time, painting, painting, and handicraft can be completed on the game table. ⬇️


In fact, when to buy a learning table, to combine the actual situation of the child -start to do homework, you must develop the correct sitting habit, but you start to do homework in a few years, which varies from the environment and children.


Well, the key is the following -are those tall functions, really like “buying”?


If the child already has the problem of back convexation, spine bending, or asymmetric of the scapula, first of all, you should start with the doctor and improve the sitting position to solve the problem; even if you buy a high -level functional learning table, parents must urge the child to develop a good one. Sitting habit.

The right size can meet the basic requirements. The tall learning table and learning chair cannot be substantially treated or avoided the body problems caused by sitting positions. At best, it is only auxiliary means.


The cause of myopia is actually very complicated. In addition to the relationship with heredity, there is currently evidence that increasing children’s outdoor activity time is a good way to protect vision.

Studies from Australia have found that if they can ensure outdoor activities of more than two hours a day, the child’s myopia rate will be greatly reduced.

relieve fatigue:

Good design and appropriate size can indeed relieve fatigue to a certain extent.

The adults who have done a desk for a long time must also be the same. From this point of view, learning tables are worth buying.

My personal opinion is:

The material must be safe;

Swish down;

With the chair, the size can meet the correct sitting position of the child.

All the additional functions are icing on the cake.

Writing here, many parents may say that I am willing to spend a higher price to choose “better” for children. Then let’s talk about how to choose questions.

How to choose a table



Learning table material

This is the prerequisite for choosing any items for children -safety and environmental protection. The furniture used by children must be non -toxic, it is best to provide merchants can provide it

E1/E0 quality inspection report


If you choose solid wood, it is best to avoid relatively soft materials such as pine and fir. This type of wood is easy to cause scratches when it is affected by external forces, and children will inevitably have some frictions in the process of learning. Birch is a good hardness as a solid wood, and it is also a good choice as a learning table.

If the budget is limited, choose other materials such as plastic and composite boards, you must pay attention to quality inspection certificates to ensure environmental protection without formaldehyde.

The function of adjusting the table / chair height

Children are constantly growing, and adjustable tables/chairs are indeed necessary.

It is not advisable to make a dining table or a dwarf. Because the high chair is too high, the children’s feet cannot be completely placed on the ground, and too high the table will let the child shrugging when they are studying.

After a long period of time on the table and chair in poor size, it will cause additional pressure on children’s muscles, joints, and ligaments. When the child’s posture is wrong, their bodies use excess energy to maintain their stability and balance, affecting concentration and efficiency.

Attach the height of the children’s height table and chair height:

△ (Form comes from a famous brand information in Germany)

What is the correct sitting position?

As shown in the figure:

The height of the seat should be on the knee, and the feet should be placed flat on the floor. The angle between the thigh and the calf should be 90 degrees (or slightly high). And the upper and lower arm of the table should form a 90 -degree angle (or slightly).

Most of the study tables on the market have regulatory functions, but there are many ways to regulate. The three common regulatory forms are: scale gear adjustment, manual shaking, and air pressure regulation.

Development gear adjustment

There are usually several gears (not stepless adjustments) in this type of lifting adjustment, which may need to use tools.

To be honest, is the difference between the table height of two or three centimeters? Is it really so important? It can only be wise. And the child’s height is faster, and it will be adjusted twice a year. I feel that I can accept this trouble.


This method can usually achieve precise regulation and meet families with high demand.

Small reminder: The news of the explosion of inferior air pressure lift chairs has been seen, which is very miserable. If you want to choose air pressure adjustment, don’t choose cheap ones.

Manually shake

This high -level adjustment method is not high, cost is lower than hydraulic pressure, air pressure is lower, and then more convenient than fixed gear adjustment.


In the end, I still want to talk about this kind of propaganda from the age of four to eighteen -why do a table take so long? In order to spread the price of more than 10,000 until more than ten years, is it more cost -effective?

For so many years, even if you don’t move, the decoration style of the children’s room has long changed …

Desktop tilt function

Is the desktop tilt a must?

It is indeed a design that is more in line with ergonomics and can reduce the pressure of the elbow. Even a slight slope can make children more comfortable.

But the tilt will also cause trouble -stationery may roll off, and the water cup on the desk may also slip. If you install another block, your arm feels back again. Therefore, the tilt desktop must be equipped with additional bookshelves and shelves, or partially tilted through partitions to further increase costs.

In addition, the adjusted tilt desktop will greatly increase the risk of clipping fingers if it is low -cost.

Children are sitting upright, and they must rely on their parents’ attention, emphasizing and supervising supervision, and consciousness, and cannot rely on the table.

Especially after children go to school, most of the time reading and writing are in schools. Even if the high -priced learning table has a substantial auxiliary effect, the possibility of correction can be corrected by this time after returning home.

Of course, the tilt desktop is indeed more conducive to painting. If the child likes to draw, you can choose to tilt the desktop that can be adjusted from 0 degrees. Or buy a professional drawing table/drawing painter directly.

Dirty resistance

Most of the study tableboards on the market are white. Children in painting and writing paintings are inevitable to get ink and stains on the desktop, so it is also important to be easy to clean and resist.

In the user’s user evaluation, there is a mother who spit out the desktop to wipe it clean:

If it is highly appropriate, the design is reasonable, aside from what the merchant says it is not possible to calculate one dollar a day, the durability and dirt resistance of the desktop are worth doing homework.

Of course, there is also a solution to dirt resistance, that is: pave the table cushion.


Some of the standing tables of learning tables are equipped, and some need to be purchased. Personal opinions are enough to put some most commonly used books, etc. It is enough. After all, the child’s room must have a large storage space bookcase.

Face value problem

The learning table belongs to furniture. Of course, the selected criteria cannot be based on the toys.


According to this guideline, most of the learning tables on the market are really not very good! The mainstream design is the devil color of white with high saturation: rose red, blue, emerald green …

△ Picture from a buyer show on an e -commerce platform

Okay, if it is solid color, I can bear it, but there are very fancy patterns:

△ Picture from the Internet

Such a whistle, you have to look for a piece of rubber on the table for a long time, right?

Since the merchant is promoting an adult table, will the children still like such bright colors when they are teens?

The desk is a tool for learning. It is elegant and fancy, so that it will not interfere with the child’s concentration.

In summary, the importance of various indicators is based on different budgets, and the importance of various indicators is:


Safety (environmental protection, safety structure, meet national standards.)

The height of the table and chair can be adjusted.

The second is: the desktop can be tilted, the desktop dirt resistance, the design of the storage space is reasonable, and so on.

In addition to the above indicators, the factors that have a greater impact on the learning table are:


The desktop area and whether to match the seat.

The main home environment of the desktop area is determined that at least it should be able to spread out a test paper without promotion.

Regarding the learning chair, it is best to let the child sit in person before buying.


Choosing a chair, the main factors considering are: high adjustment, back support, chair area, fabric material, whether wheels, wheels will hurt the ground …

In my opinion, the functionality, design and comfort of the seat are more important than the table.

In other words, if the budget is limited, I prefer to spend money on a chair. If the learning table is equipped with a well -designed chair, I will be more willing to pay for its premium.

Some brands of learning chair functional selling points are “gravity lock”, but many parents feedback that this function is not sensitive to children with lighter weight. There are also some learning chairs that can “chase their backs”, which can indeed satisfy comfort -but cannot improve the sitting position.

The only way to keep the correct sitting position is that the child has the consciousness of sitting straight.

Buy, buy, buy,


I am at the table of my studies

Children’s learning table first came from Germany and Taiwan. The German brand’s products controlled well and the quality was relatively good. They have an authoritative test website Test.DE has an authoritative test on the learning table, from quality, daily use functions (such as desktop drawers, etc.), durability, safety (prevents injury and formaldehyde detection), and installation operations Wait for a comprehensive test. Several excellent learning tables were selected.

△ Sehr Gut: Very good; GUT: OK;

Befriedigende: Satisfied; Mangelhaft: There are defects.

Screenshots of the top of the German study table assessment.


Among these brands, Moll, Paidi, and Kettler are sold in China. The results of their tests also show that MOLL and PAIDI are really good, but the price is expensive, seven or eight thousand entry, and tens of thousands of yuan.

In this table, the desk of 2,000 yuan+Kettler is cost -effective.


For a reference at Kettler’s price, in addition to the German brand, I also compare many other brands that can be bought in China, including IKEA. In short, on the basis of trying to meet the safety and functionality, you want to find a higher cost -effective choice.


It should be noted that I have never seen the real thing below. It is just for your reference from design, functions, cost -effectiveness, and netizens’ comments.

Note: The following price is not necessarily the price of all items.

German Kettler College Box II Learning Table

With a history of 60 years of history, technical security has been certified. And its learning table is 100%recyclable, which is very environmentally friendly. Having “human -computer engineering” logo is a learning table and chair that really has auxiliary effect on children’s sitting position. The disadvantage is that there is only 6 -level adjustment, but as a affordable learning table is already a cost -effective choice.

Reference Price:


2399 yuan+

Applicable height:





Price and high cost performance.

The design is simple and the face value is high.

The desktop can be tilted up to 30 °.

With drawers, storage.


No rack.

The mechanical desktop lifting is not a stepless lifting, and there are 6 height adjustments.

The desk

This desk of IKEA can be adjusted to three different heights (53cm, 62cm or 72cm), suitable for children over 1 meter. The official age is 0 to 12 years old.

This is a painting table and learning table that young children can also use. Its desktop has a slightly inclusive angle with grooves on the edges, which can prevent the items from slipping to a certain extent. This desk has its own roll -drawing paper bracket, and there are also highly adjusted benches.

Reference Price:

499 yuan+

Price and high cost performance.

The design is simple.


Adjustable height.


Slightly inclusive.

No rack. (You can match the IKEA Schuta storage box.)

Only 3 gears are adjusted.

IKEHL Poole’s desk

This desk of IKEA can be adjusted to three different heights (59cm, 66cm, and 72cm). The shape is simple, and you can also choose the red and blue table legs that the child likes.

If you don’t need the desktop tilt function, the most cost -effective choice is such a simple table with a comfortable and adjustable chair.

Compared with the previous Fulissa children’s table, this is more suitable for school -age children with more than 120cm.

599 yuan+

No rack. (But it can be used with other storage racks)

The desktop is not inclined.


Protturis can be lifted to learn tables and chairs

2580 yuan+

Suitable age:

3-18 years old

Hand -shaking adjustment desk.

The desktop tilt can reach 80 °.

Chair with seats, chairs

Chase design


Materials meet the national E1 standard.

The desktop is small.

Xihao can upgrade children to learn tables and chairs

2149 yuan+


The storage space is large and practical.


Multi -layer solid wood board, through national E1 standards.

The maximum adjustable desktop is 60 °.

Including seats, the seats are adjusted by 9 gears.

Some evaluations said that the chair has some taste, which needs to be opened.

Life Eslite Children’s Desk


2480 yuan+

Table and chairs are freely adjusted.

Have a multi -function bookshelf.


The maximum adjustable desktop is 45 °.

Environmental protection materials, through national standards.

Some evaluations said that the edge is a bit loose for a while.


Regarding the study table, the homework I do is the above.

In fact, there are still many learning table brands on the market, planting grass and grass. Welcome everyone to discuss in a message ~



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Reference Price:

Reference Price:

Reference Price:

Reference Price:


Price and high cost performance.

The design is simple.

Adjustable height.

Only 3 gears are adjusted.


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