What should I pay attention to when the baby towel is in use?

Towels are the supplies necessary for baby life, which is not small. Most towels on the market have a lot of gaps, which is easy to absorb dust and bacteria. Towels are closely contacted with your baby’s skin every day, and the bacteria can easily invade the baby’s body and increase the risk of baby infection.


Everyone knows that long-term use towels are easy to stick, stinky, moldy, then, why?

1. Cotton fiber is the main component of the towel, is a tubular structure that stores moisture and humidity to provide conditions for bacterial survival.

2. Long-term contact, often not dry, because often in the bathroom, humid hot environment is more suitable for bacterial growth.

3. Towels will also stack the grease and dandruff on the skin, many people lack the habit of regular cleaning, which is easily caused by the breeding of bacteria.

How to properly maintain your baby towel and reduce the chance of bacterial breeding? Bao Da’s mom will come and see!

1. Baby should use a towel yourself, and each towel is dedicated, such as a baby to wash your face, bathing and daily use of a small scarf need to be separately prepared.

2. Wash, boil, sun, disinfect once a week.


3. Avoid hanging towels in an unhevanted bathroom to avoid accelerating the spread of bacteria and viruses.



3, 4 months to change the baby towel, if the towel is used for a long time, and it will become dirty and hard, it will harm the health of people, it will become a new source of pollution.

In addition, the baby’s skin is delicate, pay attention to the quality of the towel when choosing and purchasing a towel, fluffy, soft towels are qualified products.

Today, antibacterial towels on the market are also very popular. Because of the natural antibacterial characteristics of bamboo slurry, it has been favored by many treasures, as a baby’s personal product, environmental protection is the first key

~ So interested treasure moms may wish to try it.

All things are used in use, including towels. If calculated according to time, the use time of towels is generally approximately

3 months, this is for home textile towels. Hotel towels are inseparable from time, but based on the number of washing. Hotel towels are recommended 240 times, to save costs, can also be as high as 300 times, in towel, good quality, and good towels, you can consider it. After the use of towels, the towels will become yellow and hard, and they cannot continue to use.

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