Take the children’s bed, don’t ignore the bed design, the designer shared 6 kinds, practical and good

It has always emphasized that the bedroom bedside background wall is renovated, but have you consider how to put it on the children’s room?

A: What is the top shop?

B: The bed is not divided into bed, and use the baffle.

I think most of the owners have never thought about the problem of going up and down the bed, if you are careful, in fact, there are a lot of top bedding in the bed, talking in detail, talking in detail ~

1 guard wall panel as bed

Upper and lower beds can be purchased, but it is recommended to make or customize better, so that the style can be fixed, and additional security is more secure. Because the upper and lower shops are more special, the security is the most concerned that the parents are most concerned. It is recommended to choose to make a frame-style top and bottom shop. At this time, the bed should not need extra decoration, and the simple framework is instead, brush like it. Paint color, which is conducive to protecting the wall, and protects our safety during sleep.

Of course, you can also do soft bag processing on the wall, which will be more comfortable to sit in bed.

2 to create a bed

The bed space is not wasteful, you can leave the alcove or install multiple layers, the children’s toys or orifinas can be stored here, it is very convenient, but also makes a displays, do not take space, children like it.


Want to make a bed, it is recommended to rely on the wall, so that it can be achieved in the premise of no stopboard, otherwise you have to add a baffle.

3 “Window Cave”


On the basis of the first retaining wall, various style panels are opened, such as rice mice, large circles, etc., the style is different, full of fun. If it is not rely on the wall, this window hole can also improve the ventilation ventilation of up and down, and the entire living environment will also change much.


4 cabinet bed

In the upper and lower beds, a set of wardrobes is placed, just a combination design, so that it is a top and bottom shop, and the joints will also be resolved, and the other bed is safe and guaranteed.


5 points color wall bed


Like a general bedroom, you can choose a minute color wall to decorate the bed, which can be a mountain or animated pattern and a person, and the decorative effect is not bad.


6 semi-spaced bed


Upper and lower beds are independently installed, install half-meter-high bed frame, which is used as a baffle. It is recommended to place a pillow here, remaining space for space, convenient ventilation, the simplest way.


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