4 high-quality niche bag brands that Korean girls are silently

South Korea has developed vigorously in recent years, and K-fashion drives the world trend. The costumes, bags and accessories they designed are allocated. If you are also a girl pursue design, don’t love to “hit the money”, perhaps the four Korean small bag brands introduced below will suit you!


Roh seoul

The brand Roh Seoul designed by the designer DONGKYOON ROH in 2014 is simple, and many stars are favored by many stars such as Park Xinhui, Jin Gao Yin and Xiu Zhi (Suzy). One of the features designed by the brand is to emphasize practicality. In view of the beauty, they have certain pursuits, especially suitable for work!



This brand is designed with autumn aesthetics, and classic square is tailoring. Most of their design tones are made up of black, white, and cards, which are absolutely easy to accompany different styles.


Depound is a grocery brand, costume, family or stationery, all have been sold, but it is the most famous of the bag, and the Liebi and Red Velvet’s Shui is their fans!



Another small bag brand welcomed by Korean girls is Stand Oil! The brand is designed with bright colors and cute and point taste. Especially suitable for a girl who dresses and lively girls.

Author: ArticleManager