The first thin coat in the early autumn! Buy these 6 pieces, a hundred and look

Just a holiday, is the sisters are ready to play? Recently I feel that everyone has gone to the Global Studios.

except me! ! ! ! !

I don’t want to go, I want to go, but Beijing is so far, the three-day holiday is not enough. But the National Day is also close at hand, about a wave!

Go out, you can’t wear it! What’s more, the weather is cold now, and the temperature difference between the morning and evening is quite big.

Are you ready to prepare your thinspots?

Nothing is not ready, I have prepared 6 pieces to you today, and I will have it!


How can I have less early autumn?


denim jacket

! Cowboy jacket is really wearing it! A complete coat of complete wild ~

Hot girl is easy to control!

I have the favorite jacket in my student’s era, there is no one!

Classic denim blue springs,


Never always, it is a must-have item that temperament cool girl is not forgotten ~

Gradient denim jacket with low saturation


Really, the tender milk blue, the point of interest is quiet, gentle, good love!


did not expect

Chess object

Also on the cowboy jacket, the small area is very nice, watching it will not exaggerate ~

Battle clothing jacket,

In my opinion, it must be a must-have for the student party, the college is full, too young!

Super love this kind of kind

American retro college wind stickball clothing coat

! ! Oversized version! The upper body is a whole hipster leisure look ~


Enefic fruit green baseball jacket!

Widely loose boyfriend, with short pleated skirt, there is a sense of college girl ~

I feel that the baseball clothing can get 10,000 match,


With sports pants short T-shirt

Is a casual American hot girl ~


With jeans or skirt

It is also suitable for daily out of the street … I have no baseball suit in the wardrobe !!

for me,

Knitting jacket is a full piece of sweetness ~

Self-brought pure soft vessel, cute loveless soft girl must!


The easiest way to match, that must be


The short section is very suitable for small children.


This year is very popular

Snirt shirt two-piece set

The white knitted sweater is soft, and it is very beautiful with a half dress.

Middle long knit jacket

More warm temperament, with a well-behaved small skirt super temperament DER!


Wear pure color sweater,



It is also a good choice, aged and playful, absolutely the presence of a crowd ~


One of the best wear items in autumn and winter is the vest,


Single to wear OK, superposition is super good!

Black, white style

Is it very clean, my favorite is this color. Like this kind of classic color, it is very good to control ~

One-button switch retro


Printed small vest


It’s simply stacking a small energy! How do you take a retro temperament in autumn and winter? Whether you are sweater, shirt or long-sleeved T, wear it to pass one-click retro!


Wear N years will not

Lingge classic

, The upper body is super, thin, foreign, autumn and winter wearing frequency is really high!


Is it a general suit in the closet? May wish to come

Vest suit

, With shirts and suits, it’s very eye-catching!


The suit is a combating child player in recent years, and what can come out of their unscrupulous trendy, looking at it, the wear fanatic powder on the street is also a big one!

I prefer various kinds


Gemsted suit


, Modern retro elegant, also with the taste of the female romantic plot.

The best way to look at the suit in my heart,


Suit a suit + short skirt


, Very good ,,,,,,,,,,,

Long skirt


For better containers, it is easy to wear high-level feelings with essential suits.



Matching more expensive, only two words can be described: look!


Ok, today’s thin coat is here ~

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