Sairna Monroe shape exposure, wearing fishing net socks, hip skirts are full, eyes charm red lips

On August 20th, a group of Syrona’s dream styles were exposed. Sylena in the picture wearing a black tight dress, with a pink lace bag, but also wearing a pair of sexy black fishing nets, hands on the bed behind, the whole person sexy and charming.

In another set of shape, Syrona has replaced a black wave dot short skirt. The design of the shoulder should be displayed in the beautiful shoulder neck line. Plus bright flame red lips and exquisite and deep facial features, sexy charm women taste.


In the third set, Sairna replaced a black sleeveless dress. She is lazy to lying on the seat, one hand supports the eye of the head, charming, pointed high heels with black fishing net stockings instantaneous sexual value, shoes pointed design also elongated leg ratio, let your legs It seems more difficult.


It can be seen that Syrona’s body is not thin, belongs to a relatively full type. Previously, some media photographed the photos of Sairna and Friends. From the photos, Syrona’s face was rounded before, and there was a sense of both chin, and the arm was also very thick.


In fact, the cause of Syrona’s fat is that she is hospitalized in the past few years. Syrona was diagnosed with red lupus a few years ago, and because he has been repeated attack needs to change the kidneys, Sairna also took photos of renal surgery, but also because this disease needs long-term medication. She got fat.

In fact, a healthy body is the most beautiful. We don’t have to pursue slimming body. The plump figure is also very good, as long as it does not affect health, fat can be perfect.

Author: ArticleManager