The rain is occasionally, there is a heavy feeling, is it lack of oil or rust?

1. Ding: Hello, Horses, Great Wall H6 driving, stepping on the brakes, there is no longer, what is the problem? Trouble, master.

Pony: Brake pads.

2. Virgo Super Saiyan: Hello, Hello, I want to ask the treasure to the rain brush, sometimes the card does not move, and then slowly and then return to normal, and it feels like the previous. It’s very light, there is a heavy feeling, what is the reason? Where is it lack of oil or rust?


Pony: The link rust is rusty.

Virgo Super Saayeren: Is it going to take a butter?


Pony: Not, rendering.

3. “尐 Luo”. : Pony, good evening, I want to ask you, the original throttle pedal and brake pedal are different, you can put a modified pedal on the throttle pedal, big, so okay?

Pony: Some of the throttle pedal is for safety. Prevent the throttle of the throttle when the brakes are placed.

4. Hello, Xiaoma, Hello, the window behind the main drive is not closed, get a lot of water, wipe it with a wipe and dry it? If the time is long, will it cause any bad consequences?

Pony: Mainly to dry the carpet, it will be tasteful.

5. Warm Jun Jun: Golf 4 has been used for 10 years, and there is no problem, but the recent remote control is not good, the double flash is abnormal, and the engine will be a bit shake after the first time, go to the 4S shop without problems, help.

Pony: Need to see the car.

6. Awang: Hello, my car Volkswagen new Sagitar, air conditioner 1, 2, 3 gears, no wind, 4 files have wind, change a speed control resistance, no, what is wrong?

Teacher Xiaowun: If the replacement resistance returns to normal, use a period of time resistance and damage, focus on whether the line and the electrode have an iron condition. It is best to check in the store.

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