How much is Baile pen, a Baile pen, why is it so expensive?

Baile pen is really a very good neutral pen, there is also a pen series, if you don’t know

How much is Baile pen?

If you don’t look at this article.

Now the price of genuine P500 on the market generally retail price is around 8-9 blocks, and it is about 7-8 yuan on the Internet.

Baile’s neutral pen is expensive because he is really easy to use. I am because the morning light and true color are too difficult to use the pen. Sometimes the pen is not lost, I have to borrow Baile V5 or D500 (or DP500, I can’t remember, anyway, a pen, a pen), although the water is small, the grip is poor Pile of problems, but he is indeed more than a little more than the morning color of Mitsubishi. Therefore, I would rather spend more than four dollars to buy a hundred music. I don’t spend four dollars to buy a morning light. In fact, I don’t want to use a neutral pen, and the pen is enough to use a neutral pen.

百乐笔多少钱一支 百乐笔为什么那么贵

Why is Baile pen so expensive?

6, 7 dollars?! It is not expensive to say that it is not cheap. You are! It is the unmanage of the domestic pen! I feel that the neutral pen is 1 piece! But !! Domestic is also expensive!? Why is it so expensive!? It’s good! If you use it???

At present, there is only P500 in your hand. Maybe it’s a psychological role, it’s really comfortable when you write !!!!! That kind of smooth feeling !!! PS: I am known as being taught ~ !!!! I used to use a neutral pen to use a neutral pen to use a neutral pen !!!!!! But !! Just because of these bad people !!! Let me think that the cheap pen wrote the word is ugly !! !!! (Later looking for someone else trying, really wrote the ugly.)

百乐笔多少钱一支 百乐笔为什么那么贵

If you have a few times, you can buy these pens is a waste, but also Japanese goods. Perhaps the people who don’t write about writing are really different, but the spending of the students who are often associated with the pen is worthwhile. High prices often exchange better writing experience. I am also very willing to try China’s brand or other countries. But have to say that in the pen industry, especially the company, especially the Japanese companies, Japan, is leading, their innovative spirit and exquisite spirit are very worth learning from domestic manufacturers.

百乐笔多少钱一支 百乐笔为什么那么贵

Baile’s history

With the 1918 by Ryosuke Namiki and its colleagues MASAO MADO in Japan (not important), in order to sell the spoof pen of his own design. The company has been in New York, London, U> Shrimp # 悠 悠 ⒎ ⒎ 悠 # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Then, in 1938, the Pilot (Baile) brand named today. Today, Baile Japan, France, Brazil, and the United States have a factory (this leads to a certain difference between the same paragraphs sold in different regions). Of course, the history of Baile is not long. It is born like Mitsubishi pencil in 1887. There are also two major European Boner Pushba and Shide History of Schide, which can be traced back 1761 and 1662, so history is not Important, important or technology.

How much is Baile pen?

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