Girls’ Hanfu pajamas can make a set in an hour at home. Attached scissors


I made a double -layer Hanfu nightdress for Xiaobao, and I made another set for Dabao today.

A bowl of water should be flat.

Let’s take a look at the clothes I make


A total of two sets were made for Dabao. Because the fabric is not enough, I made a set of seven -point sleeves and cropped pants. It doesn’t take pictures, it’s pretty good.

I tried it to the child last night. The upper body was very good. The child said it was very comfortable.

Let’s take a look at the tailor

150 yards of tailoring

Calculation formula for the deep calculation of the cage is: B/4+8

For other types, you can push the board according to the file difference of 3.5cm length of 3.5cm sleeve length of 4cm.

150 -yard pants cut map

Establishing Crims Deep Calculation Formula: B/4+3.5cm

If other numbers are required, the push board calculation can be performed according to the file difference of 4cm and 6cm in length.

Sewing process and process commentary


Fabric selection: double -layer gauze fabric, light and light breatha


Material: 150cm width of 150cm length 160cm

Because the fabric of the cotton yarn is not very dense, the fabric is particularly soft and breathable. In order to facilitate the formation of rolls, it is convenient for cutting. So there is a thin layer of pulp on the fabric of the cotton yarn. So when this fabric shrinks, it is not suitable for water washing.

The fabric can be selected: hot or pre -released, and then cut. Wash water after finishing clothes and then wear.

My tailoring has no sewing edges, so after drawing a good drawing, the seam edge should be cut according to different sewing processes.


The following is my tailoring film. According to the previous tailoring pictures, I believe everyone can understand



After the cutting is completed, the sewing of the front and rear shoulder seams, the side seam, the bottom of the sleeve, and the tie rope. The width of the paper sample of the rope is 3.2cm.


In front of the top, use the sewing process of the rolled side seam to sew, and set aside


Inner side of the pants stitching


All stitched sutures and joint locks


Lock effect

Lord: Leading the position of the tie tie inside.

Sewing the collar first in the inside


Use the method of stuffy sewing to press the line on the surface.


The effect of sewing is required to be uniformly pressed by the collar surface of 0.1cm. The collar is flat and not twisted

Finally, the upper sleeves, suture crotch seams, and loose tight tightness in the side of the roller.

Forgot to take a picture of the pants sutured and loose band, you first sew the loose belt into a circle, and then the loose belt is stitched inside.

If you want to press the suture of the loose band, you should be marked on the tight band when the suture is sutured, and the four -way marks should be drawn, which is the front and rear neutral sutures. The pressed rubber band will be uniform.

Cusk trousers and scrolls

Curly suture effect

Finally, at the position of the bottom of the sleeve, the left and right outside are fixed.

Finished product

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing.


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Girls’ Hanfu pajamas can make a set in an hour at home. Attached scissors

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